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In today’s highly competitive environment, certification differentiates you as a professional who is serious about applied learning, making you an asset to a prospective employer. So are you ready to take the next step in your career by becoming ServiceNow Certified System Administrator? Then you are at the right place! We have got you covered for the exam.

In order to gain a systematic understanding of the exam, you should go through the exam format that would assuredly provide a bird`s view of all the important details. Further, have complete clarity about all the exam aspects before venturing on with your preparations. And finally, prepare with all your commitment and zeal to ace this exam! So lets have a glance at the exam details

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator: Overview

The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator examination ascertains that the candidate possesses the integration capabilities and proficiency which are expected in order to regulate the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform. Passing this exam suggests that the candidate has in detailing all the key skills which are necessary to pursue further certification for the individuals.

Target Audience

The ServiceNow System Administrator certification exam is targeted on the ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers, and for all those who are willing to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Glossary

Here are some key terms and concepts related to ServiceNow Certified System Administrator:

  1. ServiceNow: A cloud-based platform that provides IT service management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM) solutions.
  2. Incident Management: A method for handling and resolving incidents that cause disruptions in regular IT services.
  3. Change Management: A process for managing changes to IT systems, applications, and infrastructure to minimize the impact on users and ensure that changes are made in a controlled and consistent manner.
  4. Problem Management: A process for identifying and resolving the root causes of recurring incidents and problems in IT systems and infrastructure.
  5. Service Catalog: A catalog of IT services that are available to users, including descriptions, service levels, and pricing.
  6. Service Level Agreement (SLA): An agreement between the IT organization and its customers that defines the level of service that will be provided and the metrics that will be used to measure performance.
  7. Knowledge Management: A process for capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge within an organization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT service management.
  8. User Administration: A process for managing user accounts, access permissions, and security settings within ServiceNow.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: A set of tools and features for generating reports and analyzing data within ServiceNow to identify trends, measure performance, and improve decision-making.
  10. Configuration Management Database (CMDB): A database that contains information about IT assets, their relationships, and their attributes, which is used to support IT service management processes.

These are just a few of the many terms and concepts you will encounter in the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these and other key concepts to have a solid understanding of ServiceNow and its capabilities.

Exam Prerequisites and Recommended Knowledge

In order to emerge as a thriving candidate in this exam, you must have the following knonwledge

  • Firstly, Give attention to the ServiceNow Fundamentals training and must-have for at least 6 months gained hands-on experience of working with ServiceNow.
  • Secondly, Candidates have the liberty to choose and complete either a ServiceNow Fundamentals training course or the on-demand ServiceNow Fundamentals training course offered in Now Learning.
  • Also, it is very beneficial to any candidate who has industry experience along with database concepts and system management.
  • Subsequently, Candidate must also have some learning of IT Help Desk processes and the incident, problem, and change workflows.
  • Lastly, candidates should have a comprehensive acquaintance with terminologies of the industry, acronyms, and initialisms.

Additional Recommended Experience

  • First things first, you must have at least six months of field experience in working on ServiceNow deployment projects and also in the maintenance of ServiceNow instances
  • Moreover, you must also have participated in at least two ServiceNow deployment projects
  • Further, you must be familiar with the industry concepts, terminology, acronyms, and initialisms

Exam Format | ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

First things first, you have to ensure that you are on the same page as the vendor. This means you should be thorough with the exam format as it forms the blueprint for the exam.

  • To begin with, this exam covers 60 questions and you get only 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • Additionally, all the questions are in multiple choice format. The best trick to solve these quetions is to use the process of elimination. Eliminate all the wrong answers and you arrive at the right one!
  • Further, this is a computer‑based exam delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, in a proctored environment.
  • Also, you have the option to choose for online proctoring.
  • Moreover, this exam costs you $150

Exam Registration

Candidates must enlist for the test by means of the ServiceNow Webassessor site with the voucher got by finishing the Software Asset Management Professional Fundamentals training prerequisite. During the enlistment procedure, each test taker has the alternative of taking the test at an Approved Testing Center or as an online delegated test. In both testing scenes, the Ensured Implementation Specialist test is done through a reliable, agreeable client interface customized for ServiceNow tests. The Kryterion testing system is worldwide and all areas offer a secure, and comfortable testing atmosphere.

Exam Policy

Candidates who fail the exam will be allowed to re-take the exam, after paying a registration fee of $150. However, they may reappear for the exam for not more than three times.

Exam Result

A passed or failed status is immediately displayed on the testing screens of the candidates, after completing and submitting the exam. However, only the status is displayed, and not the insights into your performance.

Course Outline: ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

The course outline highlights the exam objectives and necessary skills that you require to crack the exam. It covers the descriptive details about the exam domains. This aims to assist candidates in exam preparation by pointing out particular content within each topic that might be tested.

  • User Interface & Navigation [20%]
  • Collaboration [20%]
  • Database Administration [30%]
  • Self-Service & Process Automation [20%]
  • Intro to Scripting & Application Tools [10%]

Now that we have all the exam details in hand, lets dive deeper into the preparatory resources

Preparatory Resources for ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator  exam format

How well you prepare relies heavily on the learning resources you use. With a vast array of options in the market, picking authentic resources can be challenging. Here are some highly recommended resources with quick links that you should check out.

Firstly, you should begin with the Official Exam Site and be familiar with the exam details. A detailed analysis will help you align more closely with the main goals of the exam. This way, you can acquire the necessary skills to earn the certification you’re aiming for.

Next you must refer the ServiceNow Learning Path which offers several training and courses to supplement your preparations. Further, you can go for Instructor Led Training Course. Participants will be introduced to advanced features like application development and scripting. The course includes instructor videos, hands-on activities, guided tours of the NOW platform, and strategic knowledge checks to ensure understanding. Additionally, joining the ServiceNow Community lets you connect with industry experts, making your preparations more dynamic.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator  online tutorial

Online Tutorials enhance your knowledge and provide in depth understanding about the exam concepts. Moreover, Study Guides  will be your support throughout your journey towards the exam. These resources will help you stay consistent and determined.

Experts Corner

Professional Certifications broaden your knowledge and validate your skills. They prove your commitment to your profession and open the path for various lucrative career offers. So to pass the exam you must be familiar with the exam format. Always remember, to begin your preparations early. Time is of utmost importance and devising a preparation strategy if therefore essential. No matter how you get ready for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam, doing a practice run or two can be surprisingly beneficial. Reviewing your answers helps pinpoint areas needing extra attention and shows how well you align with the exam objectives. Taking multiple tests is crucial for boosting your confidence. Lets Start Practising for the exam Now!

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator  free practice tests
Upgrade your expertise to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator. Start Preparing Now!