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Brand Management Practice Exam

Brand Management Practice Exam

A brand manager's job is to create a company's brand strategy. Brand managers are in charge of branding, communication channels, product creation, online and offline promotions, and market research, among other business functions. For a corporation, frequently do market research. Surveying and polling demographics, determining product demand, and other pertinent field research are all part of this process. Brand managers usually supervise a team that assists them in their efforts and report to the organization's higher-level marketing professionals.

This course will show you how to create and manage your brand's image. Candidates are tested on brand management, product communication, brand portfolio management, brand marketing, long and short-term brand portfolio development, establishing consumer and customer insight-driven brand marketing strategies, and digital management during the certification process.

Skills Acquired

Once you successfully complete the Brand Management certification you will be able to develop the below-mentioned skills:

  • Brand awareness entails a thorough knowledge of brands and the marketing mix.
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Ability to handle relationships
  • A heavy emphasis on outcomes
  • A high level of business knowledge

What does a Brand Manager do?

As a Business Manager, your job is to impact how current and future customers perceive a brand. You analyze market trends and advertising and promotion activities to ensure that the company's or product's brand values are effectively portrayed. This position can be highly stressful, but it can also be very interesting because you communicate with numerous internal and external stakeholders. In addition, you will master all of the ideas and methodologies you will need on the job in a Brand Marketing study program.

What are the responsibilities of a Brand Manager?

A Brand Manager is responsible for ensuring that a company's brand strategy is tailored to its target market. Brand managers act as the company's "brand guardian," guaranteeing brand consistency across all marketing initiatives and communications while also overseeing a product portfolio

Course Outline

The Brand Management course covers the following topics:

Branding Terms


Glossary of Terms

Branding Basics


The Meaning of Brands

What is Branding?

Characteristics of Brands

Central Organizing Thought


Brand Awareness is not Everything

Establishing a Brand

Points of Parity

Brand Equity

Brand Management


Nature of Relationship


Consumers Involvement

High- Involvement Situations

Low –Involvement Situations

Too Many Walls

Discontinuity In Habits

Cultural Factors

The Concept of Perception

Principles of Proximity

Brand - Customer Relationship

Building Successful Brands

Steps in Building A Strong Brand

Own a Word or Phrase

Brand Building

Brand Symbol

Brand Character

Brand Logo

Logo Change

Counter Fakes

Brand Names and Brand Extensions

Why to Create a New Brand Name

Types of Brand Name

Image Associations

Product Associations

Name Change

Brand Extension

Image-Related Extensions

Unrelated Extensions

Nurturing Sub-Brands

Co-Branding and Corporate Branding

Finding the Right Partner

A Fruitful Relationship

Tips for a Lasting Relationship

Creating a Powerful Corporate Brand

A Qualitative Process

Corporate Ethics, Corporate Culture and Corporate Image

Managing the Corporate Image

Brand Associations and Brand Image

Types of Brand Associations

Five Ways of Help

Forms of Brand Associations

Measuring Brand Association

Qualitative Research Techniques

Quantitative Research Techniques

Brand Image

Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty


The Need for a Paradigm Shift

Increasing Media Clutter

Dealing with Brand Variety

Brand Relationship

The Complex Nature of Brand Linkages

Brand Relationship Management

Learning Relationships

Customer Insight-Driven Relationship

Brand Relationship Management’s Journey

Brand Equity

Understanding Brand Equity

Branding and Brand Equity

How Do You Measure Brand Equity?

Branding Promotions

Brand Management Process

Why Brand is Everything

The Brand’s Creed

Three Steps Toward Successful Branding

Does Marketing of Brand Help?

Brand Evolution

Branding Decision

Historical Evolution of Brands

An Eight-Category Typology

Value of Brands

Value of Brand to Manufacturer

Brand-Customer Relationship

Brand Identity

A Brand That Works

Brand Planning and Brand Potential

The Importance of Brand Planning

The Issues Influencing Brand Potential

The Marketing Environment

Cadbury – Case Study

Brands and Consumer Buying Process

Extended Problem Solving

Dissonance Reduction

Advice for the Marketer

Consumer Benefits and Evaluative

Consumer Search for Brand Information

Consumers Search for Brand Information

Reasons for Limited Search for External Information

Brand Information - Quality or Quantity

Clues to Evaluate Brands

Brand Names and Informational Chunks

Issues Associated with Effective Brand Names

Naming Brands - Individual or Company Name?

A Strategic Approach to Naming Brands

Screen and Select the Brand Name

Issues Associated with Effective Brand Names

The Brand as A Risk Reducer

Qualities of Powerful Names

Added Values Beyond Functionalism

Brands and Symbolism

Symbolic Branding

Functional Product

Self-Concept and Branding

Building Ladders on the Internet

Using Existing Ladders

Creating New Ladders

Brand Personality

Values and Characteristics of Brand Personality

Creating Brand Personality

Brand and Brand Users Galore!

Watch Out, We are World Class Customers Now

Will The Indian Brands Survive?

Brand Personality - The Relationship Basis Model

What If The Brand Spoke to You?

Relationship Segmentation

Branding to Make Tangible the Intangible

Consistent Service Brands Through Staff

Service Brands with The Optimum Consumer Participation

Response of Weak and Strong Manufacturers

Convenience Versus Non-convenience Outlets

Which Stage to Target?

Strategy for Durables

The Role of The Brand

Positioning of a Brand

The Risks of Poor Positioning

Brand Positioning Strategies

Why is Defining the Positioning So Important?

What Did Maggi Do?

Consumer Segmentation

Target Audience

Market Segmentation

Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies

Brand Contact and Target Audience

Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio

Brand Portfolio

Portfolio Roles

Product Market Context Roles

Brand Portfolio Structure

Brand Hierarchy Trees

Brand Range

The ‘Coca-Cola’ Brand and Sponsorship

Perceptual Mapping

Perceptual Mapping

Market Description and Segmentation

Perceptual Mapping Techniques

Attribute Methods

Brand Attributes and Benefits

Strategy Decisions

Brand Benefits and Attributes

What’s the Benefit of Branding Anyway?

Benefits of a Successful Brand

Benefits of Building a Brand

A Product May Die but The Brand will Sustain

A Brand is a Living Memory

Attributes and USP

What can Research Do to Help?

Advertising and Branding

Creating a Brand Through Advertising

Advertising Must Position the Brand

Brand Positioning through Advertisements

How Advertising Works

Product Positioning as a Marketing Strategy

Bang for the Buck?

Successful Repositioning

Successful Brand Repositioning

Securing the Customer’s “Permission”

Increasing Relevance to Consumer

Making The Brand Serious

Making The Brand Contemporary

Differential Advantage and Positioning

Differentiation - How to Compete

The Differential Advantage and Branding

What is “Branding?”

When Branding Becomes the Sstrategic Advantage

Strategy or Tactic? Project or Process?

Developing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Developing a Portfolio of Products / Markets

The Differential Advantage and Branding

Role of Agencies in Branding

Brand as Strategic Devices

Brand Leadership-the New Imperative

Focus on Brand Equity as the Conceptual Model

Complex Brand Architecture

Strategic Relevance of Branding

The Strategic Plan

Brand Strategy

Brand Evaluation and Planning

Maintaining the Brand’s Core Value

Bridging the Brand’s Values

Defining Brand Dimensions

Revitalizing Brands

Brand Evaluation

Commercial Models of Brand Equity Growth

The Criteria to Assess the Strength of a Brand

The Causal Nature of Brand Equity

Brand Strength

The Financial Value of Brands

Methods of Measuring the Financial Value of a Brand

Protecting Brands


Intellectual Property Law in India




Protecting Brands Through Trademark Registration

The Challenges to Brands

Licensing Your Brand

The Challenges to Brands

Brand Advertising on the Internet

The Growth of Corporate Branding

Legal Perspectives in Branding

Naming Tips

Legal Tips

The Trademark Act 1999

Essential Features of a Trademark

Protection of Trademark

Registration of Trademark

Infringement of a Trademark

Geographical Indication

The Designs Act, 2000

Online Branding

The Unsung Hero of Internet Marketing

Online Branding Tactics

Packaged Online Branding Solutions

Business to Business Branding

Business Branding

Focus Areas

Brand Architecture

Integrated Brand Communication

The Bottom Line

Social Media Branding

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Websites


Social Media Branding

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