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Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) Practice Exam

Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) 

About Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) 

This exam tests candidate’s ability to answer questions focused on real-world scenarios. However, the Agile Extension developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, describes good practices, techniques, and other key information that have better business outcomes and adds customer value when work is executed using various agile approaches. Candidates who perform well in this exam are those that have developed the requisite competencies.

Target Audience

This certification is for:

  • Candidates who are BA professionals and working in agile environments
  • Those who have knowledge in increasing business analysis skillset and expertise
  • Those who stay up-to-date on best practices and industry trends

Course outline Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) 

The Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC) covers the following topics - 

Domain 1: An Agile Mindset 

Developing agile mindset is essential to achieve success when working in an agile context. However, developing an agile mindset is not something that candidates can expect to develop as a result of reading about it. The agile mindset is developed over time and through applying the agile principles of business analysis to the outcomes produced. (IIBA Reference: Agile methods)

Domain 2: Strategy Horizon

The following explains the typical work performed by an agile practitioner at the Strategy Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency:

2.1 Developing Initial Product Backlog/Required Business Capabilities Understanding and identifying capabilities check

2.2 Releasing plan

Basic knowledge in scope MVP/MMF check

2.3 Ongoing strategy work 

Basic Stand-up (weekly/monthly) check the knowledge

Basic knowledge of identifying Scenarios check

2.4 Reviewing and Maintaining Product Backlog/Required Business Capabilities Following rules to identify new items

Domain 3: Initiative Horizon

This domains explains typical work performed by an agile practitioner at the Initiative Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency:

3.1 Developing Initial Release Log / MVP Backlog

Understanding and identifying features check 

Identifying and understanding solution options check 

Understand and Identifying solution components check

3.2 Releasing plan

Following rules for sScope MVP/MMF and subsequent product increments check

Understanding the estimate features check 

Understanding and prioritizing features check 

Elaborating features check

Following rules for reviewing or updating solutions components check

3.3 Release close

Following rules for reviewing outcomes produced including: “Are we continuing to deliver value?” check

Updating scope for next Release/MVP check

Domain 4: Delivery Horizon

This explains the typical work performed by an agile practitioner at the Delivery Horizon with a foundational level of proficiency

4.1 Developing Product Increment Backlog 

Understanding and developing product increment backlog check

Understanding and identifying stories / cards check

Basic knowledge in estimating and sizing product increment backlog items check

Understanding and prioritizing product increment backlog items check 4.2 Iteration planning Basic knowledge of reviewing acceptance criteria/Understand “definition of done” check

Understanding and identifying work to complete stories/cards check

Elaborating features/stories – for subsequent iteration check

4.3 Ongoing iteration work 

Following rules to elaborate stories check

Basic knowledge of daily stand-up check

Story development check

Identifying Scenarios check 

Writing Scenarios and Specifications check

Developing low fidelity models check

Understanding and developing high fidelity models check

Basic knowledge of acceptance tests / Assess for “done” check

4.4 Reviewing and maintaining product increment backlog

Understanding and identifying new items check

Basic knowledge of estimating new items check

Prioritizing product increment backlog 

Understanding and elaborating stories in product increment backlog check

Re-estimating existing items as you get more info check

Understanding and prioritizing product increment backlog check

4.5 Customer “show and tell” (ongoing)

Understanding iteration demo check

Understanding iteration retrospective check 

Identifying process improvements check 

4.6 Iteration close

Reviewing outcomes produced including: “Are we ready to release?” check

Understanding and updating product increment backlog check

Exam Details

  • Certification Name: AAC Agile Analysis Certification
  • Exam Duration:2 Hours
  • Available Languages:English
  • No. of Questions:85 questions
  • Registration Fee:$250 USD (members), $375 USD (non-members)

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