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The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam is a certification exam that tests the knowledge and skills of individuals who are responsible for configuring and managing ServiceNow instances. The exam is designed to validate an individual’s understanding of ServiceNow administration, including user interface (UI) configuration, data management, security, scripting, and reporting.

The test has 60 multiple-choice questions, and you need to finish them in 90 minutes. To pass, you must score at least 70%. You can take the test online or in a supervised exam center.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Glossary

Here are some terms that you may encounter while preparing for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam:

  • ServiceNow: A cloud-based platform that provides enterprise-level service management software.
  • Instance: A single deployment of ServiceNow that serves one or more customers.
  • User Interface (UI): The graphical user interface used to interact with ServiceNow, including forms, lists, and dashboards.
  • Configuration: The process of setting up and configuring ServiceNow to meet specific business requirements.
  • Data Management: The process of managing data within ServiceNow, including importing, exporting, and transforming data.
  • Security: The measures put in place to ensure that data within ServiceNow is secure and only accessible to authorized users.
  • Scripting: The process of creating custom scripts within ServiceNow to automate processes and workflows.
  • Reporting: The process of generating reports within ServiceNow to provide insights and analytics on various aspects of the system.
  • Table: A database table within ServiceNow that stores data related to specific entities, such as incidents or users.
  • Business Rule: A set of conditions and actions that are triggered when a specific event occurs within ServiceNow.
  • Workflow: A series of tasks that are automated and executed based on specific conditions and criteria.
  • Service Catalog: A self-service portal within ServiceNow that enables users to request and track services, such as IT support or facilities management.
  • Knowledge Management: The process of capturing and managing knowledge within ServiceNow, including articles, FAQs, and other resources.
  • Change Management: The process of managing changes within ServiceNow, including planning, approval, and execution of changes to the system.
  • Incident Management: The process of managing incidents within ServiceNow, including logging, prioritization, and resolution of incidents.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Guide

Here are some official resources to help you prepare for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam:

  • ServiceNow Training: ServiceNow offers a variety of training courses, including online, self-paced courses and instructor-led courses, to help you prepare for the exam. The courses cover topics such as user interface, data management, security, scripting, and reporting.
  • ServiceNow Community: The ServiceNow Community is a valuable resource for exam preparation, providing access to user groups, forums, and knowledge base articles related to ServiceNow administration.
  • ServiceNow Documentation: ServiceNow offers detailed documentation that explains everything about being a ServiceNow administrator. They keep this documentation up-to-date so it always shows the newest things and features in the platform.
  • ServiceNow Practice Exams: ServiceNow offers practice exams that mimic the format and style of the actual certification exam. These practice tests are a useful tool to check what you know and find out where you need to study more.
  • ServiceNow Certification Program: The ServiceNow Certification Program provides information about the various certification tracks available, including the Certified System Administrator certification. The program provides details on exam requirements, exam policies, and other information related to certification.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam:

  • Understand the exam format: The test includes 60 multiple-choice questions, and you have 90 minutes to finish them. To pass, you need to get at least 70% correct answers.
  • Use official resources: ServiceNow offers a variety of official resources, including training courses, documentation, practice exams, and the ServiceNow Community. Make sure to use these resources to prepare for the exam.
  • Focus on the exam objectives: The exam objectives give you a clear list of the things you need to learn for the test. It’s important to study each goal carefully and practice doing tasks in ServiceNow that are related to each goal.
  • Gain hands-on experience: Hands-on experience with ServiceNow is essential for passing the exam. Make sure to spend time practicing tasks related to ServiceNow administration, such as configuring user interfaces, managing data, and creating scripts.
  • Use flashcards: Flashcards help you memorize key concepts and terminology related to ServiceNow administration.
  • Take practice exams: Taking practice exams is an excellent way to gauge your readiness for the actual exam. Make sure to review each question carefully and understand why each answer is correct or incorrect.
  • Pace yourself: The exam must be completed within 90 minutes, so make sure to pace yourself and allocate your time effectively. Don’t get stuck on a single question for too long, and be sure to answer all the questions before time is up.

Study Guide: Certified System Administrator Exam

There are many resources to help you prepare. You need the correct information and tools to pass the exam. This Study Guide gives you a clear view of the best learning resources. Follow the steps to improve your knowledge and get closer to your certification.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Study Guide

Step 1- Refer the Exam Guide

In order to gain a systematic understanding of the exam, you should go through the Servicenow Certified System Administrator Blueprint that would assuredly provide a bird`s view on all related topics. The details of the exam structure, exam results, registration, retakes, and the scope of the syllabus are also given in detail. Understanding what the exam is all about is crucial to prepare well. To do this, go to the Official website and check out the exam guide. This will give you a better understanding of what the exam focuses on. By closely studying the exam blueprint, you can align yourself more effectively with the main objectives of the exam. This will help you gain the knowledge you need to earn your desired certification. Also, it’s important to become familiar with the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Syllabus. This exam covers the following areas:

Firstly, Domain 1- User Interface & Navigation [20%]-This exam covers the concepts of ServiceNow Overview, Lists and Filters, Forms and Templates and Branding.

Subsequently, Domain 2- Collaboration [20%]- This domain includes Task Management, Notifications and Reporting.

Also, Domain 3- Database Administration [30%]-This domain is much focused on Data Schema, CMDB, Application/Access Control and Import Sets.

Moreover, Domain 4- Self-Service & Process Automation [20%]-This domain includes Knowledge Management, Service Catalog and Flow Designer

Lastly, Domain 5- Introduction to Development [10%]- This domain includes Scripting, Migration and Integration as well as Development.

Step 2- Explore Learning Resources

Your Servicenow Certified System Administrator Exam Preparations depend a lot on your learning resources. With such a wide choice available in the market it often becomes difficult to choose the authentic resources. Here are some highly recommended resources you must refer in order to prepare for the exam.

Learning Path

ServiceNow regularly shares the latest updates and information about its certification exams on its Learning Platform. You can find all the exam-related information there. The ServiceNow Learning Path offers various training and courses for candidates preparing for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam. To start your ServiceNow journey, you can begin by learning the fundamental features of the NOW platform. Here’s the learning path:

  • To start with, the candidate has to go through ServiceNow Fundamentals Introduction Module
  • Secondly, Followed by Platform Overview Module
  • Thirdly, NOW Platform User Interface Overview Module
  • Subsequently, Branding Overview Module
  • Then, Lists and Filters Overview Module
  • Also, Forms Overview Module
  • Additionally, Task Management Overview Module
  • Moreover, Notifications Overview Module
  • Furthermore,Reporting Overview Module
  • Lastly, Knowledge Management Overview Module

These are then followed by 8 other modules dealing with Service Catalog, Flow Designer, Virtual Agent and others.

Certified System Administrator online tutorials

Servicenow Certified System Administrator Training

During this training course, participants will have an engaging and interactive experience. They will learn about the NOW Platform User Interface, gain essential knowledge about the database structure, understand important concepts related to commonly used applications, and be introduced to advanced features like application development and scripting.

This course includes videos with instructors, practical activities, guided tours of the NOW platform, and checkpoints to test your understanding of the content. It’s suitable for both experienced ServiceNow users and newcomers who want to learn about the platform’s basic features.

In this training course, you’ll also learn about a variety of things such as users, groups, and roles; how notifications and chat work; creating simple reports and the benefits of metrics and dashboards; filling up the database using import sets; using Flows and Workflows for automating processes; the various types of scripts used on the platform, and much more.

Join the ServiceNow Community

One great benefit of anything being online is the potential for more people to join in. When discussions happen offline, only a small group can participate. But when it’s online, it can involve a much larger audience. Having more people involved increases the chances of finding solutions to problems. Additionally, having multiple perspectives makes the discussions more lively and enriches the content. These online discussions make studies more thorough and inclusive.

Step 3- Self-evaluation Time with Practice Exam

No matter how you get ready for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam, doing a practice test or two can be really beneficial. Practicing with a test can add variety to your study plan and improve your chances of doing well on the real exam. When you review your answers, you can see which areas you need to focus on more, and it also shows you how well you match up with the exam goals. It’s important to try several ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Practice Tests to build your confidence. Lets Start Practising for the exam Now!

Certified System Administrator practice tests
Level up your expertise to become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator with hundreds of Practice Exams. Start Preparing Now!