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C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Extension Suite Practice Exam

C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Extension Suite Practice Exam

About C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Extension Suite Exam

The C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Extension Suite Exam has been developed to validate the fundamental skills and knowledge of the candidate required for the SAP Extension Suite profile. The C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and expert technical skills to participate as a member of a project team in a mentoring role.

Knowledge Required

The C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam builds on the basic knowledge gained through related SAP training.

Exam Details

  • Exam Duration: 180 mins
  • Total Questions: 80 questions
  • Passing score: 64% and above
  • Exam Language: English

Course Outline

The C_CPE_13 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam covers topics including -

Domain 1 - Understanding SAP Authorization and Trust Management (> 12%)

  • Learn to explain the functions of the approuter.
  • Learn to set up trust and authorization for an SAP BTP application.
  • Learn to identify valid identity providers for SAP BTP.

Domain 2 - Understand SAP BTP (> 12%)

  • Learn to explain the SAP BTP account model.
  • Learn the runtime environments.

Domain 3 - Understanding Tools (> 12%)

  • Learn to use SAP Business Application Studio, like creating devspaces.
  • Learn to use tools such as CF CLI, MTA build tool.

Domain 4 - Understanding SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (> 12%)

  • Learn to create CAP projects.
  • Learn to create a service.
  • Learn to set up event handling and error handling.
  • Learn to maintain application security.

Domain 5 - Understanding SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment (8% - 12%)

  • Learn and explain the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment.

Domain 6 - Understanding SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery (8% - 12%)

  • Learn the basic principles of continuous integration and delivery.
  • Learn to set up the SAP CI/CD service. 

Domain 7 - Understanding Basics of UI (8% - 12%)

  • Learn to use SAP Fiori elements to add an UI layer.
  • Learn to use annotations to customize the UI.

Domain 8 - Understanding the concept of Connectivity (< 8%)

  • Learn about SAP BTP connectivity services and options.
  • Learn about the functions of the SAP Cloud Connector.

Domain 9 - Understanding Web development standards (< 8%)

  • Learn about OData, JSON and YAML  format, APIs.

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