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Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist (820-605 DTCSM) Practice Exam

Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist (820-605 DTCSM)

About Cisco Customer Success Manager (820-605 CSM)

820-605 CSM exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills develop and integrate solutions, identify adoption barriers and actions to remove them, implement adoption frameworks and interpret customer usage data while leading customers to renewals and cultivating new sales opportunities through the entire customer lifecycle. After you pass 820-605 CSM exam, you will earn the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist certification.

Prerequisite for the exam

This exam does not have any prerequisites, but it is recommended that you should have experience working with customers to determine, measure, and deliver business outcomes through the implementation of technology

Target Audience

This exam is good for individuals preparing for the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist certification.

Course Structure

1. Customer Success Industry 15%

1.1 Explain the key drivers creating the need for Customer Success

1.2 Define customer success (expected and unexpected value)

1.3 Explain the customer lifecycle journey

1.4 Compare customer success, customer support and sales

1.5 Explain the value proposition for customer success

1.6 Explain different IT purchasing and consumption models

1.7 Identify the key metrics for customer success

1.8 Explain the financial implication of the following metrics

1.9 Describe customer engagement models based on customer segmentation

1.10 Describe the objectives of the Customer Success Manager 

2. Success Plan Creation 25%

2.1 Identify the product or solution purchased

2.2 Identify key stakeholder roles

2.3 Validate the desired business outcome based on information obtained from key stakeholders

2.4 Identify critical success factors to connect to business outcomes

2.5 Analyze the account baseline to identify gaps

2.6 Analyze a customer health score

2.7 Describe the common elements of a customer success plan

2.8 Explain the purpose of targeted use cases

2.9 Identify the individuals and responsibilities within a RACI

2.10 Explain how outcomes, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics contribute to customer value achievement

3. Barrier Management 25%

3.1 Identify types of customer barriers

3.2 Describe sources used to identify customer barriers

3.3 Identify customer barriers

3.4 Identify actions that impact time to value for common customer barriers

4. Customer Success Management 20%

4.1 Explain the elements of customer onboarding

4.2 Explain the purpose of essential customer management activities

4.3 Explain communication needs of stakeholders

4.4 Describe the Quarterly Success Review process

4.5 Identify outcomes from a Quarterly Success Review

4.6 Identify opportunities for customers to act as advocates

5. Expand Opportunities and Renewal 15%

5.1 Describe types of expand opportunities

5.2 Identify potential expansion opportunities across the customer lifecycle from a customer success plan

5.3 Create an adoption campaign to identify expand opportunities

5.4 Update customer success plan with expand opportunities

5.5 Explain the elements of a renewal risk analysis

5.6 Create mitigation plans that address risk factors

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Cisco Customer Success Manager
  • Exam Code: 820-605 CSM
  • Length of Time:  90 Minutes
  • Number of Questions: 55-65
  • Exam Language English

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