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C2150-606 - IBM Security Guardium V10.0 Administration Practice Exam - RETIRED

C2150-606 - IBM Security Guardium V10.0 Administration

About IBM Security Guardium V10.0

This certification covers the products IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor V10.0, IBM Security Guardium File Activity Monitor V10.0, and IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment 10.0.

These Guardium administrators are familiar with the product features and capabilities, plan, install and configure, self-monitor and monitor data, define policy rules and report, maintain and support.

Prerequisite for the exam

Basic knowledge of:

Operating systems and databases.

Hardware or virtual machines.

Networking and protocols.

Auditing and compliance.

Information security guidelines.

Course Outline

1. Product feature and capabilities 

Understand high-level components of a Guardium solution.

Describe the features and capabilities of Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) and File Activity Monitoring (FAM).

Describe the features and capabilities of Classification, Entitlement, and Vulnerability Assessment.

Use data level access control features (SGATE and Redaction).

Describe features and capabilities of available agents and modules (GIM, S-TAP, CAS, etc).

2. Planning, sizing and capacity

Identify the main factors that affect the volume of data managed by Guardium including backups and archives.

Plan appliance location architecture.

Understand properties of the systems to be monitored such as operating systems, databases, type of data and volume and their effects.

Plan strategy for high availability.

Calculate the number and type of appliances required based on Processor Value Unit (PVU) load.

Identify the system requirements of Guardium appliances.

3. Installation and configuration

Locate and download appropriate Guardium appliance and agent installers.

Build new collectors and aggregators.

Perform initial appliance setup and configuration.

Configure appliance data management processes and schedules.

Configure the appliance for interfacing with standard systems (mail, SNMP, LDAP, SIEM).

Manage the access of Guardium users.

Install Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) and upgrade agents and modules with GIM.

Install software tap (S-TAP) from command line.

Demonstrate detailed understanding of agent configuration and inspection engine parameters.

4. Data monitoring, policy rules and reporting

Perform a Vulnerability Assessment test.

Differentiate the effects of policy rules and associated actions.

Define and use monitoring features such as queries, reports, audit processes, and alerts.

Use Enterprise Search.

5. Self-monitoring and performance

Use Guardium self-monitoring reports and alerts.

Analyze and act upon errors or exceptions.

Identify and resolve appliance performance issues.

Optimize internal database tables to maintain performance.

Monitor and report on Guardium user activity.

Maintain a managed environment.

6. Maintenance and support

Use available IBM troubleshooting resources and services, for example, Knowledge Center, technotes and IBM Support.

Plan and install appliance patches and agent upgrades.

Collect diagnostic information and troubleshoot problems.

Use common Command Line Interface (CLI) and GrdAPI commands including support commands.

Restore data and configuration from backups and archives.

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: IBM Security Guardium V10.0
  • Exam Code: C2150-606
  • Length of Time:  90 Minutes

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