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Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) Practice Exam

Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) 

About Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) Practice Exam

The Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) exam is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this emerging space.  Additionally, you will become a member of a community of Blockchain leaders. 

Exam Details

The CBDE exam is a 70 question multiple-choice exam that lasts 1.5 hours and is a performance-based evaluation of Ethereum Development skills and knowledge.  Internet access is not provided during the exam, nor is any course material or study guides.

  • Exam Cost: $300 USD
  • Number of Questions: 70 Questions
  • Pass Score: 70%
  • Time Allotted: 90 minutes to complete exam
  • Exam Language: English
  • Voucher Expiration Date: One Year from Purchase

Who should take the exam?

The Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) Exam should be taken by - 

  • Software Engineers
  • Programmers
  • Developers
  • Application Architects

Required Skills set

As a Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) professional you must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Ethereum blockchain
  • Write, test, and deploy secure Solidity smart contracts
  • Understand and work with Ethereum fees
  • Work within the bounds and limitations of the Ethereum blockchain
  • Use the essential tooling and systems needed to work with the Ethereum ecosystem

Course Outline

The Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) exam proves you completely understand the following topics -

  • Implement web3.js
  • Write and compile Solidity smart contracts
  • Create secure smart contracts
  • Deploy smart contracts both the live and test Ethereum networks
  • Calculate Ethereum gas costs
  • Unit test smart contracts
  • Run an Ethereum node on development machines

Scores and Reporting

The Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum (CBDE) Exam scores are displayed immediately after the exam from Pearson VUE. A passing score of 70% and above is a must. Exam results are reported PASS/FAIL and you will be provided your percentage. 

Exam Retake Policy

  • Students who fail must purchase a new exam voucher to test again
  • A student who does not pass an exam must wait at least 48 hours to retake the exam
  • A student must wait for 14-days for each subsequent attempt
  • A student who has passed a certain exam may not take the same exam (defined as an exam of the same version with the same exam number) again within 12 months of when the exam was passed. A student who wishes to take the exam again in order to re-certify may do so after the 12-month period.

What do we offer?

  • Full-Length Mock Test with unique questions in each test set
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What are our Practice Exams?

  • Practice exams have been designed by professionals and domain experts that simulate exam scenario.
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  • Each set in the practice exam contains unique questions built with the intent to provide real-time experience to the candidates as well as gain more confidence during exam preparation.
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  • You can also create your own practice exam based on your choice and preference 

100% Assured Test Pass Guarantee

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