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It is time to grab your pen and notebook as we are going to discuss the C_TS4FI_1809 – SAP Certified Application Associate exam. The C_TS4FI_1809 – SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1809) certification exam validates that the candidate holds significant knowledge and proven skills in the field of SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounting. Further, it examines that the candidate has a great overall knowledge within this consultant profile and can fulfil this knowledge effectively in projects under the supervision of an expert consultant. 

The C_TS4FI_1809 exam is valued as an entry-level qualification to enable consultants to get familiarized with Financial Accounting projects. In addition, this certificate is the perfect starting point for professional work as a Financial Accounting consultant on SAP S/4HANA. Embarking on a professional career as a Financial Accounting consultant on SAP S/4HANA often begins with this certification exam. Before diving into our preparation, let’s gather more information about the exam.

Knowledge required for the exam

To excel in the C_TS4FI_1809 Certification, having an entry-level qualification is advised. This helps consultants become acquainted with Financial Accounting projects.

Course Outline- C_TS4FI_1809

As we have a fair knowledge about the C_TS4FI_1809 exam and its details lets go over to understanding the course outline and objectives of the exam. The most essential move while equipping for such an exam is to conjecture its objectives. As the question will be based on the questions linked to these objectives only. So, let’s begin understanding the core outline of C_TS4FI_1809 Syllabus.

Financial Closing
  • Performing month and year-end closing in Financial Accounting (exchange rate valuation, post provisions, etc.), creating a balance sheet, generating profit and loss statements, monitoring closing operations utilizing the Financial Closing Cockpit, posting accruals with accrual documents and recurring entry documents, and managing to post periods, 
General Ledger Accounting
  • Creating and maintaining general ledger accounts, bank master data, exchange rates, and define house banks. Also, creating and reversing usual ledger transfer postings, creating profit centers, and segments, post-cross-company code transactions. Further, clearing an account and defining and using a chart of accounts. In addition, tax codes, maintaining tolerances, and posting documents with document splitting.
Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Planning, building, and maintaining business partners, post invoices and payments and reversing invoices and payments, using special g/l transactions,  configuring the payment program, blocking open invoices for payment, and managing partial payments. Also, defining the customizing frames for the Payment Medium Workbench, defining terms of payment and payment types, using the debit balance check for managing payments, explaining the relationship of customers to vendors, describing integration with obtainment and sales.
Asset Accounting
  • Creating and maintaining charts of depreciation and the depreciation areas, asset classes, asset master data, and configuring and performing FI-AA business processes in the SAP system. Also, setting up valuation and depreciation, performing periodic and year-end closing processes, and explaining and configuring parallel accounting.
SAP Financials Cross Topics
  • Managing Organizational Units, currencies, configuring Validations and Document Types, utilizing Reporting Tools, configuring Substitutions, and managing Number ranges.

Explaining the SAP HANA Architecture and describing the SAP S/4HANA scope and deployment options.

Exam Details

After Successfully understanding all the objectives for the  C_TS4FI_1809 exam, it is time for you to go ahead and get knowledge about the basic exam details. This is an important part of the exam. Going through them once will allow you to get the format and many common details of the examination.

  • The  C_TS4FI_1809 exam is an associate-level exam that contains 80 questions that have to be solved in 180 minutes.
  • Further, the C_TS4FI_1809 Exam Questions are available in German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese languages.
  • Also, you have to obtain at least 64% marks in order to get the SAP C_TS4FI_1809 exam.

Now that we have got details for the exam lets dive deeper into understanding the s

C_TS4FI_1809 Study Guide

Now let us start the discussion for ideal preparation for the C_TS4FI_1809 – SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1809) exam, the following details are some of the critical steps that you should study for producing an ideal plan for your C_TS4FI_1809 preparation.

C_TS4FI_1809 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1809) study guide

Visit the Official SAP website

To enhance your preparation, stay current with all exam information. Certification exams continually evolve with new technologies emerging daily. Therefore, your initial step should involve visiting the official SAP website to ensure alignment. If there are gaps, make certain you are well-informed about all the latest exam information available.

Download the Exam Outline

First of all, it is obvious to download the exam Outline. Make sure you don’t skip this part. As mentioned before, the Exam Outline holds the utmost significance in any certification exam. It can be easily found on the official website. Additionally, check for any crucial notices to stay informed about any recent changes. Take a brief look at the objectives:

  • Firstly, financial closing
  • Secondly, the general ledger accounting
  • Also, accounts payable & accounts receivable
  • Then, asset accounting
  • Further, the SAP financials cross topics
  • Moreover, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, & SAP Fiori

SAP E-academy

If virtual classroom training doesn’t work for you, you may go E-learning. Interactive e-learning courses are also important because they complement classroom training. To begin with this, you can join the SAP E-academy. Here you can scroll through so much training about specific solution areas. Furthermore, this will assist you in getting ready for the SAP certification exam. These self-paced courses are easily accessible, providing you with a duration of 1 to 5 months of access.

SAP Instructor-led Training Courses

The candidate can also opt for the SAP training programs. The SAP offers training programs on every exam. The Instructor-led training programs for a particular exam contain all information on the exam such as description, intended audience, delivery method, duration, etc. The candidate should join a training program to gain knowledge and skills for C_TS4FI_1809 – SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1809) exam. With the training courses with SAP, the candidate will receive in-person instruction from SAP experts in one of their state-of-the-art training facilities. This is a fully hands-on learning experience with a subject matter expert to guide the candidates through each exercise and answer all their questions. You can opt for the following training programs.

Self-paced Training

SAP provides self-paced training that offers candidates a wide range of learning styles and subject-matter requirements. This training helps project team members, support professionals, end-users, and power users to meet their needs that are accessible from anywhere. 

Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA – Academy Part II

Financial Closing in SAP S/4HANA

Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA

Basics of Customizing for Financial Accounting: GL, AP, AR in SAP S/4HANA

S4F13 Additional Financial Accounting Configuration in SAP S/4HANA

SAP Learning Hub

SAP gives candidates access to learning hubs to help them in building and maintaining their skills with self-paced digital learning content that includes e-books, expert-led social learning forums, access to preconfigured training systems for real-world practice.

Join a Study Group 

Participating in a group study can prove advantageous for the candidate. It offers a culture of diligence and allows them to connect with others following a similar path. Engaging in discussions within these study groups can also be beneficial for students in their exams.

Practice Test 

Practice tests serve as a way to validate a candidate’s preparation. The C_TS4FI_1809 Practice Test assists candidates in identifying their weaker areas, allowing them to focus on improvement. With various practice tests available online, candidates have the flexibility to choose the one that suits them. Additionally, SAP provides its own practice test. Start preparing for C_TS4FI_1809 – SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1809) now!

A great career is just a certification away. So, practice and validate your skills to become a Certified Financial Accounting consultant on SAP S/4HANA!