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American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Practice Exam

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)

About the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)

The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is the professional establishment for the (APA), with a concentration on verifying individual planners’ skills and aptitude. The AICP’s overarching goal is to make sure that planners who conduct themselves ethically and maintain their professional aptitude receive the proper certification.

AICP Certification Exam is a clear way to suggest professionally that you comply with strict ethical standards and sustain a high level of skills and standards necessary to perform exceptionally in a planning profession.

Who should take the exam?

Candidates must be members of the APA. They must currently be or have been engaged in professional planning. The candidate must complete educational and professional planning experience requirements. 

Course Structure

The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) exam covers the following topics - \

Domain 1 - Understanding the Research and Assessment Methods (11%)

  • Learn to conduct research and acquire knowledge 
  • Learn about data source interpretation and evaluation 
  • Learn about Spatial analysis 
  • Learn about community involvement and engagement for developing a sound understanding of a community
  • Learn about data collection strategies and identify planning issues 

Domain 2 - Understanding Fundamental Planning Knowledge (15%)

  • Learn about the history of planning, planning movements, and influences on contemporary planning 
  • Learn about patterns of human settlement
  • Learn about foundational legal principles and the basis of planning 
  • Learn about Planning Theory 
  • Learn the general terminology, practices, and principles of related professions
  • Learn about natural, social, and economic systems 
  • Learn about core values of planning
  • Learn the ways of using technology to advance planning 
  • Learn about Information technology tools 

Domain 3 - Overview of Communication and Interaction (13%)

  • Learn about the concept of Communication and its principles
  • Learn about the strategies and techniques to offer non-discriminatory electronic media free of obstacles and/or barriers to accessibility. 
  • Learn about the concept of listening, comprehension, and reflection of needs and ideas 
  • Learn about Leadership techniques 
  • Learn about Social justice
  • Learn about culturally appropriate and respectful communication 
  • Learn about the processes and techniques towards consensus for decision making
  • Learn about the role of organizational structures and functions 
  • Learn about outreach strategies and techniques 
  • Learn about the evaluation of how well the planned outreach strategy engages targeted communities/populations 
  • Learn about evidence-based argument formulation and articulation 
  • Learn about sensitive or complex political situation management 

Domain 4 - Understanding the concept of Plan and Policy Development (15%)

  • Learn about preparing to plan 
  • Learn about planning by sequential steps and multi-variate analyses
  • Learn about states' and federal laws 
  • Learn about formulating and drafting policies 
  • Learn about vision, goal, objective, policy, and priority statement 
  • Learn about objectives and actions for addressing identified needs within an equity framework
  • Learn about stakeholder and community inclusion in scoping a plan, policy, and project
  • Learn about mediation, negotiation, facilitation, or arbitration to address conflicting interests 
  • Learn about applying innovations and best practices suitable to place and context
  • Learn about identifying and evaluating consequences 
  • Learn about funding and financing considerations
  • Learn about community character and form 
  • Learn about identifying, quantifying, and addressing incidence and burden, past and future
  • Learn about conversance with related disciplines 

Domain 5 - Understanding Plan Implementation (12%)

  • Learn to develop and interpret rules, regulations, policies, and programs 
  • Learn about aligning and activating funding and financing options 
  • Learn about the proposal or project assessment 
  • Learn about identifying and mitigating challenges and obstacles for plan implementation
  • Learn about drafting action steps and assigning responsibility 
  • Learn about monitoring, evaluating, and updating adopted plans and policies 
  • Learn about integrating multiple projects to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and synergy 

Domain 6 - Overview of Administration and Management (6%)

  • Learn about project or program management 
  • Learn about internal organizational management 
  • Learn about the management of external relationships 
  • Learn about mentoring and motivating staff to develop their skills optimally
  • Learn about results-oriented management and accountability 

Domain 7 - Understanding Leadership and its principles (6%)

  • Learn about leadership in support of plan making, participation, recognition of needs, and commitment action 
  • Learn about ethical aspects of advocacy
  • Learn about best practices and their potential applications
  • Learn about accountability to the profession, ethical principles and the public interest
  • Learn about Institutional structures
  • Learn about a planner's comprehensive approach 
  • Learn about the ethics of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in practice 
  • Learn about coaching and mentoring 
  • Learn about discerning and promoting the public interest related to a proposed action
  • Learn about professional development expectations 
  • Learn about discerning and promoting the value of planning 
  • Learn about opportunities to promote and volunteer in professional planning organizations 

Domain 8 - Understanding Areas of Practice (12%)

  • Learn about comprehensive and long-range planning 
  • Learn about geographically-focused, subarea planning 
  • Learn about Current planning (e.g., legal procedural applications, equity, codes and regulations, zoning administration, plan review, impact analysis, design review, site planning)
  • Learn about sustainability and resilience planning
  • Learn about transportation mobility and access planning
  • Learn about infrastructure and service planning 
  • Learn about hazard mitigation and resiliency planning 
  • Learn about natural resources planning 
  • Learn about economic development 
  • Learn about urban design 
  • Learn about housing planning 
  • Learn about parks, recreation, and open space 
  • Learn about historic and cultural resource planning 
  • Learn about facility and services planning 
  • Learn about food planning 
  • Learn about health planning
  • Learn about rural and small-town planning 
  • Learn about equity and advocacy planning 
  • Learn about regional and multijurisdictional planning 

Domain 9 - Understanding AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (10%)

  • Learn about overall Responsibility to the Public 
  • Learn about responsibility to Clients and Employers 
  • Learn about responsibility to the Planning Profession and Colleagues 
  • Learn about the responsibility of the planner to uphold the AICP rules of conduct, compliance, and administration 

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
  • Exam Fee: $425
  • Exam Pattern: Multiple-choice 
  • Number of questions: 170 

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