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Certified Blockchain Expert CBE Exam

You cannot undermine the benefits of getting certified as a Blockchain Expert. A CBE exam certification in Blockchain technology will not only increase prospects of high paid jobs. But it will also affirm your expertise in producing, and designing Blockchain-based applications. However, you need to undergo strict training under the CBE exam, to get certified. Don’t worry, we’re happy to help you with your exam preparation. Stay here to know about the exam details, and guidelines to help you excel. We assure you that with us, your journey towards the Blockchain Expert certification will be worth it.

Why Become a Certified Blockchain Expert?

Before you get excited and commence your preparation. Let us first understand what the exam is all about, and also its benefits. The chief aim of the CBE examination is to screen candidates’ knowledge of the Blockchain technology, as well as bitcoin.

Below, we have showcased some benefits of taking the CBE certification exam.

  • Blockchain developers, after getting CBE certification, will attract higher-paying jobs. They will also get to enhance their proficiency with this course
  • The certification confirms your credibility in Blockchain development. This certification makes you a professional expert in Blockchain development
  • You will ace in handling the Blockchain market
  • CBE certification will affirm your expertise in cryptocurrency, blockchain programming, and JavaScript. This will not only serve as a testimonial to your skills. But will also help you become a master of the Blockchain Technology

Exam Details

Certified Blockchain Expert certification exam intends to impart a full-fledged knowledge about every dimension of the Blockchain Technology. So, this certification enables you to deploy the ethics of Blockchain technology to tackle real-world business problems. The CBE exam is primarily for blockchain, and IT professionals, business analysts, project managers, and also software developers. No doubt, if you wish to become a master in blockchain and cryptocurrency. A certification in CBE is a must-to-have.

Here, we have assembled all the details. You can have a quick view, to familiarize yourself with the CBE certification exam.

  • EXAM NAME – Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) Certification
  • EXAM PRICE – 129 $
  • PASSING SCORE – 60 marks or Above
  • RE-ATTEMPTS – 3 Attempts

NOTE- The certification is valid for a lifetime. So there is no need of getting yourself re-certified. Moreover, you also get access to the course material of Blockchain council, for a lifetime.

Exam Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to appear for the CBE certification exam. No experience is required as such. But fundamental knowledge of the blockchain technology will serve as an advantage in your prep journey. You are also anticipated to have the given skills –

  • Fundamental computer science knowledge
  • Basic know-how of the Blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency

Course Outline – CBE Exam

We suppose that now you have got yourself familiar with the CBE exam pattern, and basic requirements. So, it’s now time to get a deeper insight into the exam objective, and the domains it covers. Certainly, if you want to excel in the Certified Blockchain Expert CBE exam, you first need to get familiar with the exam objectives.

The Certified Blockchain Expert CBE exam covers several aspects of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is pretty evident from the domains covered by the CBE exam. Saying so, let us know have a look at the exam domains.

Blockchain Basics
  • Basic understanding of Blockchain, and also the importance of Blockchain
  • Points of difference between Blockchain, and Traditional technologies
  • Benefits of Blockchain technology. Also an understanding of the different Blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Relation between Bitcoin, and Blockchain
Blockchain Intermediate
  • The difference between private, and public blockchain. Also, their advantages, and use
  • Knowledge of P2P Network
  • Details about blocks, transactions, private key, and also addresses
  • Understanding of the execution, and distribution of simple transactions
  • Knowledge of consensus to resolve conflicts
  • Understanding when to use blockchain
  • Introduction to Blockchain mining. Also, types of blockchain mining, and definition of miners
  • Comparison between Proof of work, stake, importance, and also delegated POS
  • The Security offered by Blockchain. Consequently, understanding how blockchain can be hacked
Blockchain Advanced
  • Setting up a private blockchain. Also, building a private blockchain solution
  • Working with the Blockchain architecture
  • Introduction to Smart Contracts, and their working
Blockchain Used Case
  • Supply chain
  • Healthcare record keeping
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Land Ownership
  • Finance Industry

Preparation Guide for Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE)

Now that you have the objectives, and domains of the Certified Blockchain Expert exam. You must now begin to strategize how you will be preparing yourself. In addition to this, you should keep yourself attentive, and must dedicate yourself to excel in the CBE certification exam. Here, comes the decision-making time. Out of the several study resources available, you must choose the one which you find suitable. Some prefer to study by themselves. While others find enrolling for online courses, and getting trained, a better option. We have provided you below, an elaborate roadmap, to help you crack the exam. You must choose what’s best for you. The choice is yours. So head-on.

Instructor-led Training

So to start with, the Blockchain Council offers instructor-led training for candidates appearing for its certification exam. This is a 6-hour training program, aimed at strengthening the conceptual, and practical knowledge of the candidates, and professionals. Here, you get the advantage of scheduling your training sessions, at your convenience. Apart from this, after completing your course, you will receive lifetime access to it. The course material is certified by the Blockchain Council. Moreover, professional instructors will train you with the blockchain, and cryptocurrency concepts.

After the completion of the training, you will gain command on –

  • Blockchain skills, and understanding
  • Understanding of Blockchain, and also implementing your skills in Blockchain applications
  • Designing private Blockchain enterprise

NOTE – The Blockchain Council also provide newsletters which are updated with the evolving blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology.

Join Online Blockchain Forum

You see, a healthy discussion always proves to be beneficial. Same is the case with the online discussion forums. This will not only help you to discuss your doubts. But will also give you insights of how your competitors are preparing. Offline discussions are restricted to only a small group of people. Whereas online platforms have a wider reach. This increases the prospects of getting resolutions to your problems, owing to the number of people involved. Also, multiple viewpoints make the stuff more dynamic, making studies more comprehensive.

Practice Tests

Even though your mistakes are inevitable, but you can certainly limit them. So, solving practice papers will help in limiting these mistakes. This is because the mistakes made in practice papers can be easily avoided in the exam. Training the brain is substantial. Practice papers stimulate your brain to make it familiar with the actual exam environment. Also, after solving enough practice tests, you will know exactly how much time and effort you need to invest in different domains of the exam. This way, you will train your mind. As a result, you will be at your highest potential during the exam. SO SOLVE CBE PRACTICE TESTS HERE

Expert’s Corner

In addition to your professional skills, a certification as Blockchain Expert will be beneficial in leading you to greater heights. The CBE will affirm your understanding, and expertise in the field of Blockchain Technology, and also cryptocurrency. This will not only serve as a testimonial that you possess the required proficiency for the job. But will also showcase your commitment to your career. Hard training and certification can beautifully influence your professional capabilities. So go, give your career, a kick start.

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Talent can only be judged if it translates well in performances. So start your preparation, and get certified as a Blockchain Expert