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Exam DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure tutorial

Candidates who are proficient in data processing languages should take the DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam. SQL, Python, or Scala are all options. Parallel processing and data architecture patterns must be recognisable to them. They must also be capable of integrating, converting, and combining data from a variety of structured and unstructured data systems into a framework that can be used to construct analytics solutions.

However, passing this exam will help candidates in becoming Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Azure Data Engineer: Role and Responsibilities
  • Firstly, Azure Data Engineers help stakeholders in understanding the data through exploration.
  • Secondly, they have the skills to build and maintain secure and compliant data processing pipelines by using different tools and techniques. 
  • Thirdly, they have familiarity with Azure data services and languages for storing and producing datasets for analysis.
  • Fourthly, they ensure that data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and reliable.
  • Lastly, they handle unanticipated issues swiftly and minimize data loss. And, they are also responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing data platforms for meeting the data pipeline’s needs.

Exam Learning Path

Microsoft provides access to its learning path designed according to the exam. These learning paths consist of topics that contain various modules with details about the concept. Candidates can explore these modules to understand the concepts. For the Microsoft DP-203 exam, the modules include:

  • Firstly, Azure for the Data Engineer
  • Secondly, storing data in Azure
  • Thirdly, Data integration at scale with Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipeline
  • Next, using Azure Synapse Analytics for integrated Analytical Solutions and working with data warehouses 
  • Then, performing data engineering using Azure Synapse Apache Spark Pools
  • After that, Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing Solutions working process with using Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Next, Data engineering with Azure Databricks
  • Them, large-Scale Data Processing with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Lastly, implementing a Data Streaming Solution with Azure Streaming Analytics

Microsoft DP-203 Exam Details

Microsoft DP-203 exam will have 40-60 questions that can be in a format like scenario-based single answer questions, multiple-choice questions, arranged in the correct sequence type questions, or drop type of questions. There will be a time limit of 130 minutes to complete the exam and the passing score is a minimum of 700. Further, the Microsoft DP-203 exam will cost $165 USD and the exam can be taken in only the English language.

exam details

Scheduling Exam

Microsoft DP-203 exam measures the ability to perform tasks like designing and implementing data storage with developing data processing. And monitoring and optimizing data storage and data processing. However, for scheduling the DP-203 exam, candidates can log in to their Microsoft account and fill in the details. 

Microsoft DP-203 Exam Course Outline

Microsoft provides a course outline for the DP-203 exam that covers the major sections for getting better understanding during the preparation time. The topics are:

Topic 1: Design and Implement Data Storage (15-20%)

Implement a partition strategy

Design and implement the data exploration layer

Topic 2: Develop Data Processing (40-45%)

Ingest and transform data

Develop a batch processing solution
Develop a stream processing solution

Manage batches and pipelines

DP-203 Interview Questions

DP-203 Interview Questions

Topic 3: Secure, Monitor and Optimize Data Storage and Data Processing (30-35%)

Implement data security

Monitor data storage and data processing

Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing

For More: Check Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure FAQs
Exam FAQs

Exam Policies

Microsoft exam policies cover the exam-related details and information with providing the exam giving procedures. These exam policies consist of certain rules that have to be followed during exam time. However, some of the policies include:

Exam retake policy

  • This states that candidates who will not be able to pass the exam for the first time must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. During this time, they can go onto the certification dashboard and reschedule the exam. If this happens for the second time then, they have to wait for at least 14 days before retaking the exam. And, this 14-day waiting period is also inflicted between the third and fourth attempts and then, fourth and fifth attempts. However, candidates can only give any exam five times a year. 

Exam reschedule and the cancellation policy

  • Microsoft temporarily waives the reschedule and cancellation fee if candidates cancel their exams within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. However, for rescheduling or canceling an appointment there is no charge if it is executed at least 6 business days prior to your appointment. But, if a candidate cancels or reschedules an exam within 5 business days of your registered exam time then, a fee will be applied. 
DP-203 Interview Questions

DP-203 Interview Questions

Preparation Guide for Microsoft DP-203 Exam

Exam DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure study guide

1. Getting Familiar with Exam objectives

For having a better preparation, Microsoft DP-203 exam objectives can be very helpful. As this will help to get familiar with the topics provided for the DP-203 exam. Candidates can go through the sections and subsections to learn about the pattern of the exam. However, for the DP-203 exam, the topics include:

  • Firstly, designing and implementing data storage
  • Secondly, designing and developing data processing
  • Next, design and implement data security 
  • Lastly, monitoring and optimizing data storage and data processing

2. Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft offers learning platforms that cover various study resources to help candidates during exam preparation. For the DP-203 exam preparation, go through the Microsoft official website to get all the necessary information and the exam content outline. 

3. Microsoft Docs

Microsoft documentation refers to the source of knowledge that works as a reference for all the topics in the DP-203 exam. This provides detailed information about the exam concepts by covering different scales of different Azure services. Moreover, this consists of modules that will help you gain a lot of knowledge about concepts according to the exam.

4. Online Study Groups

Candidates can take advantage of the online study groups during the exam preparation. That is to say, joining the study groups will help you to stay connected with the professionals who are already on this pathway. Moreover, you can discuss your query or the issue related to the exam in this group and even take the DP-203 exam study notes.

5. Practice Tests

By using DP-203 exam practice tests, you will know about your weak and strong areas. Moreover, you will be able to enhance your answering skills for manning time management thus saving a lot of time during the exam. However, the good way to start taking the DP-203 exam practice tests is after completing a full topic and then try the mock tests for that. As a result, your revision will get stronger and you will get a better understanding. So, find the best DP-203 practice exam tests and crack the exam.

Exam DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure practice tests
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