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A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Practice Exam

A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Practice Exam

About A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Practice Exam

The A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation certification bridges essential test automation theory with practical application, focusing on the effective use of Selenium for automating web application tests. Targeted at test professionals, automation engineers, and developers, this certification provides the knowledge needed to design, implement, and maintain Selenium-based automated solutions.

Course Outline

The  A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Exam covers the following topics - 

  • Introduction to Test Automation: Test Automation Solutions Design, Page Pattern, Keyword Driven, and Data Driven Automation Solutions.
  • Automation Web Technologies: Webpage Architecture, HTML, Rendering, Tree Structure, DOM, Locators, XPath (Operators, Axes, Relative and Absolute), and CSS.
  • Selenium Automation Tools: Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and the Selenium WebDriver Ecosystem (Architecture, Browser Controllers, Headless Test Automation).
  • Using Selenium WebDriver: Managing Selenium Libraries, WebDriver Initialization, Start, Test Assertions, Test Termination, Test Reporting, Selenium GUI Interface, Selenium and Performance Testing, Parallelism of Tests, Machine Learning and Test Automation, Self-Healing Tests, Static and Dynamic Wait Mechanism, Test Scripts Acceptance Criteria, Choice of Selectors and Locators.
  • Implementation of Test Automation in an Organization: Adapting a Selenium Test Automation Suite (TAS).

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have basic programming knowledge in Java with Maven or basic programming knowledge in Python.

Skills Acquired

With the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation certification, you will:

  • Possess an independent, internationally recognized certification proving your expertise in Selenium test automation.
  • Understand Selenium automation tools and their various applications.
  • Comprehend different Test Automation Solutions (TAS) that can be implemented using Selenium tools.
  • Gain insights into underlying web technologies and their use in Selenium.
  • Learn best practices for onboarding Selenium automation projects.
  • Maximize the return on investment for automation projects.
  • Be capable of running Selenium WebDriver tests independently.
  • Apply test automation principles to build maintainable test automation solutions.

Who should take the exam?

This certification is suitable for anyone looking to develop and validate their skills in Selenium test automation. It is particularly ideal for:

  • Test automation engineers, testers, and developers working with Selenium 4.
  • Individuals starting with Selenium automation or seeking employment in this field.
  • Those with some GUI or non-GUI test automation experience who are new to Selenium.

Exam Details

  • Exam Questions: 40
  • Minimum Passing Score: 65%
  • Examination Time: 60 minutes
  • Training: Recommended

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