C1000-019 IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation Practice Exam - RETIRED

C1000-019 IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation Practice Exam 

About the Exam

C1000-019IBM Spectrum Protect plus V10.1.1 Implementation certification exam is designed for measuring and examining job skills with checking the performance level of an IBM Spectrum Protect plus V10.1.1 implementer. Moreover, after passing this exam you will achieve IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Spectrum Protect plus V10.1.1 certification. And, this exam is only available in English language.

Who should take the Exam?

IBM Certifications has their target audience for certification. These are associated with the individuals, not any organization or company. This includes,

  • Employees of Business Partner Firms
  • Customers
  • IBM internal employees
  • Independent Consultants who sell,support,or service IBM products

Eligibility Criterion

There is no prerequisite to take C1000-019 IBM exam. But after passing this exam you can attain achieve IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Spectrum Protect plus V10.1.1 certification.

Course Structure

The C1000-019 IBM exam covers the following five modules, 

Module 1 - Planning

  • Determine customer's needs/requirements
  • Determine scope and size of environment
  • Review IBM Spectrum Protect Plus guides and blueprints
  • Determine storage requirements: sizing; backup target sizing; resources for Network with focus on IPs and bandwidth; replication aspects
  • Determine the requirements for VSNAP and VADP server sizing
  • Determine the vSnap server replication requirements
  • Determine IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect for VE requirements
  • Determine firewall ports that must be opened for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
  • Define service level agreements (RTO & RPO)
  • Define users and user credentials for self-service management
  • Describe REST API availability-Use this REST API to connect applications to product

Module 2 - Installation

  • Download software (free trial; proper entitlement)
  • Deploy software using VMWare
  • Deploy software using Hyper-V.
  • Assign static IP to virtual machine used for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus using nmtui
  • Test the server connectivity

Module 3 - Configuration

  • Configure vSnap server(s)
  • Configure VADP Backup Proxy Server
  • Configure and provide credentials for hypervisor
  • Configure licensing
  • Define Sites
  • Register SMTP providers or LDAP providers in the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus system
  • Configure vSnap server replication
  • Set up Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Configure backup offloading to IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Define/configure backup policy service level agreements
  • Configure Pre- and Post-job scripting
  • Configure inventory jobs
  • Configure catalog backup schedules
  • Configure file indexing
  • Configure application consistent backups
  • Connect IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on the IBM Cloud
  • Configure and Perform test, clone, and production recovery jobs

Module 4 - Administration

  • Upgrade/patch the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server (apply fixes)
  • Upgrade/patch the vSnap Server
  • Upgrade/patch the VADP proxy server
  • Stop and start servers
  • Monitor jobs
  • Manage Jobs (Start, Stop, Hold)
  • Manage users and credentials
  • Perform a file level restore
  • Run Maintenance jobs
  • Customize and run reports
  • Verify Capacity licensing compliance

Module 5 - Troubleshooting

  • Use logs for troubleshooting (backup, job monitoring, collect logs for support)
  • Troubleshoot Job Failed
  • Troubleshoot security/credential failures (access failures)
  • Troubleshoot vSnap storage issues
  • Troubleshoot network/port failures (DNS)

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation
  • Exam Code: C1000-019
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Number of Questions: 69 questions
  • Length of Time: 90 minutes
  • Exam Languages: English
  • Registration Fee:  $102.15 USD
  • Number of Question to Pass Exam: 47
  • Exam Offered by: PearsonVUE

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