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Cisco Renewals Manager (700-805 CRM) Practice Exam

Cisco Renewals Manager (700-805 CRM)

About Cisco Renewals Manager (700-805 CRM)

The 700-805 CRM exam is for Cisco partner's Renewals Managers to demonstrate their knowledge of the Customer Experience (CX) concepts and tools covered in the RM curriculum learning map. Passing this exam will met one of the requirements for Cisco Partners seeking a Specialization in Customer Experience.

Course Structure

1. Customer Success Foundation 20%

1.1 Describe the components of a Success Plan

1.2 Identify the RM responsibilities within the Success Plan

1.3 Describe the components of a Health Index

1.4 Describe the key recurring revenue financial terms

1.5 Identify the RM role across the RACI

1.6 Explain RM tasks

1.7 Describe the role of a Renewals Manager

1.8 Describe the measurements of success for the RM role

2. Business Acumen 35%

2.1 Evaluate the products, solutions, and services currently in customer’s network to help the customer to achieve business objectives/goals

2.2 Explain the value of the products, solutions and services to meet business objectives

2.3 Utilize the output from tools (such as TPV and icebreaker) to communicate customer products, solutions, and services.

2.4 Interpret the implications of key financial terms (such as CAPEX, OPEX) on customer procurement options and buying motions

2.5 Describe Available To Renew and Annual Recurring Revenue

2.6 Describe the renewal cycle

2.7 Assess the financial and service impacts of on-time and delayed renews

2.8 Develop an action plan based on renewal risks

2.9 Determine the impact of renewals related to Cisco and other products on the company's metrics

2.10 Describe contract elements that drive value for customers

2.11 Identify recommended actions for contract success

3. Leadership 30%

3.1 Perform risk assessment at T-9, T-6 and T-3 for all contracts, products and services, by leveraging data/insights from all account resources

3.2 Perform an end-to-end renewals motion with the customer, in a partnership with the account team 

3.3 Identify upsell/ cross sell opportunities through renewals motion, that can deliver higher value outcomes for the customer and incremental ARR for vendor

3.4 Describe the customer’s procurement process

3.5 Explain how the customer perceives value of their IT solutions

3.6 Identify the steps for developing a renewal quote

3.7 Identify steps to process exceptions or non-standard elements of a renewal quote

3.8 Identify the steps for processing an order

4. Cisco Tools and Processes 15%

4.1 Explain Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing

4.2 Describe TPV, Cisco Ready toolset

4.3 Explain Enterprise agreements

4.4 Explain licensing models

4.5 Explain the CX Portfolio (including newly introduced offers)

4.6 Explain the deal management (example: CCW) process

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Cisco Renewals Manager
  • Exam Code: 700-805 CRM
  • Length of Time:  60 Minutes
  • Exam Cost: $80 USD 
  • Exam Language English

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