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Electrotechnician Certification Scheme (ECS) Practice Exam

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS)

About ECB

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) is the only ID and competence card scheme for Electrotechnical operatives in UK. ECS is well recognised and endorsed by the industry. The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) is partnered with Construction Skill Certificate Scheme (CSCS). It considers not just principal electrotechnical occupations, but also specialised industries like building controls, data communications, highway electrical and fire and security. The Joint Industry Board (JIB) is responsible for administering the ECS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, the Scottish JIB adminsters the scheme. Earlier only the board member working for JIB could got a card, to show an operatives’ grade and consequently the pay they were entitled to. The card was then referred as JIB Card. Since 2002, the scheme became the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme which was made available to all people working in the electrical industry, and not just JIB members.


ECS card verifies the qualification status, core electrical occupation, identity, health and safety awareness, together with any additional disciplines you are skilled to work for.

Types of Cards

  • Apprentices and Trainees
  • Electrotechnical
  • Management
  • Datacomms
  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Emergency & Security Systems
  • Related Disciplines
  • Partner Cards

How to Apply?

If you are applying for the ECS Card for the first time, following are a few steps required to give the best start

Step 1: First register for a MyECS account – This can be done by making an application online via MyECS that can be used to track your progress.

Step 2: In the second step you are required to either pass the ECS Health & Safety Assessment, or hold a valid exemption.

Step 3: In the third step you would be required to provide proof of all qualifications and certificates in order to be certified and receive a card. ECS will not be able to certify your qualifications or issue you with a card without proof such that you meet the requirements for that card.

Exam Pattern

  • Total Questions: 45
  • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Total Time: 30 minutes.
  • Passing Score - 38

Questions are randomly selected from a database of approximately 300 questions. Note, it is a 'closed book' assessment - so no revision materials will be allowed into the exam room.

Exam Syllabus

  • General Health and Safety at Work - 6 questions
  • Manual Handling Operations - 4 questions
  • Reporting Accidents - 3 questions
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work - 4 questions
  • Health and Hygiene - 3 questions
  • Fire and Emergency - 4 questions
  • Work at Height - 5 questions
  • Work Equipment - 4 questions
  • Special Site Hazards - 3 questions
  • Electrotechnical - 6 questions
  • Environmental - 3 questions

Steps to take the exam

  • Choose  the location where you wants to take the assessment by looking at the locations and companies offering the assessment.
  • Make the booking with the chosen provider.
  • Visit the Preparation & Revision section to download the revision book. 
  • Post the assessment, a result letter will be sent to the candidate typically through an email to the address provided.
  • This result letter will inform if candidate has passed or failed the assessment.
  • Once candidate passes the assessment visit MyECS to continue application.

Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment Exam

Candidates are required to have an up-to-date health and safety qualification in order to be awarded with an ECS card.  The health and Safety Assessment exam has been designed to avoid any kind of accidents and promote safety and quality of work. The assessment ensures that the cardholders have a good level of health and safety awareness when on site.

Candidates can meet the ECS H&S requirement in the following two ways - 

  • Candidate must pass the ECS H&S Assessment.
  • Alternatively there should be a valid ‘exemption’ – indicates that the candidate already has the required qualification that meets or exceeds the required level of H&S knowledge.

Note - ECS does not accept the CSCS H&S assessment, as the ECS test is specifically designed for health and safety relating to electrotechnical workers. 

Characteristics of Assessment

ECS Health &Safety Assessment pass is valid for 2 years. Candidates are required to submit their ECS application within that two-year period, else they would need to do a new assessment before the application can be processed.

Overview of ECS changes 2018-2019

ECS scheme changes have been issued with effect from August 2018. 

New rules regarding Registered Electrician and 18th Edition only apply to those

  • Who have never held a gold card before
  • Who are already Registered Electricians
  • Whose cards are more than 12 months out of date on 01 July 2019

In case you currently hold a standard gold card, then you can renew your card as normal without the 18th Edition or the obligation to sign up to Registered Electrician status.

But if you have gained the 18th Edition but do not wish to sign up to Registered Electrician status, then you can still have BS7671:2018 endorsed on the rear of your card as normal.

Note it is compulsory to pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment before you can renew.


Cardholders must either -

  • Route 1: Hold a JIB-approved theory qualification and the ECS HS&E Assessment
  • Route 2: Undertake a specific H&S course, prove employment in the electrical industry and hold the ECS HS&E Assessment, if not already exempt via the specific H&S course.

Existing cardholders will need to meet these requirements from when their card expires after 01 January 2019.


Cardholders must - 

  • Route 1: Have or meet ECS gold card requirements
  • Route 2: Hold a Level 4 management qualification such as BTEC, degree or JIB-recognised company programme.

Now for for both options the cardholder must also undertake a specific H&S course and pass the ECS HS&E Assessment if not already exempt via the specific H&S course.

Existing cardholders will need to meet these requirements from when their card expires after 01 January 2019.


Apprentices with the 17th Edition can become a Registered Electrician until 31 Dec 2018. They will have until 01 July 2019 to gain the 18th edition qualification if they wish to maintain their Registered Electrician status.

From 01 Jan 2019, completing apprentices with 17th will receive an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card and can upgrade to Registered Electrician when they gain the 18th.

New Gold Card Applications

From 01 January 2019 anyone applying for an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card for the first time will be required to sign up to Registered Electrician status. This means the applicant must be qualified to the 18th Edition edition of BS7671 and sign up to a Code of Professional Practice, in addition to holding the minimum qualifications required for the card.

Existing Registered Electricians

By 01 July 2019 all current Registered Electricians with 17th Edition BS7671 need to have achieved a qualification in the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2018).

Gold Card holders with lapsed cards

From 01 July 2019 any existing Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card holders who have let their card lapse for more than a year will be required to renew as a Registered Electrician.

Existing ECS Gold Card holders with valid current cards

Installation or Maintenance Electricians who hold a current and valid gold card, issued for the first time prior to January 1st 2019, but who do not hold the 18th Edition, will be able to continue to renew their card as normal. The only change is that from 1st July 2019 they should renew within 12 months of card expiry. Also, current cardholders who gain the 18th Edition but do not require Registered Electrician status can still have BS7671:2018 endorsed on the rear of their card as normal.

Related Discipline

Related Discipline card is being streamlined to cover a smaller number of occupations: Field Engineer, Equipment Installer, AV Engineer, Ariel and Satellite Engineer, Security Systems Installer, Controls System Installer. The new requirements for these cards are -

  • The achievement of a new ECS Electrical Safety Unit Test (launching soon) evidence of sector specific training from the employer or a relevant single stand-alone qualification in the discipline of the card to be issued
  • The ECS HS&E Assessment or a valid exemption
  • The new Related Discipline card will take effect soon – in the meantime please apply as normal under the existing criteria.      

Site Support

The new ECS Site Support card is for those in a role where they are supporting the administration of a contract and need access to a building or site under construction. This covers titles such as Design Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Commissioning Engineer, IT Manager, H&S Manager, CAD Engineer, Compliance Auditor. Applicants need to provide proof of employment with an electrical contractor, pass a specific H&S course and hold the ECS HS&E Assessment, unless they are exempt after taking the H&S course.

Site Visitor

ECS Site Visitor card is being withdrawn, in alignment with the CSCS decision to withdraw the CSCS Site Visitor Card. New applications for this card have been closed since August 2018. From 01 January 2019, any existing cardholders will not be able to renew their card.

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Table of Contents

  • Network Fundamentals 15%
  • LAN Switching Technologies 21%
  • Routing Technologies 23%
  • WAN Technologies 10%
  • Infrastructure Services 10%
  • Infrastructure Security 11%
  • Infrastructure Management 10%

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