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CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) Exam - RETIRED

CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) Exam - RETIRED

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CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND)

CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) exam tests a candidate's knowledge of Cloud characteristics and deployment models including Cisco InterCloud; the basics of Cisco Cloud infrastructure -

  • Unified Compute including Cisco UCS and server virtualization
  • Unified Fabric including DC network architecture and infrastructure virtualization, and
  • Unified Storage including integrated infrastructure solutions

Who should take this exam?

Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND) exam (210-451) is associated with the CCNA Cloud. The sole objective of the exam is to tests the candidate's knowledge of Cloud characteristics and deployment models including Cisco InterCloud; the basics of Cisco Cloud infrastructure which includes Unified Compute, Unified Fabric, and Unified Storage.

Course Outline

CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) Exam covers the following topics - 

  • Cloud Characteristics and Models (14%)
  • Cloud Deployment (16%)
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud Compute (24%)
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud Networking (22%)
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud Storage (24%)

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Exam Format and Information

Exam Name CCNA Cloud 
Exam Code 210-451 CLDFND
Exam Duration 90 minutes
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Associate
Number of Questions 55-65 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee $400
Exam Language English
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** The 210-451 exam will be retired on February 23, 2020.

CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) Exam - RETIRED FAQs

1. CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) exam validates the knowledge of candidates related to cloud characteristics and deployment model including Cisco Inter-cloud. When started preparing you first to understand the concepts of Cisco Cloud Infrastructure and its related components. And create blueprint according to exam patterns mentioning important topics. 2. You can prepare for the exam by taking help from mock test and doing that on a daily basis. This will help you understand things easily. 3. You can go for online course which will provide you study material with practice sets of questions accordingly with the assistance of experts to solve your issues.
This includes unified Computing with Cisco UCS and server virtualization. Such that unified Fabric which includes DC network architecture and infrastructure virtualization. Also unified Storage including integrated infrastructure solutions.
You have to complete 30 continuing credit for recertifying CCNA.
Yes, you will receive digital certificate if you are granted a new certification on February 23, 2020.
There will be 55-65 questions which you to complete in 90 minutes.
New certification test will be available on 23 February, 2020. You can complete this certification before that after that you have to give the new exam to earn the certification.
CCNA certification will still be valid till the expiry date. When new certification program will get active as on 23 February, 2020 then your certificate will be transferred to a new program.
CCNA certification can be recertified by taking the new exam which will be active on 23 February, 2020 or by earning continuing education credits.
This exam is getting retired on 23 February, 2020.
You will get 90 minutes to complete the CCNA (210-451 CLDFND) exam.
1. Cloud characteristics and Models 2. Cloud Deployment 3. Basic knowledge of cloud compute 4. Basic knowledge of cloud computing 5. Basic knowledge of cloud Storage
This exam will cost $400 USD including additional taxes.
This certification is related to CCNA cloud and is good for those individuals having good knowledge in cloud characteristics and deployment model using Cisco inter-cloud. It is also required to have an understanding of Cisco cloud infrastructure, unified compute and unified storage.
CCNA (210-451 CLDFND) exam examine candidates knowledge related to cloud features and deployment models which includes Cisco inter-cloud. This certification exam will provide knowledge of cloud infrastructure.
The candidate is required to pass the following 2 exams to obtain a CCNA Cloud certification - (1) Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals CLDFND 210-451 (2) Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration CLDAMD 210-455
Cloud is a very fast growing market segment. IDC predicts that 7 million cloud related jobs will be created by the end of 2015. The Cisco CCNA Cloud certification will play a role in the development of tomorrow’s workforce, helping individuals and their employers deliver business outcomes that equate to customer success.
CCNA Cloud (210-451 CLDFND) exam certification is valid for 3 years.
CCNA certification will help enhance your knowledge in Cisco Cloud infrastructure and its components.This certification is which will enhance your knowledge to implement and support cloud infrastructure and its characteristics. You will get many job opportunities after the certification and with a good pay structure.
Cisco CCNA Cloud certification is a 3-year, associate-level certification program and training curriculum intended to recognize cloud engineers, cloud administrators, and network engineers who have developed the skills to provide entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud and inter-cloud solutions.
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