C7010-013 - IBM Cúram V6.0.5 Business Analysis and Design Practice Exam

C7010-013 - IBM Cúram V6.0.5 Business Analysis and Design

About IBM Cúram V6.0.5

This entry level certification is intended for business analysts, consultants, testers, and any personnel who would like to acquire foundational IBM Cúram skills required to work on IBM Cúram implementation projects.

Prerequisite for the exam

The following skills are essential for successful performance on this test:

Working knowledge of health and human services programs

The following skills are suggested for successful performance on this test:

Exposure and experience in typical business analysis activities related to system implementations

Exposure to Enterprise applications and Custom Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products

In preparing for this certification, the following IBM course is highly recommended:

9D47G: Fundamentals of the IBM Cúram SPM Platform for Business Analysts 6.0.5

You may also consider accessing this expert arena to practice using IBM Cúram features and improve your general experience with the product:

9D56G: IBM Cúram SPM Platform Runtime Environment 6.0.5 - Expert Arena (SPVC)

Course Outline

1. Business Infrastructure

Identify the components in Cúram SPM

Describe the roles of rules and evidence in Cúram SPM

Identify the main components of the Cúram SPM user interface

Describe the main components of Cúram Workflow

2. IBM Cúram Social Program Management (SPM) Platform

Describe some key features of system administration in Cúram

Discuss how cases are used in Cúram and identify Cúram case types

Explain Cúram Participant Management and Cúram participant role types

Outline the functionality of the Cúram evidence framework

Describe the financial management functionalities, including key financial building blocks in Cúram

3. Enterprise Modules

Summarize how the Cúram Evidence Broker Enterprise Module addresses the evidence sharing requirements of SPM agencies

List and describe the main functions of the Cúram Outcome Management Enterprise Module

Explain the purpose of the Cúram Provider Management (CPM) Enterprise Module and identify key CPM positions

Describe the main components of the Cúram Universal Access Enterprise Module

List and describe the hierarchy of elements within the Cúram Verification Enterprise Module

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: IBM Cúram V6.0.5
  • Exam Code: C7010-013
  • Length of Time:  90 Minutes

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