What jobs can I get with an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

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What jobs can I get with an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

If you want to carve a successful career in IT or advance your current IT career, now is the time to gain cloud architecture expertise through AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification and become an invaluable asset for companies looking to build, migrate, and operate in the cloud.

AWS currently holds a 32 per cent market share among the major cloud services. Some of the world’s most powerful brands, including Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and the BBC, rely on it to power their most important projects. As a result, having an AWS certification on your resume can help you get a step closer to landing a dream job in the best companies.

Here, we’ll discuss the jobs you can get with an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification!

Let us begin by knowing some important details about the certification.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is appropriate for candidates who have demonstrated core competency and skills in demonstrating an overall understanding of AWS Cloud concepts and features. The certification is available regardless of specific technical roles.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam verifies a candidate’s ability to –

  • Recognize the worth of the AWS Cloud.
  • Describe the shared responsibility model used by AWS.
  • Discover the best practises for AWS Cloud security.
  • Pay attention to AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practises.
  • Understand and deploy AWS’s core services, such as compute, network, databases, and storage.
  • Recognize AWS services that are commonly used.
Who should take AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam is designed for professionals who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the AWS platform, including available services and their common use cases, AWS Cloud architectural principles (at the conceptual level), account security, and compliance. You will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of AWS Cloud economics, including costs, billing, and analysis, as well as the AWS Cloud value proposition.

For more details about the exam, please visit the online tutorials for CLF-C01.

Is it really a valuable credential?

Even if you work in a technical role that requires you to use other cloud platforms such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, learning AWS could expand your job opportunities. And this is the best certification for the job. Second, an AWS cloud practitioner certificate expands your knowledge of not only AWS-specific products but also cloud computing and the cloud market as a whole.

In fact, this certification is designed to help even non-technologists gain a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts, making it an excellent starting point for newcomers. Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner comes with some hefty monetary and perks benefits. It not only positions you for a lucrative role in cloud-adopting organizations, but it also opens the door to more challenging technical roles with higher pay packages.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner salary is one of the top ten best-paid IT certifications in the United States, according to Global Knowledge’s 2020 Top-Paying IT Certifications report, where the average base AWS cloud architect salary (as of January 2021) is $1,48,623.

Let us now move to the main purpose of the article –

What jobs can you get with an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

Amazon Web Services certifications can lead to a variety of high-paying, promising IT careers. Let us look at them –

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud Software Engineers design and implement new software services and systems in languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby, among others. Engineers are also responsible for explaining complex processes (often to non-technical stakeholders) and mentoring junior employees.

Average yearly salary: $63,000 – $93,000

System Integrator — Cloud

System Integrators are members of a team that assists with complex deployment and troubleshooting efforts. This position necessitates a thorough understanding of cloud computing and information systems.

Average yearly salary: $81,000 

Cloud Developer

Cloud Developers create software services and enterprise-level applications in the cloud. To get and keep a Developer job, you should have prior experience working as a software developer and a working knowledge of the most common cloud orchestration tools.

Average yearly salary: $95,000

Senior AWS Cloud Architect

This position interacts directly with customers and engineers, providing technical leadership as well as a point of contact for client-side stakeholders. Senior Professional AWS Cloud Architects create technical architectures and oversee implementation efforts to ensure that new technologies are successfully integrated into customer environments.

Average yearly salary: $165,000

AWS Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architects design, build and maintain highly available, cost-effective, and scalable AWS cloud environments. They also make recommendations for AWS toolkits and stay up to date on the latest in cloud computing.

Average yearly salary: $98,000 – $150,000

Let us now move to the resources that we can use to crack the exam –

Learning Resources

Indeed, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam is a beginner’s exam that is not difficult to pass. However, failing to prepare for the exam in a systematic manner will undoubtedly lower your expectations, resulting in a waste of time and effort. Let us have a look at some beneficial resources –

Online Learning Courses

If a candidate wishes to take an online course for the same, he or she may do so. There are numerous online courses available. In fact, there are a plethora of courses available on the internet. So, make sure to find a suitable course that is within your budget. These courses provide you with the online video study material that is easily digestible. They also provide sample papers to the candidate. So you can put them to the test.

AWS Whitepapers & Learning Resources

Following that, you must read AWS whitepapers. You will learn more about the cloud and AWS technical content with these. Technical whitepapers, technical guides, reference material, and reference architecture diagrams are also available. We have, however, narrowed it down to the following. So, make sure to read the following-

  • Overview of Amazon Web Services  
  • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices  
  • How AWS Pricing Works 
  • Compare AWS Support Plans

Refer to official AWS Whitepapers

1. Others:
Cloud best practices
AWS Pricing overview
Compare aws support plans

2. AWS hands on exercises:

You can find all the hands on exercises on the following link. You can practice the relevant exercises.

3. Learning Library:


4. AWS complete documentation:


Practice Tests

Finally, we’ve arrived at the final stage of the preparatory guide. Furthermore, this final step will provide the candidate with an exact understanding of the topics in which they are deficient. So, after you’ve gone through the entire syllabus, make sure you’re going through enough sample tests. Most importantly, all of the AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exams are designed to simulate the actual exam environment. Practice papers, on the other hand, can come from a variety of sources. Above all, remember that the more you put yourself to the test, the better you will become. Begin Preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Right Now!


Candidates should avoid last-minute cramming sessions for the preparation portion, as they are rarely beneficial in the long run. If your experience is limited to only a few areas of those related knowledge domains, you should look into the study materials mentioned above in the guide to broaden your knowledge. And we’re confident that you’ll be able to pass the exam on your first try.