How hard is the CIS-Event Management Exam?

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How hard is the CIS-Event Management Exam?

The event industry is always changing. New and improved processes, software, and technology necessitate ongoing monitoring and skill enhancement. As a result, in order to demonstrate your abilities and validate your experience, you must pass the CIS-Event Management exam. This exam will assess your skill level by evaluating your performance on the CIS-Event Management certification exam.

This isn’t the kind of test that most of us can walk into and expect to pass. Many people believe that industry exams are merely a formality. However, in order to pass and excel in the exam, you must prepare and be determined. The key is consistency, as practice makes perfect. Let us now look at some of the basic exam details for better preparation strategy.

What is Certified Implementation Specialist CIS-Event Management Certification?

The CIS Event Management Certification exam provided by ServiceNow is a top-tier certification exam. It was created solely by Servicenow advanced-level certification experts. It also covers all aspects of event management in its course and offers a comprehensive syllabus. The exam validates that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the configuration, administration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform’s Event Management application.

This Event Management exam is available to ServiceNow employees, partners, customers, and others interested in a career in event management. This course is primarily intended for –

  • First and foremost, ServiceNow Developers
  • Second, a ServiceNow ITOM expert
  • In addition, ServiceNow Administrator

Exam Prerequisites

The exam necessitates the completion of the following training courses:

  • First and foremost, Event Management Fundamentals-
  • Then there’s Operational Intelligence (self-paced eLearning)

After completing the aforementioned training courses, you will be given a voucher code to use to register for the CIS- Event Management exam.

Exam Details of CIS-Event Management Exam

Exam NameCIS- Event Management
No. Of Questions30 Questions
Duration Of Exam90 Minutes
Type Of QuestionsMultiple ChoiceTrue/FalseMulti Selection

CIS-Event Management Updated Course Outline

The Course Outline is the most important part of your preparations as all CIS Event Management Questions originate from it. The Course Outline has been Updated for Tokyo Release, October 2022. Following domains are covered in this exam:

CIS-Event Management Course Outline
Topic 1: Event Management Overview

• IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution (ServiceNow Documentation: IT Operations Management)
• Define customer challenges (ServiceNow Documentation: Customer Service Management)
• Event Management key features and capabilities (ServiceNow Documentation: Event Management)
• Graphical user interfaces (operator workspace, an alert intelligence, dependency maps) (ServiceNow Documentation: Workspace, Now Platform user interface, Alert intelligence, Dependency Views map)
• Common Service Data Model (business, application, and technical services) (ServiceNow Documentation: Common Service Data Model)

Topic 2: Architecture and Discovery

• Discovery and MID server architecture (ServiceNow Documentation: Introducing the MID Server, Discovery)
• Event Management architecture and CMDB (ServiceNow Documentation: Configuration Management and the CMDB)
• The monitoring process (ServiceNow Documentation: Monitor service health)
• Install a MID server (ServiceNow Documentation: MID Server installation)

Topic 3: Event Configuration and Use

• Event setup (event processing, event rules, event filter, event thresholds, operator workspace) (ServiceNow Documentation: Event rules, Filter the events that an event rule applies to, Operator Workspace service monitor)
• Event Management process flow (event table, message key, event processing jobs, event field mapping, CI binding, best practices) (ServiceNow Documentation: Event process flow, Event Management configuration preferences)
• Connectors (preconfigured, customized) (ServiceNow Documentation: Create a custom pull connector)
• Scripting (Regex, JavaScript, PowerShell) (ServiceNow Documentation: Using regular expressions in scripts, Create a PowerShell activity)

Topic 4: Alerts and Tasks

• Alert defined (alert record attributes, scheduled jobs) (ServiceNow Documentation: View alert information, Manage alerts)
• Alerts process flow (alert management rules, CI binding, priority scores, priority groups, incidents, best practices) (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert management rules for resolving alerts, Alert binding to CIs with event rules, Alert priority, Priority group)
• Alert grouping (correlation rules, alert aggregation) (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert correlation rules, Alert aggregation)
• Alert Intelligence (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert intelligence)
• Alert impact profile (impact tree, impact rules, cluster example, SLAs) (ServiceNow Documentation: View the impact tree, Alert impact calculation)

Topic 5: Event Sources

• Identify event sources (ServiceNow Documentation: View events)
• Push vs. pull methods (ServiceNow Documentation: Pulls and pushes)
• Use inbound actions
• Configure a monitoring connector (ServiceNow Documentation: Connectors and listeners)

Let us now move on to the main point of this article!

How to prepare for the CIS-Event Management Exam?

All preparations must include CIS Event Management Practice Tests. They serve as a check on your preparations and also assist you in identifying your weak points. They assist you in passing the ServiceNow CIS-Event Management exam and learning more about the real exam scenario. As a result, try taking as many practice tests as you can and passing with flying colors. Let us also look at some additional resources that can help you pass the exam –

Training Courses

There are numerous courses and programs available to assist you in passing the exam. A good training course will undoubtedly structure the learning material and condense it into manageable lessons that are easier to process. After reviewing the training course on these points, select it.

Practice Tests

All preparations must include the CIS Event Management Practice Test. They serve as a check on your preparations and also assist you in identifying your weak points. They assist you in passing the ServiceNow CIS-Event Management exam and learning more about the real exam scenario. As a result, try taking as many practice tests as you can and passing with flying colors. We at Testprep Training offer a comprehensive set of free practice tests to assist you in assessing your preparations. You can also refer to our Paid test exam modules for a better understanding of the exam.

Online Community

A study group can be an important part of your preparation strategy. You can learn from the mistakes of others. You will also be able to interact with other candidates taking the same exam. It also aids in the resolution of any doubts that may arise during your preparations.

Expert Corner

Exam day can be extremely stressful. It will cause you to feel nervous. However, try to remain calm because an anxious mind can interfere with your exam. Believe in your preparations and in your instincts. Some pointers for exam day-

  • First and foremost, arrive rested. There’s no need to throw fatigue into the mix. The questions are difficult enough.
  • Then, at first, answer everything you know for certain. Don’t waste time at the outset on questions you’re unsure about.
  • Next, use the method of elimination among the options to make an educated guess with a higher chance of being correct.
  • As a result, focus on your exam and avoid distractions because you only have 90 minutes to complete it.