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C1000-124 IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Practice Exam

C1000-124  IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Practice Exam

About C1000-124  IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Exam

The C1000-124  IBM Cloud Advocate v1 exam help build Subject Matter expertise to define all of the tasks, knowledge and experience of a professional in order to successfully perform their role with the product or solution. The certification exam provides real world experience to stand a reasonable chance of passing the certification test.  

Skills Acquired

The C1000-124  IBM Cloud Advocate v1 exam help advocate the IBM Cloud credential with skills - 

  • Required to explain the essential characteristics, history, and trends of cloud computing. 
  • Ability to describe the business case for and identify the services, deployment models, components, and architectures underpinning cloud computing. 
  • Ability to describe the services and offerings available on the IBM Cloud.

Exam Details

  • Total questions: 61 questions
  • Passing Score: 40
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes

Course Outline

The C1000-124  IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Exam covers the following topics - 

Domain 1 - Understand Cloud Computing - History and Essential Characteristics

  • Learn the important characteristics of cloud computing
  • Learn the important factors in the evolution and history of the Cloud 
  • Learn to identify the important cloud service providers and their services

Domain 2 - Understand the business case of Cloud Computing

  • Learn to recall the different factors associated with a business case for Cloud Computing
  • Learn to recognize technologies supported by Cloud: AI, IoT, Blockchain, Analytics

Domain 3 - Understand the Cloud Computing Service and Deployment Models 

  • Learn about cloud computing service models including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Learn about various cloud computing deployment Models - Public, Private, and Hybrid

Domain 4 - Understand the components of Cloud Architecture

  • Learn about cloud architecture and infrastructure 
  • Learn virtualization with reference to virtual machines and bare-metal servers
  • Learn about Secure Cloud Networks
  • Learn about the uses and functions of containers on the cloud
  • Learn the concepts of direct-attached, file, block, and object storage in Cloud
  • Learn to identify the function and use of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) within the cloud structure
  • Learn the differences between Hybrid Multicloud, serverless, and microservice cloud solutions
  • Learn about Cloud Native and Application Modernization

Domain 5 - Understand about IBM Cloud and its features

  • Learn about the different Locations, Regions, and Zones and the role they play in the IBM Cloud
  • Learn about IBM Cloud Account Types and Support Plans
  • Learn ways in which Account types affect IBM Cloud management and support
  • Learn about the components of the IBM Cloud Cost Estimator
  • Learn the concepts related to Access Management (IAM) in IBM Cloud

Domain 6 - Understand IBM Cloud Infrastructure

  • Learn about different compute options on IBM Cloud
  • Learn about different Storage Services on IBM Cloud
  • Learn about external-facing network services on the IBM Cloud
  • Learn about the features and functionalities of Virtual Private Clouds
  • Learn about options for VMWare workloads on IBM Cloud

Domain 7 - Understand to deploy IBM Cloud Applications

  • Learn to identify features and uses of containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Cloud
  • Learn about different serverless compute options on the IBM Cloud

Domain 8 - Understand the various services on IBM Cloud

  • Learn the various IBM Cloud databases
  • Learn to identify application integration services in IBM Cloud
  • Learn about the uses and functions of AI/ML services available on IBM Cloud
  • Learn about the various analytic services on IBM Cloud
  • Learn about DevOps and identify the DevOps services on the IBM Cloud
  • Learn to identify the blockchain options available on the IBM Cloud
  • Learn about the basics of the Internet of Things platform on the IBM Cloud
  • Learn about the IBM Cloud Paks option on IBM Cloud

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