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ACI Operations Certificate (002-200) Practice Exam

ACI Operations Certificate (002-200)

About ACI Operations Certificate (002-200)

ACI Operations Certificate supports treasury operations teams and related groups to efficiently cope with stronger competition in the financial markets and to smooth co-operation with supervisory bodies. In this the candidates will become up-to-date with the latest developments that affect the treasury operations. This exam also helps candidates to develop a front to end treasury view in terms of process promoting a better understanding between trading community and operations staff.

Who should take the exam?

The exam is designed for the following groups:

  • Operations staff with at least 2 years of experience and seniors
  • Other Trading Room Support Areas
  • Internal and external Auditors
  • Compliance and Risk Officers
  • Product Control
  • Vendors   

Course Structure

1. Overall financial market and front to end treasury view

To describe the roles of each participant within the financial market and to provide an understanding of how Treasury Trading and Sales, MiddleOffice and Operations have to be structured in the risk management context. To give an understanding of how the whole transaction process management can be optimised as well as to explain the importance of providing a quality, customerorientated service to both internal and external clients.

2. Deal capture, trade entry and confirmations

To explain the payment and confirmation process that follows deal capture and trade entry; list the problems that can arise if mistakes are made; describe how different clearing and payment systems can impact on risk; show an understanding of the correct source of trade information. 

3. Settlement, netting and clearing

To explain the importance of the different settlement and payment systems as well as the use and handling of the correspondent network and accounts.

4. Reconciliations and investigations

To explain the methodology used to match at least two different records, using the same information to identify and investigate differences and taking corrective action when necessary. To explain the way how to proceed to settle outstanding items.

5. Treasury systems and data management

To explain the essentials of a treasury system, the data management for treasury operations as well as the basic accounting of treasury operations.

6. Risk management, controls, compliance, and documentation

To explain the importance of having strict procedures and controls in place to ensure that no unauthorised or incorrect payments are made and to protect the business from related risks. To describe the purpose of documentation in settling financial transactions.

7. Foreign exchange

8. Money market

To explain the characteristics of the major money market instruments, specific responsibilities and associated settlement processes.

9. Derivatives

To explain the specific features of exchange-traded and Over The Counter (OTC) derivative markets as well as the characteristics of optional and non-optional derivatives, including the specific responsibilities and processes associated with them.

10. Short-term bonds and notes

To explain the characteristics of short-term debt instruments, notes and bonds as well as the specific responsibilities and processes associated with them.

Exam Pattern 

  • Exam Name: ACI Operations Certificate
  • Exam Code: 002-200
  • Number of Questions: 75
  • Length of Time:  2 hours
  • Exam Cost: EUR 250
  • Exam Language: English, German

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