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Derivatives Trading Practice Exam

Derivatives Trading

Derivatives are the financial securities whose price is derived from an underlying group of assets, like stocks, bonds, and currencies etc. These are complex in nature and are somewhat considered riskier for retail investors because of the fact that trading here is done by anticipating the price of the security. 

So, the candidates who wish to explore the field of derivatives trading should definitely take this exam.

Recommended knowledge


Knowledge of mathematics

Analytical skills


Target Audience

Students and graduates

Financial analysts 


Other interested candidates

Topics Covered

  • Basics of derivative markets 
  • Discounting and the time value of money 
  • Understanding the Forward and Futures Markets 
  • Plain Vanilla Options and Fundamental Strategies 
  • Understanding Black-Scholes valuation 
  • Interest rate swaps and the related topics 
  • Knowing Credit derivatives 
  • Trading Volatility 
  • Understanding Exotic derivatives 
  • Financial Engineering
  • Knowing the Uses and Abuses of Derivatives

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