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Customer Communication Practice Exam

Customer Communication

Effective Customer interactions mean everything for an organization. Customer Communication involves helping a customer with a product purchase or any issue faced with the brand. It is very important customer service agents use the right skills to connect with customers in a way that leaves them content, satisfied, and confident. 

Skills Required

Patience is a must.

Accuracy of information is critical.

Proactive approach always delights customers.

Attentiveness helps.

Avoid interfering.

Know everything about your item/service offered.

Honesty works without fail.

Active Listening and acknowledgement do wonder.

Career Opportunity

Advertising Sales Representative. 


Customer Service Representative. 

Secondary School Teacher. 

Human Resources Specialist. 


Advertising Specialist. 


Table of Content

Customer Expectations

What is customer expectations

Customer Expectations Relevance

Types of Expectations

Expectations Model

Managing Expectations

New-Age Customer Expectations

Customer Feedback

Handling Customer Expectations

Customer Needs

Consumer Need

Understanding Customer Needs

Hulls Drives Reduction Theory

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

McClelland’s Three Needs Theory

Consumer Motivation Concept

Means - End Chain Model

Customers Listening and Tools

Customer Complaints

Complaint Barriers

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Voice Of the Customer


Business Performance Measures

Customer Focus

What is Customer Focus

Customer Focus Elements

Customer Focus Levels

Customer Focused Interaction

Social Media

Applying Knowledge Management

Using Mobile Technology

Customer Focused Employees

Team Management

Team Building

Team Communication

Team Socializing

Team Culture

Team Values and Ethics



Managing Diversity

Team Performance Management

Organisation Culture

Overview of Organization Culture

Characteristics of Organization Culture

Functions of Organisation Culture

Liability of Organisation Culture

Organisational Socialisation


Individual Behaviour

Integrated Human Behaviour Model

Factors Influencing Individual Behaviour

Self Concept & Self Esteem

Emotional Intelligence

Motivating Team Members

What is Motivation

Theories of Motivation

Key Strategies of Motivation

How to Boost Motivation

Motivational Drives

Conflict and Negotiation Management

Overview of Conflict

Types of Conflict

Causes of Conflict

Conflict Management Technique

Negotiation and Conflict

Negotiation Basics

Preparing for the Negotiation Process

The Seven Basic Steps in Negotiation

Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

Tactics for Negotiation Process

Customer Service Quality

Service Quality Basics

Service-Profit Chain

Quality Standards in Customer Service

Service Metrics for Customer Service

Service Quality Management Tools

Lean and Service Quality

Customer Experience and Service Blueprinting


Popular CRM Tools

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Leadership

Customer Service Strategy

Customer Advocacy

Managing a Customer Service Team

Leading a Customer Service Team

Quick Fixes to Attain Excellent Customer Service

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer Retention

Winning Back a Lost Customer

Calculating the Value and ROI of Customer Service

Future Trends in Customer Service

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