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When looking for a job in a competitive job market, you need to have CIS-Event Management certification to secure your future. The event industry is constantly evolving. New and improved processes, software and technology require constant monitoring and upgrading of your skills. So, are you looking for a quick recap for the exam? Then, get ready for a quick step by step revision as we present to you our iltimate Cheat Sheet! This cheat sheet will provide a quick summary of all the essential resources to crack the exam. Moreover, it will set you on the right track to ace this exam. But before everything else, let’s have a quick overview of the exam details.

What is CIS-Event Management Certification?

The CIS Event Management Certification exam offered by service now is a top-class certification exam of ServiceNow. It is designed exclusively by Servicenow advance level certification experts.  Also, it covers all aspects of event management in its course and provides a holistic syllabus.

This exam verifies that you possess the skills and crucial knowledge to play a role in configuring, managing, implementing, and maintaining the Event Management application on the ServiceNow platform.

Target Audience

This Event Management exam is available to ServiceNow employees, partners, customers, and others who are enthusiastic about a career in the event management industry.  This CIS Event Management Servicenow exam is mainly targeted by –

  • Firstly, Service Now Developers
  • Secondly, ServiceNow ITOM specialist
  • Also, ServiceNow Administrator

Prerequisites for the CIS-Event Management exam

The exam requires the following prerequisite training courses-

  1. Firstly, Event Management Fundamentals-
  2. Then, Operational Intelligence (self-paced eLearning)

After finishing the mentioned training courses, you’ll receive a voucher code to enroll in the CIS-Event Management exam.

Cheat Sheet fot CIS-Event Management

This special guide will help you understand the CIS- Event Management test better. So, be sure to grasp and use all the materials when studying for the exam.

CIS-Event Management cheat sheet

Deeply Analyse the Exam Objectives

Firstly, you should make sure that you are up to date with the Course Outline. Since the Course Outline is the most important aspect of the test, it serves as the syllabus and blueprint for the CIS Event Management exam. All the questions for the exam come from this list of topics. Thus, it’s essential to thoroughly analyze the exam objectives and align your study plan accordingly. The exam covers the following domains:

The Course Outline is the most important part of your preparations as all CIS Event Management Questions originate from it. The Course Outline has been Updated for Tokyo Release, October 2022. Following domains are covered in this exam:

CIS-Event Management Course Outline
Topic 1: Event Management Overview

• IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution (ServiceNow Documentation: IT Operations Management)
• Define customer challenges (ServiceNow Documentation: Customer Service Management)
• Event Management key features and capabilities (ServiceNow Documentation: Event Management)
• Graphical user interfaces (operator workspace, an alert intelligence, dependency maps) (ServiceNow Documentation: Workspace, Now Platform user interface, Alert intelligence, Dependency Views map)
• Common Service Data Model (business, application, and technical services) (ServiceNow Documentation: Common Service Data Model)

Topic 2: Architecture and Discovery

• Discovery and MID server architecture (ServiceNow Documentation: Introducing the MID Server, Discovery)
• Event Management architecture and CMDB (ServiceNow Documentation: Configuration Management and the CMDB)
• The monitoring process (ServiceNow Documentation: Monitor service health)
• Install a MID server (ServiceNow Documentation: MID Server installation)

Topic 3: Event Configuration and Use

• Event setup (event processing, event rules, event filter, event thresholds, operator workspace) (ServiceNow Documentation: Event rules, Filter the events that an event rule applies to, Operator Workspace service monitor)
• Event Management process flow (event table, message key, event processing jobs, event field mapping, CI binding, best practices) (ServiceNow Documentation: Event process flow, Event Management configuration preferences)
• Connectors (preconfigured, customized) (ServiceNow Documentation: Create a custom pull connector)
• Scripting (Regex, JavaScript, PowerShell) (ServiceNow Documentation: Using regular expressions in scripts, Create a PowerShell activity)

Topic 4: Alerts and Tasks

• Alert defined (alert record attributes, scheduled jobs) (ServiceNow Documentation: View alert information, Manage alerts)
• Alerts process flow (alert management rules, CI binding, priority scores, priority groups, incidents, best practices) (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert management rules for resolving alerts, Alert binding to CIs with event rules, Alert priority, Priority group)
• Alert grouping (correlation rules, alert aggregation) (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert correlation rules, Alert aggregation)
• Alert Intelligence (ServiceNow Documentation: Alert intelligence)
• Alert impact profile (impact tree, impact rules, cluster example, SLAs) (ServiceNow Documentation: View the impact tree, Alert impact calculation)

Topic 5: Event Sources

• Identify event sources (ServiceNow Documentation: View events)
• Push vs. pull methods (ServiceNow Documentation: Pulls and pushes)
• Use inbound actions
• Configure a monitoring connector (ServiceNow Documentation: Connectors and listeners)

Explore your Learning Resources

It’s crucial to emphasize that the key to understanding each domain thoroughly lies in finding the appropriate learning materials. We will guide you on where to access all the necessary resources for your CIS Event Management Exam Preparation. This not only builds a solid foundation for your qualification but also boosts your confidence among your peers.

Learning Path

In the Learning Platform ServiceNow publish every minute update and details related to CIS-Event Management. Moreover, you can get all exam related details. The ServiceNow Learning Path provides you several training courses for your references.

Join the ServiceNow Community

A study group can be a critical part of your preparation plan. You get to learn from the experience of others. Also you get to join other candidates appearing for the same exam. It also helps you clear your doubts that may arise during your preparations. Therefore you must join the ServiceNow Community

Learn with Books

Books have been an age old tradition and essential ingredient when it comes to preparing for any exam. They provide deep understanding of the exam concepts. Also books offer real life scenarios that help you revise for a practical exam. Here are some highly suggested books that you should check out:

  • Firstly, Event Management by Nirali Prakashan
  • Secondly, Events Management: An Integrated and Practical Approach by  Razaq Raj, Paul Walters, Tahir Rashid
  • Thirdly, Events Management: An Introduction by Charles Bladen, James Kennell, Emma Abson, Nick Wilde 

Instructor Led Training

ServiceNow provides training led by instructors, facilitated by subject matter experts, for individuals preparing to take the CIS-Event Management certification exam. The course is designed to specifically empower candidates to apply their Event Management skills.

  • Firstly, Implementer Learning Path
  • Secondly, Certified System Administrator
  • Thirdly, Operational Intelligence(Self-Paced eLearning)

Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials enhance your knowledge and provide in depth understanding about the exam concepts. Additionally, they also covers exam details and policies. Therefore learning with Online Tutorials will result in strengthening your preparation.

CIS-Event Management online tutorials

Evaluate yourself with Practice Tests

Taking CIS Event Management Practice Tests is the most effective and useful method to assess your preparation level. They assist in pinpointing areas where you may be less prepared and minimize the likelihood of errors in the future. Practicing in this manner helps you identify any gaps in your knowledge and reduces the possibility of errors during the actual exam. Therefore, increase your confidence by attempting as many practice tests as possible before the final day. Start Practising Now!

CIS-Event Management free practice tests
Upgrade your knowledge and enhance your skills. Become a Certified Implementation Specialist now!