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Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner Practice Exam

Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner Practice Exam

About Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner Practice Exam

The Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans exam has been developed for candidates responsible for conducting assigned inspections for compliance with Codes and Standards adopted by respective jurisdictions. Some of the roles and responsibilities of an Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner are -

  • Verifying the code provisions as based upon the occupancy classification and use of buildings and facilities
  • Analyse existing and/or altered elements related to accessibility
  • Determining the code compliance of submitted building plans, site plans, and other plans needed to ensure such compliance with accessibility code provisions.

Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner 
  • Exam ID: 21
  • Category: Code Enforcement
  • Type: National Certification
  • Code Year: 2018
  • Total Questions: 80
  • Exam Duration: 2:30 hours
  • Exam Type: Open Book
  • Testing Method: Online Proctored Exam
  • Exam Fee: $219 USD

Course Outline

The Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner certification covers the following topics - 

DOMAIN 1 - General Administrative and Scoping Provisions 7%

Occupancy Group Accessibility - 2%

  • Verify application to accessibility code provisions based upon the occupancy classification and use of the buildings/facilities.

General Administration - 1 %

  • Determine compliance with specific sections of the buildings/facilities code related to accessibility while using proper terms and definitions within code provisions.

Accessibility in Existing Buildings - 4%

  • Verify compliance of existing and/or altered building/facility elements with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 2 - Building Blocks 11%

Floor/Ground Surface and Level Changes - 3%

  • Verify compliance of changes in elevation at floor/ground surfaces with accessibility code provisions.

Wheelchair Turning Spaces - 3%

  • Verify compliance with required turning space for wheelchairs with accessibility code provisions.

Clearances - 2%

  • Verify compliance of clearances with accessibility code provisions.

Reach Ranges and Operable Parts - 1%

  • Verify compliance of reach ranges and operable parts with accessibility code provisions.

Protruding Objects - 2%

  • Verify compliance of protruding objects with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 3 - Accessible Routes 27%

Accessible Entrances - 4%

  • Verify compliance of the number and location of accessible entrances with accessibility code provisions.

Means of Egress - 10%

  • Verify compliance of the accessible means of egress to accessibility code provisions.

Windows, Doors, and Doorways - 5%

  • Verify compliance of windows, doors, and doorways with accessibility code provisions.

Walking Surfaces and Ramps - 5%

  • Verify compliance of walking surfaces, ramps, and curb ramps with accessibility code provisions.

Elevators and Platform lifts - 3%

  • Identify locations of required accessible elevators and platform lifts while verifying their compliance with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 4 - General Site and Building Elements 10%

Parking, Passenger Loading Zones and Bus Stops - 4%

  • Verify compliance with accessibility code provisions for accessible parking.

Site Accessibility - 3%

  • Verify compliance of site accessibility with accessibility code provisions.

Ramps, Stairways and Handrails - 3%

Verify compliance of ramps, stairways and handrails with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 5 - Plumbing Elements and Facilities 10%

Plumbing Elements, Rooms and Compartments - 10%

  • Verify compliance of plumbing elements, rooms, compartments, and related elements with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 6 - Communication Elements 6%

Alarms and Signs - 4%

  • Verify compliance of alarms with accessibility code provisions.

Telephones, Assistive Listening Systems and ATMs - 1%

  • Verify compliance of telephones, assistive listening systems, and Automated Teller Machines with accessibility code provisions.

Detectable Warnings - 1%

  • Verify that detectable warnings are in accordance with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 7 - Special Rooms and Spaces 8%

Special Rooms and Spaces - 8%

Verify compliance of special occupancies, rooms, and spaces with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 8 - Built-in Furnishings and Equipment 5%

Seating at Tables, Counters and Work Surfaces - 4%

  • Verify that seating at tables, checkout & service counters, and work surfaces complies with accessibility code provisions.

Storage Elements - 1%

  • Verify that fixed or built-in storage elements comply with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 9 - Dwelling and Sleeping Units 10%

Occupancy Requirements - 10%

  • Verify that Accessible dwelling units, Type A units, Type B units, & Type C units, comply with accessibility code provisions.

DOMAIN 10 - Recreational Facilities 6%

General Recreational Facilities - 3%

  • Verify that General Recreational Facilities comply with accessibility code provisions.

Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas - 3%

  • Verify that swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs, and spas comply with accessibility code provisions.

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