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CRM Testing Practice Exam

CRM Testing

CRM testing is used to verify whether a CRM system supports marketing, sales, and customer service workflows efficiently, is user-friendly, totally compliant with performance, scalability, and security needs. Generally, CRM testing includes-

Functional and integration testing

Usability testing and data migration testing 

Regression testing 

Performance and security testing

Recommended knowledge

1. Good communication skills

2. Knowledge of Programming languages

3. Creative thinking

4. Coding skills

Learning Outcomes

Improved communication

Better response time to customer requests

Meeting requirements of customers

Improved networking

Target Groups

This exam is best-suited for-

IT professionals

Software developers

Web programmers

Students and graduates

Other interested candidates

Topics Covered

The CRM Testing exam covers the following topics  -

Introduction to CRM

Basic concepts of CRM testing

Components of CRM testing

  • Data Quality Tests
  • Software Integration Tests
  • Invalid Data Tests
  • CRM Functionality Tests

Performance tests

Security tests

CRM problems exposed by testing

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