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Passing the SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam is important for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in SAP HANA and NetWeaver system administration. It is also a requirement for obtaining SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP HANA) with SAP NetWeaver 7.5 certification. This certification is highly valued in the industry and can open up many career opportunities for the certified individual, including roles such as SAP HANA system administrator, SAP NetWeaver system administrator, and SAP Basis consultant.

In addition to career benefits, passing the SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam can also provide personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It demonstrates that the individual has a deep understanding of SAP HANA and NetWeaver system administration and can be trusted to manage complex SAP systems effectively.

SAP C_TADM55A_75 Exam Overview

The “SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP HANA) with SAP NetWeaver 7.5- C_TADM55A_75” exam is a certification exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills in the area of SAP HANA administration and SAP NetWeaver system administration. The exam encompasses various subjects, such as SAP HANA installation and upgrade, system architecture, backup and recovery, security and authorization, and system monitoring and troubleshooting.

Exam Format:

The SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam is a multiple-choice test with 80 questions. You have 180 minutes, or 3 hours, to complete it. The questions cover different exam topics, and each question has only one correct answer.

To succeed in the SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam, candidates need to attain a minimum score of 60%. This implies correctly answering at least 48 out of the 80 questions. The passing score is established through a statistical analysis of exam results and may vary between different exam sessions.

Candidates have the option to take the SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam either in-person at an authorized testing center or online through remote proctoring. The exam is offered in various languages, such as English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

SAP C_TADM55A_75 digital badge

Sap Digital Badge

A digital badge serves as a symbol of a certain accomplishment, association, authorization, certification, or other relationship of trust. Moreover, a digital SAP Global Certification badge provides a visible indication and assurance of your SAP Global Certification. It gives you recognition and improves the quality of your CV. Upon exam success, Acclaim will award you with the following digital badge:

Cheat Sheet | SAP C_TADM55A_75

SAP C_TADM55A_75 cheat sheet

Revising for an exam demands lots of hard work and consistency.  It is the key to your lucrative career and opens various opportunities for you. Success in obtaining SAP Certification cannot be done overnight since it requires time, effort, passion, dedication, and an open mind. Our Cheat Sheet will escort you at all times during the journey. Follow it to crack the exam in the very first attempt.

Review the Exam Objectives

Firstly, the official site for the exam provides information on various technicalities and other aspects of the exam. It is the most authentic source of information and updates. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the course is an important step for your preparations. Remember to have complete clarity about the exam course and concepts. The SAp C_TADM55A_75 syllabus covers the following domains:

Database Administration > 12%
Installation and Patching SAP Systems> 12%
  • Describe the installation procedure of an SAP ECC (AS ABAP), SAP Enterprise Portal (AS Java), SAP Solution Manager, AS ABAP Post-Installation Activities as well as all required patches. (SAP Reference: Installing the Current SAP Bundle Patch)
SAP Fiori (Fundamentals and Administration) > 12%
  • Configure SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA (SAP Reference: C_TADM55a_75 )
Transport Management > 12%
  • Describe the methodology, concepts, and use of the tools in SAP software logistics.(SAP Reference: Software Logistics Tools)
System Administration AS ABAP > 12%
SAP System concepts < 8%
  • Describe SAP products, architecture and technologies
System Administration AS Java < 8%
Browser-based UI (Administrative Tasks) < 8%
User Administration (AS ABAP and/or AS Java) < 8%

Know your Study Resources

Choosing the right resources with reliable content is very important. As a matter of fact, there are various resources to choose from. Here we highlight some of the most essential resources you must include for having better SAP C_TADM55A_75 Exam Preparation.

Start preparing using the SAP C_TADM55A_75 Study Guide!
SAP Learning Hub

SAP also provides you with cloud-based access to a comprehensive SAP skill-building knowledge base through its SAP Learning Hub. This is inclusive of the following –

  • To begin with, Self-paced digital learning content – learning journeys, e-books
  • Then, Expert-led social learning forums
  • Also, Preconfigured training systems for real-world practice

You will get access to a learner community, self-paced online courses with live sessions conducted by experts, and cooperative social learning spaces. Also, doing this will improve your SAP knowledge and enable you to network with SAP professionals. It gives you access to SAP Live, which enables you to experience using the system firsthand.

Understand the important exam terms

Here are some of the important concepts, terminologies, and processes covered in the SAP C_TADM55A_75 exam:

  • SAP HANA: SAP HANA is a database platform that stores and manages large volumes of data in real-time using in-memory technology. Its primary purpose is to facilitate vital business functions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).
  • SAP NetWeaver: SAP NetWeaver is an application and integration platform that enables businesses to integrate their software systems and applications. It offers various services, such as developing portals, business intelligence, and functioning as an application server.
  • SAP System Landscape: The SAP system landscape consists of various system types, such as development, quality assurance, and production. These systems are used to manage different stages of software development, testing, and deployment.
  • SAP Transport Management System (TMS): The SAP TMS is used to manage the movement of software changes across different SAP system landscapes. It ensures that changes are made in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • SAP Authorizations: SAP authorizations are used to control access to SAP systems and data. Their purpose is to guarantee that users can only access the data and functions necessary for their job responsibilities.
  • SAP Backup and Recovery: SAP backup and recovery are employed to regularly back up data and restore it if there’s a system failure or data loss. This process is crucial for sustaining system availability and data integrity.
  • SAP System Monitoring: SAP system monitoring is used to monitor system performance and identify issues that could impact system availability or performance. It includes monitoring system resources such as CPU, memory, and disk usage.
  • SAP System Maintenance: SAP system maintenance involves activities such as applying patches, upgrading software, and tuning system performance. It is important to ensure that SAP systems are up-to-date and perform optimally.
  • SAP Change Management: SAP change management is used to manage software changes across different stages of the software development lifecycle. It ensures that changes are made in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • SAP System Troubleshooting: SAP system troubleshooting is used to diagnose and resolve issues that impact system availability or performance. It involves identifying the root cause of the issue and applying appropriate fixes or workarounds.
Go for Online Training Course

You can encounter the principles in the actual world with the aid of a training program. There are several options for these programs. From the wide range of choices, pick the one that best fits your needs. For this test, you can also enroll in the SAP Training Program. The SAP C TADM55A 75 training offers top-notch instruction and hands-on experience, which is the ideal way to be ready for the C TaDM55a 75 – SAP Certified Technical Associate exam. SAP offers the following training and online classes for preparation of the exam.

Online Tutorials and Study Guide

The best way to enhance your knowledge is by referring to Online SAP C_TADM55A_75 Tutorials. These Tutorials provide a depth understanding of the exam and its concepts. Also, Keeping a guide ensures that you are on a right track throughout the journey of learning. Therefore C_TADM55A_75 Study Guides are all you need to excel in the exam.

Manage your time wisely

Allocate sufficient time for each exam topic and subtopic. Create a study schedule that fits your personal schedule and stick to it. Avoid last-minute cramming as it can cause unnecessary stress and reduce your retention of the material.

Take notes

While studying, take concise notes on important concepts, terminologies, and processes. This will help you review the material more efficiently and retain the information better.

SAP C_TADM55A_75 online tutorial
Take breaks

Incorporating breaks into your study routine keeps you focused and prevents burnout. Use short breaks to take walks, exercise, or engage in activities you enjoy to rejuvenate your mind.

Attempt Practice Tests

Examining your study materials is a crucial phase of getting ready for the test. You may get hands-on practice for the exam by using SAP C TADM55A 75 practice tests. This timed assessments aid in identifying your areas of weakness. Also, they assist you enhance your domains by allowing you to assess your own preparations. Take several exams to increase your confidence..  Start using SAP C_TADM55A_75 Practice Test Now!

SAP C_TADM55A_75 free practice tests
Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by qualifying the C_TADM55A_75 SAP technology Associate Exam. Start your preparations Now!