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C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud Practice Exam

C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud Practice Exam

About C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud Practice Exam

The C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam has been developed to assess the candidate fundamental knowledge and skills required of the development consultant profile.

Knowledge Evaluated

This C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and in‐depth technical skills to work  as a member of an SAP Customer Data Cloud project team in a mentored role.

Who should take the exam?

The C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam is recommended as an entry level qualification.

Course Outline

The C_C4H620_34 - SAP Certified Development Associate exam covers the following topics - 

Domain 1 - Understanding Customer Identity and Site Groups (21% - 30%)

  • Learn configuring the different options of  Customer Idenity policies
  • Learn about the features of Customer Identity that includes lite and full screen-sets, social login,  account linking, workflows and progressive profiling.
  • learn about Customer Identity feature's for developing site using the Customer Data Cloud's Web SDK and REST API
  • Learn about the Site Groups,  Single sign on and Risked Based Authentication in SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Learn to take the steps needed for configuring these features. 

Domain 2 - Understanding Data Schema (11% - 20%)

  • Learn to use the Identity and Data Store in SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Learn to build and update schema fields with the help of the schema editor and REST API calls.

Domain 3 - Understanding Enterprise Preference Management and Consent (11% - 20%)

  • Learn determining the the primary elements of enterprise consent management
  • Learn implementing SAP customer consent with and without SAP customer Identity
  • Learn to use screensets and REST API.

Domain 4 - Understanding Extensibility and Dataflows (11% - 20%)

  • Learn configuring and processing webhook events
  • Learn to secure webhooks notifications
  • Learn identifying Sync  flows,  and using error path and custom flows
  • Learn configuring and creating Dataflows schedules. 

Domain 5 - Understanding Console - Administration and Configuration (<= 10%)

  • Learn configuring user groups, applications, permissions and API Keys by using SAP Customer Data Cloud's Administration Console.

Domain 6 - Understanding CIAM for B2B (<= 10%)

  • Learn about CIAM for B2B
  • Learn about Organization Access Management
  • Learn about end user Self-Service & Delegated Administration
  • Learn about Policy based access control.

Domain 7 - Understanding Mobile Apps (<= 10%)

  • Learn integrating SAP Customer Data Cloud in mobile application with the help of the Customer Data Cloud's  mobile SDK
  • Learn identifying the differences between Plugin View and Native approach in mobile apps
  • Learn session management techniques

Domain 8 - Understanding Federation <= 10%

  • Learn about identifying the various technologies for federating data with the help of SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Learn about federation using JWT, OIDC and SAML.

Domain 9 - Understanding Best Practices <= 10%

  • Learn about best practices using cookies, signature and token validation, mobile apps, security and UX while  working with SAP Customer Data Cloud. 

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