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ASP.NET Practice Exam

ASP.NET Practice Exam

About ASP.NET Practice Exam

ASP.NET abbreviated for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies. ASP.NET is an open-source, server-side web application framework that has been designed to facilitate web development for producing dynamic web pages. ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft for facilitating programmers to build dynamic websites, applications and services. 

Skills Acquired

  • Ability at gathering requirements
  • Skills to design a good user interface 
  • Experience with JavaScript and all necessary front-end technologies
  • Skills to interact with a database
  • Excellent at debugging and resolving problems
  • Understanding API documentation
  • Ability to use third-party tools
  • Handling the modern-day security environment
  • Harnessing the power of the cloud

Course Outline 

The ASP.NET Practice Exam covers the following topics - 

Domain 1 - Understanding basics of ASP.NET

  • Learn about ASP.NET
  • Learn about Web Forms
  • Learn about Web Services
  • Learn about ASP.NET Features

Domain 2 - Understanding Web Forms Architecture

  • Learn about Page Class
  • Learn about Web Forms Life Cycle
  • Learn about Web Forms Event Model
  • Learn about Code-Behind

Domain 3 - Understanding ASP.NET and HTTP

  • Learn about Request/Response Programming
  • Learn about HttpRequest Class
  • Learn about HTTP Collections
  • Learn about HttpResponse Class
  • Learn about Redirection
  • Learn about HttpUtility Class

Domain 4 - Understanding Web Applications Using Visual Studio

  • Learn about Using Visual Web Developer
  • Learn about Visual Studio Forms Designer
  • Learn about Using Components
  • Learn about Shadow Copying
  • Learn about Using the Global.asax File
  • Learn about Data Binding

Domain 5 - Understanding State Management and Web Applications

  • Learn about Session State
  • Learn about Application State
  • Learn about Multithreading Issues
  • Learn about Cookies

Domain 6 - Understanding Server Controls

  • Learn about HTML Server Controls
  • Learn about Web Forms Server Controls
  • Learn about Rich Controls
  • Learn about Validation Controls
  • Learn about User Controls

Domain 7 - Understanding Caching in ASP.NET

  • Learn about Caching
  • Learn about Page-Level Caching
  • Learn about Page Fragment Caching
  • Learn about Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
  • Learn about Application Caching

Domain 8 - ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals

  • Learn about Configuration Overview
  • Learn about Authentication and Authorization
  • Learn about Forms Authentication
  • Learn about Windows Authentication
  • Learn about Security and ASP.NET

Domain 9 - Understanding Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling

  • Learn about Debugging
  • Learn about Application Tracing
  • Learn about Page Tracing
  • Learn about Error Handling

Domain 10 - Understanding ASP.NET AJAX

  • Learn about Client Applications
  • Learn about AJAX
  • Learn about ScriptManager
  • Learn about UpdatePanel
  • Learn about AJAX Client Library
  • Learn about Remote Method Calls
  • Learn about AJAX Control Toolkit

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