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PRINCE2 Practitioner is the world’s most practised project management methodology and a standard developed and used extensively by project managers around the world. Established and proven best practice in project management, PRINCE2 is a manageable method that guides you through the essentials for managing a successful project, regardless of type or scale. It can be tailored to meet an organization or industry-specific requirement. Also, attaining the Practitioner qualification is only one part of becoming a successful and effective project manager. However, it is necessary to ensure that you supplement this with real-life experience working on projects, in addition to investing in personal professional development and wider training.

This exam is definitely your move ahead as it offers various benefits and makes your resume shine. Benefits Of PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification:

  • Firstly, the qualification recognizes around the world
  • Secondly, improved alignment and communications
  • Then, a common consistent approach to project management
  • Also, Influence the organizational culture.

Target Audience: PRINCE2 Practitioner 

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is suitable for anyone managing projects. This could be a portion of a formal project management function or a role which includes project management as part of day-to-day work. The Practitioner certification tries to confirm that you have the sufficient knowledge and understanding to implement and tailor the method in a range of different project environments and scenarios. The target audeince for this exam is as follows-

  • To begin with, this certification is aimed at project managers, aspiring project managers and anyone who manages projects.
  • Further, Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners)
  • Also, Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers)
  • Moreover, Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts)
  • Additionally, Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel)

Learning Objectives of PRINCE2 Practitioner

Learning the objectives of the PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam are the most important steps in order to successfully pass the exam. The candidate should understand and learn them very well. So, the following are the objectives for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam:

  • Firstly, Apply the PRINCE2 principles in context
  • Then, Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINCE2 themes in context
  • Also, Apply (and tailor) relevant aspects of PRINCE2 processes in context 

Learning Path – PRINCE2 Practitioner 

The PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Scheme builds on PRINCE2 5th Edition but places a new emphasis on tailoring the method to the needs of organizations and project management environments. It comprises the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner qualifications as well as the PRINCE2 Agile certification scheme.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Learning Path

Study Guide for PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam needs complete learning, understanding and hard work. The right preparatory resources are the key to excel the exam. Lets discuss step by step and move forward to your journey of success with PRINCE2 Practitioner Study Guide

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Study Guide

Step 1- Visit the Official Page of PRINCE2 Practitioner

The first step in your preparation should be visiting the official website of the AXELOS and collecting the most reliable information. The official website offers each and every information such as exam guide, blueprint, whitepapers, case studies, policies, faqs etc. It is important to know about all the exam policies and course before commencing on with your preparations. Moreover, Familiarising with the exam course helps you excel the exam. This exam covers the following 3 domains-

Domain 1- Apply the PRINCE2 principles in context

Firstly, this domain covers the topics to analyse the application of PRINCE2 principles in context.

Domain 2- Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINCE2 themes in context

Further, this domain includes tiopics like apply the PRINCE2 requirements for the business case theme,  and apply the PRINCE2 requirements for the organization theme. It also includes apply the PRINCE2 requirements for the quality theme, plans theme, the risk theme, the change theme, and controlling progress.

Domain 3- Apply (and tailor) relevant aspects of PRINCE2 processes in context 

This domain focuses on the concepts like carry out the starting up a project process activities, directing a project process activities and the initiating a project process activities. It also includes the controlling a stage process activities, the managing product delivery process activities, managing a stage boundary process activities, and closing of a project process activities.

Step 2- Explore Learning Resources

There are a variety of learning Resources available in the market place to aid your preparation journey for the exam. But, you need to be wise enough to choose the ones that suit your preparation strategy. Also, remember to refer from the authentic sources only. Here are some recommended study resources you must explore while preparing-

PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Tutorials
AXELOS Whitepares and Blogs 

The AXELOS offers its official whitepapers, blogs, case studies, and webinars. These are the most important and reliable resources while preparing for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam. These resources will provide excellent knowledge and understanding of various topics related to the PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exam. Therefore, you should definitely refer them.

Discover Training Program 

AXELOS itself offers its official PRINCE2 Practitioner Training Manual on each and every exam. You can register yourself with AXELOS and can take advantage of the training program. The training programs will provide the understanding, knowledge and skills of the particular exam. Real life experience and hands on practice is essential for this exam, hence dive deep into training courses.

Grab Some Books 

The next step should be gathering some books. The candidate should go for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Books provide a complete understanding of the exam concepts. To make your work easy, we are recommending some books below which you can refer to:

  • Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2017th Edition by The Stationery Office 
  • PRINCE2 Study Guide: 2017 Update 2nd Edition by David Hinde
  • The PRINCE2 Practitioner: From Practitioner to Professional 3rd Edition, by Colin Bentley.

Step 3 – Self Evaluate with Practice Tests

PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Exams are the most valuable resource in the preparation guide. These practice tests will help you acknowledge your strengths and identify your weaker areas. Working on your loopholes will improve your preparations. Also, these practice tests offer a real time experience of the exam and time management skills. Moreover, attempting multiple tests will boost your confidence. They play a detrimental role in improving your accuracy which is very important for this exam. Let’s start practising to stay ahead of the competition.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Practice Tests
Advance your knowledge and upgrade your skills with PRINCE2 Practitioner. Start your Preparations Now!