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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer FAQ

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer is designed for developers who have hands-on practice developing for Marketing Cloud. The audience has proven experience with the administration and configuration of the Marketing Cloud Email application, as shown through the successful completion of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam. This credential is targeted toward the Marketing Cloud Developer who has experience developing dynamic, personalized marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, and forms leveraging HTML, CSS, and AMPscript. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer is also proficient in SQL and has experience in using Marketing Cloud APIs

What is the job role of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer candidate has the experience, skills, knowledge, and ability to:

  • Configure and set-up data models (data extensions, shared data extensions, Contact model).
  • Configure data import.
  • Work with customers and platform data (SQL, views, Send Log).
  • Write basic SQL, including join statements.
  • Create dynamic, personalized marketing assets using various scripting languages.
  • Build Marketing Cloud web experience (data forms, custom preference pages).
  • Explain subscription management.
  • Work through and resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API.
  • Invest time in studying the resources listed in this Exam Guide and the additional required study materials provided by Salesforce.

Is Salesforce certification in demand?

Salesforce certification helps you get advanced knowledge about the Salesforce platform.  It validates your skills and enhances extreme knowledge in Salesforce field which is, in turn, beneficial for your career growth. Being recognised around the globe, employers are eagerly looking out for Salesforce certified Professionals. Therefore the demand is obviously soaring high.

What are the learning objectives for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam?

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam is divided into the following parts:

  • Data Modeling: 14%
  • Programmatic Languages: 35%
  • API: 22%
  • Data Management: 22%
  • Security: 7%

How Many questions are there in the Salesforce Exam?

There are 60 Multiple Choice questions in the exam.

What is the duration of the Salesforce Exam?

Time Duration for the Exam is 105 minutes.

How much does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam Cost?

The exam will cost you $200 USD.

What is the Passing score of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam?

65% is the passing score of the Exam.

How can I prepare for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam?

The candidate has to follow some preparatory step which is mentioned in our tutorial i.e. visiting the official, reading and understanding related books and guides, learning objectives, trying their hands-on practice test etc. 

How do I check my Salesforce certification?

To verify your Salesforce certification, you need to visit the Trailhead Verification Page. Then, you need to enter your email under the “Certification Holders: Check Your Status”. Your credential details will be emailed to you.

How do I maintain my Salesforce certification?

To maintain your Salesforce Certification you need to complete all the Trailhead Maintenance Modules. Keep a check on the available updates for your certification at Trailhead official website.

For how long is my certification valid?

The Salesforce certifications are valid for a period of 3 years.

What is the fee for retaking the exam?

The retake exam fee is USD 100 plus applicable taxes as required per local law. 

What are the modes to take the Exam?

The exam can be taken up in two ways. It can either be offsite proctored or online proctored. Choose the one based on your schedule.

How to register for the Salesforce exam?

To register to follow the step below-

  • Log in to Webassessor at If you do not already have a test taker profile in Webassessor, you will need to create one.
  • Click Register for an Exam.
  • Locate the exam you wish to schedule and expand the section to view the delivery options. You can choose to register for the exam as onsite proctored or online proctored. Click the Register button for the delivery method you prefer.
  • If you are interested in online proctored exams, review all system requirements in our help article: Online Proctoring – Completing Your Exam Remotely.
  • If you selected the onsite proctored exam:
  • Select a testing centre.
  • Select the date and time you would like to take the exam; read the Reschedule and Cancellation Policy, select the acknowledgement checkbox.
  • If you selected the online proctored exam:
  • Select the date and time you would like to take the exam; read the Reschedule and Cancellation Policy, select the acknowledgement checkbox.
  • All online proctored exams are automatically adjusted to the time zone of the location you inputted in your Webassessor profile details.
  • Click Select.
  • Review the exam and scheduling details for accuracy, click Checkout.
  • Enter your payment type. You can enter a voucher/coupon code and/or credit card.
  • Certification exams are taxable per local laws; you will see any applicable tax listed during the checkout process.
  • Click Submit.
  • You will see a purchase confirmation screen. Click Done.
  • An email confirming your purchase and registration will be sent to you.