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C1000-156 - IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration Practice Exam

C1000-156 - IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration Practice Exam

About C1000-156 - IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration Exam

The IBM C1000-156 exam is for individuals who want to become certified in IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of QRadar installation, configuration, and management, as well as troubleshooting and data analysis. The certification indicates that a person has the skills necessary to implement and manage a secure and efficient QRadar SIEM deployment.

Who should take the Exam?

The IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration - C1000-156 exam is intended for individuals who work in IT security, such as security administrators, security engineers, and security analysts. It is also suitable for individuals who have a background in network administration, system administration, or IT operations, and want to develop their expertise in security information and event management (SIEM) using IBM QRadar. Candidates who pass the C1000-156 exam are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in implementing, configuring, and managing a QRadar SIEM deployment.

Skills Required for the Exam

To prepare for the IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration - C1000-156 exam, candidates should have a solid understanding of the following skills:

  • Installation and configuration of QRadar components, including QRadar Console, Event Processor, and Flow Processor
  • Management of QRadar rules, offenses, and custom properties
  • Knowledge of network protocols, such as TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP
  • Understanding of security concepts, such as threat management and vulnerability assessment
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to QRadar deployment
  • Knowledge of data analysis techniques, such as creating custom reports and dashboards in QRadar
  • Familiarity with QRadar integrations, such as IBM App Exchange, IBM X-Force Exchange, and IBM QRadar Network Insights
  • Candidates are also expected to have a working knowledge of Linux-based operating systems and basic database concepts.

Course Outline

The C1000-156 - IBM QRadar SIEM V7.5 Administration Practice Exam covers the following topics - 

  • QRadar Architecture
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • User Management
  • Data Management
  • Event and Flow Collection
  • Event and Flow Processing
  • Rule and Offenses Management
  • Dashboards, Reports and Searches
  • System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Log Activity and Source Management
  • Network Hierarchy and Map Management
  • Incident Forensics
  • Update and Upgrade Management
  • Integration with IBM and Third-Party Technologies.

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