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C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA) Practice Exam

C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA) 

About C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA) 

The CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certifications a professional certificate accepted globally. The certification is provided by the C++ Institute, a global non-profit project run by the Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG).

It is an entry-level certification for C++ programmers. The certification assess coding skills of C++ programmers by measuring their coding skills related to basic tasks in C++ programming language, usage of class hierarchy and exceptions 

Who should take the exam?

The CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate certification should be taken by C++ programmers, entry-level software developers, analysts, students and enthusiasts to certify their coding skills in C++ programming language.

Course Structure

C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA) Exam covers the following topics - 

Perform discovery, planning, and analysis (5-10%)

  • create high-level entity relationship diagram
  • create and document mock-ups
  • identify document data for migration and integration
  • determine out of the box (OOB) functionality
  • validate functional requirements
  • select artifacts necessary for a proof of concepts (POC) of functional solution designs

Absolute basics

  • machine and high-level programming languages, compilation process,
  • obtaining the machine code: compilation process,
  • writing simple programs,
  • variables,
  • integers: values, literals, operators,
  • characters: values, literals, operators,
  • dealing with streams and basic input/output operations.

Flow control and more data types

  • how to control the flow of the program
  • floating point types: values, literals, operators,
  • more integer types: values and literals,
  • loops and controlling the loop execution,
  • logic, bitwise and arithmetic operators.


  • functions,
  • declaring and invoking functions,
  • side effects,
  • different methods of passing parameters and their purpose,
  • default parameters,
  • inline functions,
  • overloaded functions.

Accessing data and dealing with exceptions

  • converting values of different types,
  • strings: declarations, initializations, assignments,
  • string as an example of object: introducing methods and properties,
  • namespaces: using and declaring,
  • dealing with exceptions.

Fundamentals of the object-oriented approach

  • class,
  • objects,
  • class components,
  • constructors,
  • referring to objects,
  • static members,
  • classes and their friends,
  • defining and overloading operators.

Class hierarchy

  • base class, superclass, subclass
  • inheritance: how it works
  • types of inheritance
  • inheriting different class components
  • multiple inheritance

More on classes

  • polymorphism: the notion and the purpose,
  • virtual methods: declaration and usage,
  • inheriting virtual methods,
  • abstraction and abstract classes.

Exceptions - dealing with expected and unexpected problems

  • what is an exception,
  • catching and throwing exceptions,
  • different classes and hierarchy of exceptions,
  • defining your own exceptions.

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer
  • Exam Code: CPA
  • Number of Questions: 55
  • Length of Time: 65 Minutes
  • Registration Fee:$295.00
  • Passing Score: 80%
  • Exam Language English

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