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Corporate Marketing Practice Exam

Corporate Marketing

Corporate marketing is the kind of marketing an organization does to advance the organization in general, as opposed to individual products.  At last, the primary objective of corporate marketing is to further develop your image picture, while strengthening relationships with your customers so they become brand advocates.

Skills Required


Imagination and Problem-Solving. 


Interpersonal Skills. 




Information Analysis and Analytics.

Career Opportunity

Inside Sales Executive

Corporate Marketing Executive

Business Development Executive

Sr. Chief International Marketing

Corporate Tele Marketing Executives

Customer Servicing

Asst Manager Corporate Sales and Marketing

Marketing Campaign Manager

Sales Officer

Associate Product Manager

Table of Content

Introduction to Marketing Management

Defining Marketing for the 21st Century

Core Concepts in Marketing

Marketing Environment

Company Orientation towards Market Place

The Holistic Marketing Concept

Difference between Sales & Marketing

Developing Marketing Strategies And Plans

Mission Statement

The Market

Competition - Direct and indirect

Sample Marketing Plan Outline

Capturing Marketing Insights

Marketing Information Systems

Analysing the Macro environment

Marketing Research

Measuring Marketing Productivity

Forecasting and Demand Measurement

Marketing Mix Modelling

Connecting With Customers

Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Cultivating Customer Relationships

Customer Database and Marketing

Analysing Consumer Markets

Factors influencing consumer behaviour

Major Psychological Processes

Buying Decision Process

Analysing Business Markets

Organisational Buying

Business Buying Decision Process

Procurement Process

Managing B2B Customer Relationships

Identifying Market Segments And Targets

Levels of Market Segmentation

Approaches to Segmenting Markets

Market Targeting

Building Strong Brands

Measuring Sources of Brand Equity

Brand Image

Key Success Criteria

The Brand Value Chain

Developing A Brand Equity Measurement System

Brand Audit

Brand Equity Management System

Shaping The Market Offerings

Setting Product Strategy

Designing and Managing Services

Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs

The Business Name


Customer service

Delivering Value

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels

Role of Marketing Channels

Analyzing Customers’ Desired Service Output Levels

Identifying Major Channel Alternatives

Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics

Channel Integration and Systems

The New Competition in Retailing

Legal and Ethical Issues in Channel Relations

The Value Chain

Value Delivery—Companies’ Requirement

E-Commerce Marketing Practices

Pure-Click Companies

Brick-and-Click Companies


Communicating Value

Integrated Marketing Communications

Managing Personal Communications

Word of Mouth

Personal Selling and Sales Force

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