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Angular 7 Online Course

The course will help you to learn all the fundamentals about modules, directives, components, data binding, routing, HTTP access, and providing full CRUD operations. Further, you will also learn how to route dynamically, how to retrieve data from a route, and how to protect your routes with guards. 

Course Curriculum

Diving into Angular 7

  • The Course overview
  • What is Angular?
  • New Angular 7 Features
  • Set Up Your First App with the CLI
  • Style Your App Using Angular Material
  • Get the Most out of This Course

Creating Your First and Second Components

  • How to Create a Component
  • Display your Data with Directives
  • Conditionally Styling Elements
  • Data Binding with Forms - Part 1
  • Data Binding with Forms - Part 2
  • Data Binding with Forms - Part 3
  • Passing Data Between Components - Part 1
  • Passing Data Between Components - Part 2
  • Passing Data Between Components - Part 3

Creating Your First Service

  • Learn How Services Work and Create Your First Service
  • Moving Your Data to the Service and Injecting It
  • Understanding Observables and How to Mock them
  • ADD and UPDATE Assignments with Your Service
  • DELETE Assignments with Your Service
  • Injecting Services into Other Services

Adding Routes to Your App

  • How Routes Work in Angular
  • Initializing Your routes
  • Navigating to Pages Dynamically
  • Sending and Receiving Queries Through Routes - Part 1
  • Sending Queries Through Routes - Part 2
  • Protecting Routes - Part 1
  • Protecting Routes - Part 2

Making HTTP Calls to APIs

  • Setting Up Your Database and Using the API
  • How the HttpClient Works in Angular
  • Sending GET Requests
  • Sending POST & PUT Requests
  • Sending DELETE Requests
  • RxJS Operators
  • Error Handling and Http Headers

Styling Your Application with Angular Material and Animations

  • Material Cards - Part 1
  • Material Cards - Part 2
  • Tabs in Material
  • Create a Stepper
  • Give Feedback with Snackbars

New Features in Angular 7

  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Drag and Drop- Part 1
  • Drag and Drop- Part 2
  • Other New Features
  • Course Wrap-Up

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