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Apache Kafka

About Apache Kafka Exam

Apache Kafka is an open-source system with a distributed event store and stream-processing platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Java and Scala. Apache Kafka aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.

What is Apache Kafka used for?

Apache Kafka has been used for building real-time streaming data pipelines and real-time streaming applications. Apache Kafka offers a data pipeline that reliably processes to move data from one system to another. Also, it offers a streaming application that consumes streams of data.

What are the major APIs in Kafka?

  • Producer API – It allows an application to publish streams of records.
  • Consumer API – It allows an application to subscribe to topics and processes streams of records.
  • Connector API – It is used to execute the reusable producer and consumer APIs that can link the topics to the existing applications.
  • Streams API – It is used to convert the input streams to output and produces the result.
  • Admin API – It is used to manage Kafka topics, brokers and other Kafka objects.

Who should learn Kafka?

Apache Kafka offers revolutionary technology suitable for -

  • Experienced Java developers
  • Tech leads
  • Solution architects 

Course Outline

The  Apache Kafka covers the following course outline - 

Domain 1 - An introduction to Apache Kafka 

  • Explain Apache Kafka
  • Explain Kafka Features and Terminologies
  • Explain High-level Kafka architecture
  • Explain Real-life Kafka Case Studies

Domain 2 - Understanding Kafka Architecture

  • Explain Internals of architecture and core concepts
  • Explain Kafka components - Broker, Producer, Consumer, Topics, Partitions
  • Explain versions of Kafka

Domain 3 - Understanding Brokers

  • Explain Working as a broker
  • Explain Broker Deployment
  • Explain Multiple brokers on a single machine
  • Explain Decommisioning brokers

Domain 4 -  Understanding Producers

  • Explain about producers
  • Explain producer architecture
  • Explain producer partition
  • Explain producer Java API
  • Explain different types of producers - sync, async
  • Explain producer configurations
  • Explain Sync and async producer hands-on learning

Domain 5 - Understanding Consumers

  • Explain Basics of consumers
  • Explain Consumer queuing, consumer groups, and consumer broadcast
  • Explain Consumer Java API
  • Explain Producer and Consumer Hands-on

Domain 6 - Understanding the concept of Mirroring Kafka

  • Explain mirroring
  • Explain Work of mirroring
  • Explain Mirror Maker and its role and responsibilities
  • Explain Kafka Mirroring Hands-on learning
  • Explain Mirror Maker producers and consumers

Domain 7 - Understanding Topics and Partitions

  • Explain Working with topics and updating them
  • Explain Performance optimization and configurations
  • Explain Using Partitions and distribution of partitions
  • Explain Partition reassignment - Automatic migrating
  • Explain Partition reassignment - Manual migrating

Domain 8 - Understand Replication in Kafka

  • Explain High availability and reliability using replication
  • Explain ISR - In Sync Replication
  • Explain Primary Replication and Quorum Replication
  • Explain Partition reassignment - Increasing Replication
  • Explain Topic, Partition and Replication Hands-on

Domain 9 - Understanding Zookeeper

  • Explain Zookeeper
  • Explain Leader Election by Zookeeper
  • Explain applications using Zookeeper
  • Explain Zookeeper Architecture
  • Explain Zookeeper configuration and installation
  • Explain Zookeeper troubleshooting

Domain 10 - Installation of Kafka

  • Explain Setup environment and pre-requisites
  • Explain Configuration of different components
  • Explain Deploying Apache Kafka on a single node cluster
  • Explain Deploying Apache Kafka on a multi-node cluster
  • Explain Balancing Leadership
  • Explain Scaling Kafka cluster and troubleshooting

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