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Failure and Bug Testing Practice Exam

Failure Testing

Failure testing deals with the determination of a system's reliability along with the way each component of a system reacts when the modules it depends upon aren’t available. Moreover, it helps in the identification of all internal and external system dependencies and documents system-failure points along with their effect on the system.

Candidates who want to make their careers in software testing in the IT departments of organisations should definitely take the failure testing exam to enhance their testing skills.

Recommended knowledge

Rational thinking

Coding skills

Business mapping

Knowledge of testing tools

Ability of technical testing

Learning Outcomes

Finding defects

Improving software quality

Meeting business requirements

Preventing failures

Target Groups

This exam is best-suited for-

IT professionals

Software developers

Web programmers

Students and graduates

Other interested candidates

Topics Covered

Introduction to failure testing

Understanding the flow diagram for failure-

  • Error
  • Defect
  • Failure

Reasons for failure


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