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Tableau Desktop Specialist study guide

The Tableau Desktop Specialist examination conducted by Tableau is specially designed for those candidates who already have foundational skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop. After completing this certification the candidate will successfully become a Desktop Specialist. Also, the candidate will develop skills to connect to, prepare, explore, and analyze data, and share their insights.

Who should take the exam?

A Tableau Desktop Specialist certificate holder can change their career line or achieve a promotion or get a high rise in your salary. This examination brings the best out of the given profiles:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Senior data analyst
  • BI developer
  • Data scientist
  • Analytics manager
  • Analytics consultant
  • Associate Specialist, Communications

Exam Overview

The Tableau Desktop Specialist is a one-hour exam. The total number of questions in the examination is 30. Also, the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions are in the format of multiple-choice, multiple responses, hands-on. The scores are generated automatically, along with that point value varies per question type with hands-on questions. The passing score for the examination is 70%. You can give this exam in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and International Spanish. The exam is delivered on Windows Virtual Machine containing Tableau Desktop. The Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Fee is $125 USD.

Tableau Desktop Specialist exam details

Exam Registration

To register yourself for the Tableau Desktop Specialist examination, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official Tableau Desktop Specialist exam guide page.
  • Scroll down to the System Preparation option and click on register now.
  • You will be redirected to the Loyalist Exam Services page, who is the official exam partner of Tableau.
  • The candidate is then required to log in or signup. Then, follow the prompt.
  • Complete the registration and make the payment.

Tableau Desktop Specialist Sample Question

Tableau Desktop Specialist Online Tutorial

Awarded Credentials

After the successful completion of this exam, you will be awarded the title of Tableau Desktop Specialist. This
the title does not expire.

For more more information, click Tableau Desktop Specialist FAQ
Tableau Desktop Specialist faq

Course Outline

Tableau Desktop Specialist Course covers the following domains –

Connecting to & Preparing Data

  • Create and save data connections
  • Create a live connection to a data source
  • Explain the differences between using life connections versus extracts
  • Create an extract
  • Save metadata properties in a. TDS
  • Modify data connections
  • Add a join and a blend
  • Add a union
  • Manage data properties
  • Rename a data field
  • Assign an alias to a data value
  • Assign a geographic role to a data field
  • Change data type for a data field (number, date, String, Boolean, etc.)
  • Change default properties for a data field (number format, aggregation, color, date format, etc.)

Exploring & Analyzing Data

Create basic charts

  • Create a bar chart and a line chart
  • Draw a scatterplot and map using geographic data
  • Create a combined axis chart and a dual-axis chart
  • Create a stacked bar and a chart to show specific values (crosstab, highlight table)

Organize data and apply filters

  • Create a visual group and a group using labels
  • Create a set
  • Organize dimensions into a hierarchy
  • Add a date filter and context filter

Apply analytics to a worksheet

  • Add a manual or a computed sort
  • Add a reference line or trend line
  • Use a table calculation
  • Use bins and histograms
  • Create a calculated field (e.g. string, date, simple arithmetic)
  • Add a parameter

Sharing Insights

Format view for presentation

  • Use color, Bolding, shapes
  • Use viz animations
  • Change the size of marks
  • Select fonts

Create and modify a dashboard

  • Create a dashboard layout
  • Add interactive or explanatory elements
  • Add dashboard actions
  • Modify existing dashboard layout for mobile devices
  • Create a story using dashboards or views
  • Share a twbx as a PDF
  • Share a twbx as an image

Understanding Tableau Concepts

Dimensions and measures

  • Explain what kind of information dimensions usually contain
  • Demonstrate what kind of information measures usually contain

Discrete and continuous fields

  • Explain how discrete fields are displayed in Tableau
  • Show how continuous fields are displayed in Tableau
  • Explain the difference between the discrete data parts and continuous date values in Tableau


  • Explain why Tableau aggregates measures
  • Describe how an aggregated measure changes when dimensions are added to the view


  • Completing a task effectively and efficiently has become a standard that organizations expect from employees. This exam is timed because we view time as a critical competency needed to be successful.

Preparatory Guide for Tableau Desktop Specialist

Here we provide you with the preparatory guide specially curated by our experts. This guide will help you throughout your journey for this exam and act as a bridge for your career advancements. We shall now elaborate Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Preparation steps are essential in order to successfully pass the examination. So let’s dig deeper and begin our preparation

Preparatory Guide for Tableau Desktop Specialist

Refer the Exam Guide

The first step is always to be aware of the exam guide and course outline. For the Tableau Desktop Specialist examination, you should visit the official website to get the course outline and exam guide for the above examination. Also, objectives play an important role, so follow this step successfully. Below are the objectives of the Tableau Desktop Specialist are:

  • Connecting to & Preparing Data
  • Exploring & Analyzing Data
  • Sharing Insights
  • Understanding Tableau Concepts
  • Timeliness

Tableau Desktop Specialist Learning Resources

There is plenty of study material available in the market and over the internet. To help you save time in searching for the study material, we have provided you with all the necessary resources and material for the Tableau Desktop Specialist.

Reference Books

Searching for the right study material has always been a difficult and tedious task. There is an ample number of books available for the Tableau Desktop Specialist examination. You can try the reference books as prescribed by Tableau. These are:

  • Tableau Specialist Practice Exam by by Lukas Halim
Tableau Desktop Specialist Training

There are plenty of online courses available for Tableau Desktop Certified Associate. However, Tableau has provided you with official virtual live classes:

Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals

This course provides the solid foundational skills required for Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. It’s for anyone who works with data, regardless of analytical background. You can find the full course description on the official course page.

Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Readiness

This exam preparation service includes six weeks of interactive training, prescriptive lessons, and up to two attempts at your Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam—everything you need to confidently certify. You can check the full details on the official page.

Join a Community

Engaging oneself in a study group will encourage and help the candidate to learn more. The discussions in the group will help them to develop the necessary knowledge required to clear the examination. Interacting with the people who have the same career path will be an added advantage. Therefore, practice, discuss and study to become a successful Tableau Desktop Specialist.

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

Practice tests play an important role during your exam preparation. They not only help you find out your strengths but also direct you to master your possible weak areas. The evolution of practice tests has done nothing but added more to its generosity. They are considered as one of the most efficient sources to study for the exam. Therefore, it is highly advised to perform more and more Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Exams. Start preparing with Testprep Training now!

Tableau Desktop Specialist free practice test
Prepare For Tableau Desktop Specialist to enhance your skills and boost your career now!