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The Splunk Core Certified Power User exam is an entry-level certification exam that demonstrates your ability to navigate and use the Splunk software. This certification provides you a basic understanding of SPL searching and reporting command. You will be skilled to create knowledge objects, use field aliases, create tags and event types, use macros, create workflow actions and data models, and normalize data with the Common Information Model in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms. Moreover, this certification also introduces you to Splunk’s datasets feature and Pivot interface

Certification Flowchart: Splunk Core Certified Power User

This entry-level certification demonstrates an individual’s basic ability to navigate and use Splunk software. This is the certification track flowchart.

 Certification Flowchart
Splunk Core Certified Power User

Splunk Core Certified Power User Study Guide

The preparations for any exam demand consistency and utter determination. Therefore, to stay focused and motivated throughout your preparation journey we provide you with our specially curated preparatory guide. This comprehensive step by step guide will surely make the preparation journey a cakewalk for you and you’ll be able to pass the exam with flying colours.

Splunk Core Certified Power User Study Guide

Step 1- Download the Official Guide: Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam

The first and foremost step is to download the official guide. This guide can be downloaded from Splunk’s official website. The Official Guide will provide you detailed information about the exam topics and course. It acts as a blueprint for your exam and is very essential. Moreover, it’s advised to familiarise yourself with the exam topics before commencing with the preparations. Therefore you need to download the official Splunk Core Certified Power User study guide to have clarity about the exam course. The Splunk Core Certified Power User exam objectives include:

Using Transforming commands and visualizations – 5%: This domain covers concepts like use the chart command and use the timechart command.

Filtering and formatting results – 10%: This domain focuses on the eval command and use the search and where commands to filter results. It also includes the fill null command

Correlating events – 15%: This domain includes identify transactions, group events using fields, and group events using fields and time. It also covers search with transactions, report on transactions and determines when to use transactions vs. stats

Knowledge objects – 10%: This domain performs regex field extractions using the Field Extractor (FX) and performs delimiter field extractions using the FX

Fields (field aliases, field extractions, calculated fields) – 10%: Further this domain describes, creates, and uses field aliases. Also it describes, creates, and uses calculated field

Tags and event types – 10%: Subsequently, this domain creates and use tags, and describe event types and their uses. It also creates an event type

Macros – 10%: Moreover, this domain describe macros and creates and use a basic macro. It also defines arguments and variables for a macro. Further it includes add and use arguments with a macro

Workflow actions – 10%: Moreover, this domain describes the function of GET, POST, and Search workflow actions and creates a GET workflow action. It also, create a POST workflow action and creates a Search workflow action

Data models – 10%: Further this domain focuses on concepts like describe the relationship between data models and pivot, identify data model attributes and create a data model

Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) – 10%: Lastly, this domain includes describe the Splunk CIM, list the knowledge objects included with the Splunk CIM Add-On. It also uses the CIM Add-On to normalize data.

Step 2- Set up a Study Schedule

Devising a Study Plan is the next step. You need to devote time to your preparations daily. The Splunk Core Certified Power User exam covers a huge syllabus. All this can be achieved if you stay consistent with your preparations. Therefore, create a Splunk Core Certified Power User blueprint and make study plan which helps you prepare well and also avoids distractions. Also, begin with strengthening your weaker sections and have ample time for your revisions. Remember, consistency is the key so start early and devote time to your preparations daily.

Step 3 – Refer Books

We highly recommend you hit the books while you are preparing for the Splunk Core Certified User exam. Splunk Core Certified Power User exam books provide you a detailed understanding of the exam courses. Books also help you gain the deeper insights and profound knowledge. Such understanding will surely help you ace the exam.

Step 4 – Go for Training Course

Training is a must while preparing. Splunk Core Certified Power User training courses provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge about the exam. Such understanding is necessary while preparing for the Splunk Core Certified Power User exam.

Splunk offers the following fundamental Splunk Core Certified Power User courses to aid your preparation journey-

Splunk Fundamentals 1

The Splunk Fundamental 1 is a self-paced course that teaches you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. It will also introduce you to Splunk’s datasets features and Pivot interface.

Splunk Fundamentals 2

This 4 virtual-day course focuses on additional SPL commands, using field aliases and calculated fields, creating tags and event types, using macros, creating workflow actions and data models, and normalizing data with the CIM. 

Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam Online Tutorials

Step 5 Join a community

Joining a study group or an online discussion forum is the next important step while preparing. Such study groups provides various valuable insights about the exam. Also, these groups help you in connecting with subject matter experts and with your peers who are on the same road for the exam. We recommend you to join a study group to stay updated with the current changes and prepare well for the exams.

Step 6 Take up practice Tests

Now, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. The final step of your preparations is to analyze how prepared are you for the real exam. Here comes the importance of practice tests. Attempting the Splunk Core Certified Power User practice tests, helps you review exam questions structure. Also, practice tests help you recognize areas that will require additional study. Moreover, such tests provide you with real exam experience and you learn to manage the time accordingly. Also, strengthening your weaker areas will definitely make you confident about your preparedness. Further, attempting multiple tests and outperforming yourself in each subsequent test will boost your confidence as well as esteem. So start practicing now and stay ahead of your competition.

Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam Practice Tests
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