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C1000-011 - Foundations of IBM Blockchain Platform V1 Practice Exam

C1000-011 - Foundations of IBM Blockchain Platform V1

About Foundations of IBM Blockchain Platform V1 Exam

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a certification program which helps the IBM blockchain advisors to engage with clients who are looking to select and design a solution that is based on IBM Blockchain Platform. The Solution Advisor can come from a sales professional, architect, consultant or developer background. They will have an appreciation for the responsibilities of each of these roles, and know when to involve them to deliver a successful outcome for their client.

Prerequisite for the exam

A good understanding of enterprise blockchain concepts, and the similarities and differences with alternative blockchains and traditional middleware.

A working knowledge of IBM Blockchain Platform: what it is, the business value it adds, and how and when it can be deployed.

A working knowledge of blockchain architectures, including the components and actors that make up an IBM Blockchain Platform solution and how IBM Blockchain Platform integrates with existing systems.

A working knowledge of the process for delivering an IBM Blockchain Platform solution, including use-case selection, effective stakeholder interaction and principles for good design, development and testing.

A technical appreciation for the IBM Blockchain Platform: the features it comprises, the embedded components it exposes and non-functional characteristics such as performance and security.

Course Outline

1. Blockchain for Business Concepts

Explain the value of a business network

Articulate Blockchain for business concepts

Articulate the differences between blockchain for business and other blockchain

Identify when to use a blockchain solution versus a centralized database system

Demonstrate an understanding of the key stakeholders in a blockchain solution

Outline the Hyperledger projects and goals

Outline what is Hyperledger Fabric

Outline what is Hyperledger Composer

2. Blockchain Architecture Concepts

Design a blockchain solution architecture

Summarize the non-functional requirements of a blockchain

Explain the lifecycle of a transaction

Summarize the principles good chaincode design

Identify an appropriate language approach for the blockchain 

Identify concerns for GDPR and PII

Explain the components of a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain

3. IBM Blockchain Platform Business Considerations

Articulate the value of the IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP)

Question good versus bad use cases of IBP 

Analyze the incentives to join IBP.

Summarize the IBP plans

Summarize the IBP deployment options  (cloud, on-prem)

Articulate the value of LinuxONE in IBP

Articulate the value of hardware security modules in IBP

Identify the IBM support and services channels 

Explain the key roles in an IBM solution

Describe how IBP enables the governance of a blockchain network

Appreciate the liability responsibilities for chaincode and other assets when using IBP

4. IBM Blockchain Platform Build Principles

Design a blockchain architecture for IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP)

Identify and explain the key parts of a IBP network diagram

Describe the required IBP assets (front end, backend)  

Document the Channels strategy for an IBP solution

Summarize the KPIs available for Blockchain

Summarize what can affect IBP performance

Identify integration points with existing systems of record and middleware

Determine an effective High availability  disaster recovery (HADR) strategy 

Advise how to secure a blockchain

Advise how to manage identities in an IBP 

Plan a migration from another platform to IBP

Describe how to operate an IBP network

Plan a migration between chain code versions

Describe how to operate an IBP network

Plan a migration between chaincode versions

Explain the features for hosting IBP components outside of the public IBM Cloud

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: Foundations of IBM Blockchain Platform V1
  • Exam Code: C1000-011
  • Length of Time:  90 Minutes

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