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C1000-038 - IBM z14 Technical Sales Practice Exam

C1000-038 - IBM z14 Technical Sales

About IBM z14 Technical Sales Exam

This is a certification program which includes those who are responsible for supporting and selling IBM Z solutions.

Exam Prerequisite 

The successful candidate will have approximately 3-5 years of experience supporting IBM Z servers and solutions

Course Outline

The C1000-038 - IBM z14 Technical Sales Exam covers the following topics -

1. IBM Z Features and Architecture 

Describe currently marketed IBM Z processors, operating systems (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/TPF, and Linux), and related system software, middleware, and compilers.

Describe IBM Z specialty engines (IFL, zIIP, ICF, IFP and SAP processors) use and benefits.

Describe IBM Z models.

Describe IBM Z permanent and temporary capacity offerings (CoD, Capacity Provisioning, CBU).

Describe IBM Z security offerings (RACF, PKI, CPACF and Crypto Express, TKE, Pervasive Encryption, Multi-factor authentication, IBM Secure Service Container, EKMF).

Describe IBM storage compatibility options for IBM Z and LinuxONE.

Describe IBM Z connectivity options (I/O such as FICON, OSA, RoCE, zHyperlink and Coupling Options such as Infiniband, Integrated Coupling Adapter, Coupling Express Long Reach).

Describe IBM Z performance improvements (HiperDispatch, zHPF, Out of Order Execution, Virtual Flash Memory, Large Memory, zEDC, Guarded Data Facility, zHyperlink).

Describe IBM Z systems management (HMC, SE, zOSMF, SMF, RMF, IBM WAVE, STP, SSC etc.).

Describe software pricing options under z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE, including container and consumption-based pricing.

Describe IBM Z virtualization (PR/SM, z/VM, DPM, KVM).

Describe IBM Z architectural enhancements (SIMD, SMT, new instructions, Chip/Cache structure, PCIe, IFP, Secure Service Container, RAIM, VFM).

Describe LinuxONE models (e.g., Emperor II and Rockhopper II).

Describe Pervasive Encryption functionality and its benefits.

Describe potential uses of the 16U space feature for the z14 ZR1 - e.g. integrating storage, switches and other devices.

2. Evaluate Customer Environment and Plans

Evaluate and document current customer environment (equipment, software, staff usage, satisfaction, need for change and growth).

Identify opportunities (Business Resilience, Workload Consolidation, Pervasive Encryption, MFaaS, DBaaS, DevOps, etc.).

Distinguish studies using tools (zPCR, zCP3000, zBNA, zSoftCap, zTPM, FICON Aggregation, Coupling Facility Analysis) methods, and processes to solve customer business problems.

Determine which tools are used to compare different platforms: Sizing, TCO analysis, etc., IT Economics [formerly Eagle study], Fit for Purpose).

3. Apply Information/Installation Planning/Migration Considerations

Create accurate configuration for hardware; identify software and services based upon the needs and expectations of the customer.

Identify areas of risk to discuss with customer, relevant business partner(s), and IBM team: I/O options, Withdrawn from Marketing, future planning and availability, drawers for cards: z14/z14 ZR1 Sysplex compatibility.

Create a mutually developed implementation plan with the customer, including post-install.

Describe and implement consolidation methodology.

Execute the Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) process.

4. Business Resiliency

Identify the elements of High Availability which enable an IBM Z environment to remain up and running without unscheduled outages (e.g., elements unique to single system environments, or multiple system environments in a single location, and multi-system-multi-location environment).

Identify the elements of Continuous Availability which enable an IBM Z environment to remain up and running without any outages (planned or unplanned).

Identify the elements of a Disaster Recovery solution which affect the ability of the business to continue to run.

Explain Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and identify the technologies that support these objectives.

Identify IBM Z business resilience options and their capabilities, and alternative offerings, including (but not limited to) IBM BCRS and GDPS.

Given specific customer criteria and requirements, propose the appropriate Business Resilience solution, product, or process.

5. IMB Z Solutions: Security, Cloud, Analytics, SSC

Identify the elements in an IBM Z environment that protect networks, data, and applications (e.g., Pervasive Encryption, CF encryption, Disk/Tape Encryption, Data Set/file system Encryption and database encryption and application encryption).

Identify common methods to reduce risk exposure, in encryption and cryptography.

Discuss solutions to exposures in the customer security environment in data security (encryption, data-at-rest, data-in-motion, permissions/access, multi-factor authentication, z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology, etc.).

Discuss solutions to exposures in the customer security environment in data security (encryption, data-at-rest, data-in-motion, permissions/access, multi-factor authentication, z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology, etc.).

Position cloud solutions (elements that are unique to IBM Z such as cryptography, RAS, Capacity on Demand, private versus public cloud) on IBM Z that differentiate it from cloud solutions on other platforms).

Describe Hybrid Cloud characteristics (e.g., hybrid offerings, Linux and containers on the cloud).

Describe the unique values of data-intensive workloads running on IBM Z including reliability, availability, security and scalability.

Identify services that run in an SSC VM hosted on IBM Z/LinuxONE offered via IBM Cloud (e.g., Blockchain, IBM Cloud Hyper Protect).

Describe openness on the IBM Z platform (Mongo DB, Database as a service, etc.).

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: IBM z14 Technical Sales 
  • Exam Code: C1000-038
  • Length of Time:  75 Minutes

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