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The demand for professionals in the field of Central Finance has soared really high in the past years. An increasing number of customers are looking forward to safeguarding their investments. Certification in SAP Central Finance 1809 serves this purpose. It acts as a reliable benchmark for your skills. The SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam exam validates your knowledge about the concepts of central finance.

This certification brings you in a position to contribute to a company’s success and therefore brings in lucrative career options.  It enhances your employability and is indeed one of the best ways to kick-start your career in this field. The SAP- Central Finance 1809 exam is definitely a hard nut to crack. Hence here we provide you with a preparatory guide to help you excel in this exam. So let’s get started!

What is SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam?

The SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Examvalidates that you have the fundamental and core knowledge required for the Central Finance profile. This exam proves that you have an overall understanding and in-depth technical skills. It validates your role to work in Central Finance implementation projects. SAP S/4 HANA Central Finance uses HANA’s special abilities like being super fast and flexible to copy financial papers into one central place in real-time. With Central Finance, you can make a shared way of reporting for a company.

SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam

Why choose SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam?

The SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam demonstrates your professional commitment towards your career. SAP Global Certification enables you to succeed in the market and provides a competitive edge. This user-friendly certification program validates your skills and in turn makes you a part of the highly trusted SAP global workforce. This certification is an ideal starting point for your career as a Central Finance Consultant.

If you are planning to shine your academic records with this exam then our preparatory guide is your direction to move ahead.

Objective of the Exam

The main objective of SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam are-

  • Firstly, understanding the use cases of sap central finance
  • Secondly, explaining the concept and architecture of central finance
  • Further, understanding the main requirements in the sap central finance project
  • Also, providing basic knowledge on setting up and configuring a sap central finance landscape
  • Lastly, providing basic knowledge on how to execute a sap central finance project

Who should take this exam?

The SAP C_S4FCF_1809 Exam is specially designed for consultants who aspire to have an entry-level qualification. It targets Software professionals and consultants to contribute to Central Finance Implementation Projects.

Prerequisites of the Exam

This exam requires the knowledge of SAP S/4HANA CFIN as a prerequisite. Hands on experience in implementation projects of SAP are highly recommended.

Lets first begin with the basic details about the exam and have a clarity about its course.

Exam Details: SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809

Exam Name  SAP Certified Application Associate – Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA
Certification ProviderSAP
Exam CodeC_S4FCF_1809
Number of Questions80
Duration of the Exam180 minutes
Exam Cost$599 USD
Exam LanguageEnglish, German, Spanish, Chinese

Course Outline

The Sap C_S4FCF_1809 exam covers the following 12 domains in its course. The domains further contain various sub topics which are of great importance from an examination point of view.

1. Initial Load in Central Finance (> 12%)
  • Firstly, explaining how to set a filter for the initial load of cost object.
  • Secondly, resolving errors of cost object initial load.
  • Thirdly, executing initial load of fi/co postings. 
  • Also, resolving errors of fi/co posting initial load.
  • Subsequently, set filter for the initial load of co internal posting, and resolving errors of co internal posting initial load.
  • Moreover, defining validation and reconciliation in central finance.
  • Lastly, performing reconciliation reports in central finance. 
2. Real time Replication in Central Finance (8% – 12%)
  • To begin with, describing prerequisites to activate real time replication. 
  • Then, starting real time replication. 
  • Also, correcting errors of real time replication.
  • Next, explaining the document flow functionality of central finance. 
  • Finally, performing document drill back from target system to source system. 
3. System Landscape Transformation Server (SLT) (8% – 12%)
  • First, turning on data copying and how to move data. This includes explaining how to modify the designs of the original tables when copying data.
  • Then, configuring client specific and cross client replication. 
  • Also, describing starting recording and replication.
4.  SAP Master Data Governance (8% – 12%)
  • Firstly, describing mdg central governance and mass processing.
  • Additionally, describing the general concepts and capabilities of sap mdg, central governance.
  • Further, activating and configuring the default processes for mdg. defining mdg data models.
5. Central Finance Setup and Configuration (8% – 12%)
  • To begin with, configuring the scope for the initial load of fi/co posting.
  • Then, defining decimal places for currencies. 
  • Subsequently, differentiating between key mapping and value mapping. 
  • Not to mention, defining mapping actions for mapping entities.
  • Also, defining key mapping and value mappings.
  • Moreover, configuring cost object mapping scenarios. 
6. Enhancements in the Controlling Area (CO-PA, WBS) (8% – 12%)
  • Firstly, explain improvements made while replicating from costing-based co-pa into profitability analysis in the universal journal.
  • Secondly, understanding account-based co-pa cogs split in central finance.
  • Then, defining account-based co-pa price split in central finance.
  • Further, describing the new replication scenario for internal ec-pca postings. 
  • Additionally, explaining the simulation tool for ec-pca and the profit center comparison report.
  • Finally, how to move WBS elements and project structures to Central Finance so that you can have a central way of reporting on projects.
7. Corporate Finance Processes supported by Central Finance (8% – 12%)
  • Firstly, defining centralization of finance operations. 
  • Then, describing intercompany reconciliation in central finance.
  • Also, determine open item management in central finance.
  • Further, configuring central payments and central down payments.
  • Not to mention, describing ar/ap reporting in central finance. 
  • Furthermore, defining sap credit management. 
  • Moreover, explaining how credit management works together with Central Finance and how credit management is linked to central payments.
8. System Integration Concepts (< 8%)
  • To begin with, describing technical communications modes and processes.
  • Then, designing the types of communication transfer modes.
  • Moreover, explaining business scenarios and the business hierarchy used by sapconfiguring rfc between two sap systems, or non-sap system.
9. Run Phase in Central Finance (< 8%)
  • Firstly, designing the sap s/4 hana central finance project phases.
  • Secondly, determining the sap s/4hana central finance pilot approach. 
  • Further, describing the required organizational change with sap s/4hana central finance. 
  • Subsequently, determining the stakeholders involved in a central finance project. 
  • Also, defining the change enablers and key success factors. 
  • Additionally, designing the operation model for central finance, and daily operations that might be needed in central finance.
Start preparing using the SAP C_S4FCF_1809 Study Guide!
10. Central Finance Landscape Architecture (< 8%)
  • First, connecting source systems to the SAP S/4HANA Central Finance architecture.
  • Secondly, designing slt techchnical integration platform for central finance. 
  • Then, describing mdg function in central finance for master harmonization. 
  • Also, descripting aif as interface and monitoring for central finance.
11. Integration Technology ALE (< 8%)
  • To begin with, differentiating application link enabling (ale) from electronic data interchange (ed).
  • Then, defining logical system or logical system name, message type, and distribution model.
  • Also, designing distribution model. 
  • Lastly, configuring logical system names and assign them to clients in sap systems. 
12. Additional Features (< 8%)
  • Firstly, describing the new replication scenario for internal ec-pca postings.
  • Then, explaining the simulation tool for ec-pca and the profit center comparison report.
  • Additionally, explaining how wbs elements and project structures can be transferred to central finance for enabling a central reporting on projects.

Exam Policy

Remember, you can attempt up to 6 exams within the 12-month period of your subscription. Also, each retake counts as an attempt and the maximum limit to attempt a specific exam is of 3 times. Test dates can be chosen and booked individually.

Registration for the exam

Follow the following steps to register for SAP central finance 1809-

  • Firstly, purchase a subscription to Certification Hub by booking “CER006-Certification Hub” at SAP Training Shop
  • Then, An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to the invoice recipient you specify.
  • Lastly, schedule your exams within Certification Hub as soon as your subscription is confirmed.

Start your exam

To start the exam at your appointment time follow the following steps

  • Firstly, Log in to Certification Hub from SAP Training Shop
  • Then, Launch your exam from the Exam Appointments menu by clicking “Start Exam” from the Exam Appointments page.
  • Also, The proctor will check your exam environment prior to releasing the exam.

Now that you are clear with the basic exam details we present your our specially curated Preparatory Guide. Experts at Testprep Training with years of experience have designed this guide that provides you access to all your preparatory resources and helps you excel this exam.

Preparatory Guide for SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam

There goes a lot of hard work and consistency in preparation for an exam. It is the key to your lucrative career and opens various opportunities for you. This guide will assist in you having a better SAP C_S4FCF_1809 exam preparation. Follow it and clear the exam in the very first attempt.

Clarity of the Course domains

First and foremost step in any preparation is to go through the exam course and all the subtopics. Review all the domains of the exam to familiarise with each concept.

Prepare a Study Plan

The next step is to prepare a study plan based on the time period you have till your actual exam day. Try devoting significant time to each domain. Devising a study plan will definitely help you avoid any distractions during your preparations.

Refer Study Resources

There are various study resources available online to aid your preparations. Books have always been a golden way to prepare hence we recommend you to refer to books devised for this exam. They will provide in-depth clarity about the SAP C_S4FCF_1809 syllabus and concepts. 

Go for Online Training Programme

SAP C_S4FCF_1809 training program indeed helps you to have a real-world experience of the concepts. There are plenty of such programs to choose from. Select the one that suits you the best from the plethora of options available.

Additionally, you can also join the SAP Training Programme for this exam. They provide high quality content and hands on training which proves to be the best strategy to prepare for the SAP Central Finance 1809 Exam. 

Start Practicing Now!

Practice tests prepare you for the real exams in a very systematic manner. We know practice makes a man perfect. Therefore attempting an ample number of SAP C_S4FCF_1809 exam tests will make you ready for the exam. Moreover, these exams help you identify your weaker areas. Strengthening them will surely bring success in the exam. Start practicing for SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam Now!

Join a community

Joining online forums and study groups proves to be really fruitful in the exams. This allows you to gain knowledge from experienced individuals. You can ask questions and get answers to clear any confusion. These experts offer valuable insights to help you obtain the certification.

On the Exam Day

The exam day can be really stressful. It will surely leave you nervous. But we advice you to not engage yourself in last minute preparations. Stay calm and avoid panicking as that may affect your exam result. Believe in your preparations and you will surely pass this exam with flying colours.

Expert Advice

The SAP Certified Application Associate – Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA- C_S4FCF_1809 exam, provides validation to your core concepts of central finance. It is the best way to start your career as a consultant in the field of central finance. Our preparatory guide aids your journey towards this exam and following it guarantees your success. Remember to start early and remain consistent with your preparations.


Boost your earning potential and prepare for SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam. Start your preparations now!