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In the digital era we’re in, marketing has become more intricate and reliant on data than ever. Businesses must engage with their customers on different platforms like email, social media, mobile, and the web to provide personalized and relevant experiences. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer area has emerged as a powerful platform that enables marketers to do just that. It offers a wide range of tools and features for creating, automating, and optimizing marketing campaigns, making it a critical component of modern digital marketing strategies.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands out as a top-notch customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It equips marketers with a complete set of tools to handle customer interactions and provide personalized marketing experiences. The platform covers various modules like email marketing, mobile messaging, social media marketing, web personalization, content creation, and more. Marketers can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create and oversee campaigns, automate marketing processes, segment audiences, monitor customer behavior, and analyze campaign performance, among other capabilities.

About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam

As a complex and powerful platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud requires skilled professionals to effectively implement and customize its features. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam is a certification offered by Salesforce that validates the knowledge and skills of developers who work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It tests their expertise in designing, developing, and implementing marketing solutions using the platform’s various tools and features. The exam covers topics such as data modeling, automation studio, journey builder, email studio, content builder, and more.

Becoming a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certified professional can offer several benefits:

  • Industry recognition: Salesforce certifications are globally recognized and respected in the IT industry. Being certified as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer demonstrates your expertise in using the platform, which can enhance your professional credibility.
  • Increased job prospects: Organizations are increasingly looking for skilled professionals who can effectively utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive their marketing efforts. Having the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certification on your resume can make you stand out among other job applicants and increase your chances of landing a job or advancing your career.
  • Expanded skillset: Preparing for and passing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam requires a deep understanding of the platform’s features and functionality. This certification can help you expand your skillset and gain expertise in areas such as data modeling, automation, personalization, and campaign management, which are highly valuable in the digital marketing field.
  • Improved performance: With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certification, you can confidently design, develop, and implement marketing solutions using the platform’s best practices. This can result in marketing campaigns that are both more efficient and effective, enhancing overall campaign performance and providing better return on investment (ROI) for your organization or clients.

Target Audience:

  • The Marketing Cloud Developer program is crafted for developers who have practical experience in developing for Marketing Cloud. Those aiming to take the exam should have demonstrated expertise in administering and configuring the Marketing Cloud Email application, proven by successfully passing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam.
  • Additionally, this certification is designed for Marketing Cloud Developers who are skilled in creating dynamic, personalized marketing assets like emails, landing pages, and forms using HTML, CSS, and AMPscript. The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer is also adept in SQL and has hands-on experience with Marketing Cloud APIs.
  • Moreover, if you’re a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer, it’s typically recommended that you have a minimum of one year of experience in developing for Marketing Cloud and its related tools.
  • Note: You are not expected to know MobilePush SDK, Journey Builder SDK, custom components, and how to configure Marketing Cloud Connect.

Skills Acquired

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Skills that a candidate will acquire are –

  • firstly, To configure and set-up data models (data extensions, shared data extensions, Contact model).
  • secondly, To configure data import.
  • also, To work with customers and platform data (SQL, views, Send Log).
  • furthermore, To write basic SQL, including join statements.
  • subsequently, To create dynamic, personalized marketing assets using various scripting languages.
  • in addition, To build Marketing Cloud web experience (data forms, custom preference pages).
  • furthermore, To explain subscription management.
  • lastly, To work through and resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Format

The exam format for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam is summarized in a table below followed by a brief description of the same –

  • Firstly, The name of the exam is Marketing Cloud Developer and there is no specific code for the exam. This exam consists of 60 number of questions.
  • The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Questions can be of type like a case study, short answers, multiple-choice, mark review, drag, and drop, etc.
  • Subsequently, The candidates can take the exam in English.
  • Furthermore, you are expected to complete this exam in time duration of 105 minutes, which is not a difficult task if you know how to manage your time properly. And, to pass the exam it is required to score a minimum of 63%.
Exam Name Salesforce Marketing Cloud DeveloperExam Delivery Proctored Exam (Online and Onsite)
Time Duration 105 minsFormat Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud DeveloperNumber of Questions 60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Language EnglishPass Score 63% and above

There are some policies that in addition to the exam format for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer that can help you understand the exam in a better way. Let us know about those policies and following them the content outline of the exam in a detailed manner in subsequent paragraphs.

Exam Policies

Let us look at some basic details of the exam like pricing and scoring policy etc. let’s have a look:

Total questions asked and Exam Duration

The Marketing Cloud Developer exam will test your skills on the basis of being able to designing, configuring, building, and implementing Salesforce Communities applications. It will consist of 60 multiple choice questions and 5 unscored questions that will ask for your exam feedback. Time allotted is 105 minutes for completing the exam. So, you will be having enough time for completing the exam if you are quite precise with your answers.

Pricing policy

The registration fee is $200 USD plus the taxes as are applicable for the Marketing Cloud Developer exam. Although, the fee may change according to the different regions and so are taxes subjected to change.

Scoring policy

The minimum passing score of Marketing Cloud Developer exam is 63% which is quite achievable. As the questions are asked in MCQ format, you have to be very clear and direct with your answers. This can be achieved when you have perfect study material.

Registration Policy

You can schedule your exam at Kryterion global testing solution. Go to official salesforce site and create your Webassessor account. Then you are all set for the exam.

Let us now look at exam content outline!

Exam Course Outline

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Course covers the following topics –

Data Modeling: 14%

Salesforce Documentation: Data Modeling

Programmatic Languages: 35%

Salesforce Documentation: Marketing Cloud Programmatic Languages

API: 22%

Salesforce Documentation: Manage API Access

Data Management: 22%

Salesforce Documentation: Data Management

Security: 7%

Salesforce Documentation: Salesforce Security Basics

online tutorials

To have more detailed information about the course outline, visit the online tutorials for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam by!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Learning Resources

study guide

Now that you have complete details about the exam, let us look into the pool of resources you have for preparation. The right set of resources will always help to clear your conceptual parts and will help you pass the examinations smoothly.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Trailhead

When it comes to Salesforce revisions, Trailhead is a crucial component. It serves as a highly beneficial resource for exam preparation. Through Trailhead, you can go through online documentation, tip sheets, and user guides. It allows you to explore topics outlined in the exam guide and study the relevant information related to those topics.

Develop for Marketing Cloud

Learn with Marketing Cloud Developer Training

Taking some hands-on experience is the most significant experience for the exams like  Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer. Training Course is your ticket to acing the exam. You can easily explore available training courses. Salesforce provides candidates with several options to choose from. So, visit their website if you want to sharpen your skills. The approach here is not one-dimensional but involves looking at a problem from every possible angle.

Marketing Cloud Developer Center

Understand the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform

Familiarize yourself with the features and functionalities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Email Studio, Automation Studio, Journey Builder, Mobile Studio, and Advertising Studio. Review the documentation, watch tutorials, and explore the platform to gain a solid understanding of its capabilities.

Learn Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a tool used for automating marketing activities in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Understand how to create and manage automations, including email sends, data imports/exports, file transfers, and data extracts. Familiarize yourself with the different automation activities and their use cases.

Master Journey Builder

Journey Builder is a visual tool used for building and managing customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Study how to create and configure journeys, including setting up entry sources, adding activities, and defining decision points. Understand how to use the different types of journey activities, such as email sends, SMS sends, and wait activities.

Online Tutorials

The best way to enhance your knowledge is by referring Online Tutorials. These Tutorials provide in depth understanding about the exam and its concepts. This results in strengthening your preparation.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer online tutorials

Practice Tests are your way ahead

Evaluating your preparations is a crucial part of your journey. And the best way to do this is by assessing your own performance. Taking the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Practice Exam is essential to gauge your knowledge and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Strengthening your weaker areas will increase your chances of passing the exam. Additionally, these practice tests introduce you to the actual exam conditions, allowing you to practice accuracy and speed. Taking multiple practice tests will also build your confidence. Strive to outperform yourself in each subsequent test and pave your way to becoming a Salesforce developer. Start practising now!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer free practice tests

Final Words

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has become a crucial platform for modern digital marketing strategies, offering a comprehensive set of tools and features for creating personalized and relevant marketing experiences. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam is a certification that validates the skills and knowledge of professionals who work with the platform.

Becoming Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certified can provide numerous benefits, including industry recognition, increased job prospects, expanded skillset, improved performance, and access to valuable resources and community. If you are a developer working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, obtaining this certification can help you enhance your career and stay ahead in the competitive digital marketing landscape.