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Appraisal Practice Exam

Appraisal Practice Exam

Appraisal or evaluation management is about an individual or a group of employees licensed, general and appraisers who fulfil appraisal assignments, and the professionals who fulfil evaluation assignments. So, if you want to validate your skills in appraisal management then this exam is for you. It will not only enhance your knowledge but will also prove your expertise in appraisal management.

Recommended Knowledge 

Good communication


Practically viable

Learning Outcomes

Understanding of the performance appraisal process

Job Analysis

Assessment of job

Human Resource Management 

Target Groups

This exam is best-suited for-



HR professionals

Other interested candidates

Topics Covered

The Appraisal exam covers topics - 


Performance appraisal fundamentals

Importance of Performance Appraisal

Drawbacks of Performance Appraisal System


Old Techniques of Performance Appraisal

Modern techniques of Performance Appraisal

Factors that affect performance appraisal

Appraiser’s Responsibility

Process of Performance Appraisal

Understanding the expectations of organizations 

Monitoring process of appraisal system

Performance Planning and Execution


Goals and objectives

Tracking the performance of employees 

Performance motivation

Job Structure






Rotation and Loading



Enrichment and Enlargement

Sharing and Satisfaction

Performance Assessment and Review

The performance assessment process

Factors that affect performance assessment

Evaluation of performance 

Rating scales and errors

Preparing the appraisal report


Handling difficult situations

Establishment of a successful close

Performance Appraisal Form

Setting up core competencies


Assignments of weights

The Rating system

Interview Skills

Interview based on competency 

Performance review skills

Annual review interview methods

Behavioural interview

Role profiling techniques

Feedback methods

Performance-based Compensation

The Compensation Theory 

Compensation Methods 

Pay Package System

Wages Concept

The Wage Policy in India

Understanding Compensation structure

Performance Counselling

Counselling pattern

Effective counselling skills

Understanding the actual performance

Factors that affect an individual's development

Preparation of development plans

Understanding responsibilities

Appraising performance and discussion

Criticism and Appreciation 

Human Resource Management System

Elements of the HRM system

HRM practices and tactics 

Organization system

Leadership and Motivation

Classification of needs

Need prioritization

The Theory of motivation

Understanding Leadership styles

Characteristics of a good leader

Effective Communication

Technicalities of the communication process

Avoiding failures in communication 

Good communication skills

Workplace communication

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