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AWS Developer Associate Professional

Tell our Readers, Something About yourself:

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your Career”-   Carlton Fisk.

According to the quotation, I am a cheerful, self-driven, creative, and passionate person who patiently overcomes the challenges that my job path presents. I am enthusiastic about my work because I enjoy it. I’m continuously looking for methods to improve and reach the pinnacle of excellence. I thrive on difficulties and create objectives for myself to achieve on a regular basis. Challenges provide me with the incentive to achieve my goals.

I have over nineteen years of experience in the IT business, with competence in the cloud to cloud, virtual machine to cloud, and physical to cloud conversion. With different migration tools, we’ve moved over 800 servers to AWS and Azure. Having 5 AWS certifications, GCP professional certification, and Oracle Certified DBA certification. Have experience in DevOps, databases, and LAMP stack performance tuning. I get creative ideas on the spur of the moment.

In collaboration, I believe in mutual respect and cooperation. I am attentive and responsible for the tasks that have been allocated to me. I was born and raised in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. However, I adore spending my vacations in the mountains, listening to music, and taking long drives. I’m at ease with those who are plain-minded and down to earth.

How did you get into AWS? What interested you in learning AWS?

I’ve been using AWS since 2012. It’s been seven years. I make it a habit to set higher goals for myself. It is my most important motto. I began my career as a standard PC technician, working on servers, storage, printers, and displays. I studied databases and earned the Oracle DBA Professional certification. Then, I worked as a DBA on a project involving Indian railroads. I’ve always been one step ahead of the game from the beginning of my profession. I noticed in 2010-2011 that the market was rapidly migrating to the cloud, therefore I began working on AWS in 2012.

What do you comprehend by AWS?

It is Infrastructure as a service with a lot of feature/services to handle any type of workload better then any other cloud platform.

Clarify the principle components of AWS?

Principle components are Compute, Storage, Network and Database. Rest are support services.

How did you start your career as a fresher & What all you did to become a successful Professional ?

My success slogan is “be interested and study as much as you can.” I began my career as a Desktop Engineer, but as time went on, I was given opportunities to work on servers, storage, and printers. I learned how to fix displays, PCBs, and SMPS, among other things. I’m always happy to mention that I’ve had the opportunity to work on really ancient computers, such as i386, i486 machines, and dot matrix printers. In several businesses, I learned and worked on UNIX, LINUX, Windows, DOS, Novell Netware, AIX, and Solaris. I studied databases and became an Oracle DBA Professional. Curiosity drew me to the cloud-based approach to working. Beginning as a Desktop Engineer, I worked my way up to Senior Engineer, Team Leader, Group Leader, Solution Architect, Developer, Business Head, Technical Head, and Consultant. I am content since I am well-versed in a variety of technologies. “I’m developing with the IT industry trend from i386 to Cloud computing,” I like to remark.

How Valuable it is to get an AWS Developer Associate Certification?

It is dependent on a person’s long-term professional goals. I constantly tell my friends and coworkers that they should first figure out what they want to do with their lives and then pursue the appropriate certifications. I believe that the Developer Associate Certificate will assist one in working in the DevOps and development environments on AWS. Job opportunities on the L1 and L2 levels are plentiful in firms that practice DevOps or develop on the AWS platform.

What is your Advice  to the aspiring People who wants to build their career  as an AWS Developer Associate ?

My advice is to first figure out what you want to do with your life. If working in a DevOps or development atmosphere appeals to you, go for it. The first step toward DevOps is to become a Developer Associate. However, if you want a better career prospect with less competition, pursue an AWS DevOps professional credential after earning your Developer Associate Certificate.

Which topic did you find the most difficult in AWS Developer Associate Exam?

Actually, I haven’t find anything difficult. The reason is, having Developer background and AWS hands-on,  it is very easy to comprehend. If you are a fresher, you can take help from online courses.

How did you Clear AWS Developer Associate exam? Give some of the tips to the aspiring Candidates?

I prepared myself for 1 month with the help of Online course from My previous experience on AWS has also helped me a lot.

How did you decided to take AWS Developer Associate Certification ?

Self-inspiration to learn more has urged me to decided to have All-5 AWS certification. In 2018 I completed All-5 certification and working with AWS now.

How should a fresher decide on to which AWS Certification he/she should take ?

Take any paid online course and do practice on AWS services by creating a free-tier account. This will help the freshers to crack the exam easily.

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in AWS? Which are the AWS resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly? 

In my early days with AWS, the only way to learn about new capabilities was to go to the AWS website. The AWS support team also assisted us in learning new services. However, you can now find it on Google. AWS re: invent keynotes are the greatest and quickest way to learn about the newest trends in AWS. Keep following AWS YouTube channel, LinkedIn and “what’s new” section in AWS website to get new updates.

What is the 1 Success Mantra that you followed in your career?

“Be curious, learn as much you can &
Always raise the bar for yourself”

How to Pass AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam?