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DevOps Testing Practice Exam Questions

DevOps Testing Practice Exam Questions

DevOps is a software development technique that aims to shorten the systems development life cycle while providing additions, fixes, and upgrades on a regular basis and in tight alignment with business goals. DevOps Testing is concerned with testing under the DevOps paradigm.

Target Audience 

  • Programmers
  • Analysts
  • Web Developers 
  • Software Architectures 

Skills Acquired 

  • Enhance your Programming Skills 
  • Learn quick decision making 
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Get acquainted with latest technology

Benefits of DevOps Testing

  • DevOps Testing can allow candidates to distinguish themselves from today's competitive work market, expand their career options through their advanced abilities, and increase prospective income.
  • Improve as a Developer, particularly as a Cloud-local App Developer. 
  • Improve your communication and collaboration skills 

Career Opportunities 

  • API Testing
  • Web Development 
  • Software testing
  • Application development 

Course Outline 

The DevOps Testing exam covers the following topics - 

Software Testing Basics


Learn Functional vs. Non-Functional testing

Learn Defects and Failures

Learn Finding Faults Early

Learn Compatibility

Learn Input Combinations and Preconditions

Learn Static vs. Dynamic Testing

Learn Software Verification and Validation

The Software Testing Team

Learn Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Learn Testing Methods - The box approach

DevOps Basics

What Is DevOps?

Learn Excel at DevOps

Learn New DevOps Roles

Learn Traditional and Modern Release Management

Learn DevOps and Microservices

Continuous Integration

Learn CI Basics

Learn Software Development Methodology

Learn Testing Types

Learn CI Servers

Learn Configuration Management

Learn Continuous Delivery

Learn Continuous Monitoring

Learn Continuous Testing

Learn Continuous Deployment

DevOps Testing Basics

What is DevOps Testing

Continuous Processes and DevOps Testing

Testing Lifecycle

Delivery Pipeline

Testing Guidelines

Testing Types

Testing Metrics

DevOps Test Design

Learn Test Design

Testing Challenges

Testing Requirements Gathering

Testing Requirement Gathering Process

DevOps Test Execution

Implementing DevOps Testing

Learn DevOps Unit Testing

Learn Integration Testing

Learn Testing Artifacts

Learn DevOps Testing and Defects

DevOps Testing Tools

Learn Selenium

Learn JMeter

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