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PRINCE2 Practitioner Interview Questions

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification serves as evidence of one’s skills, expertise, and determination to manage any difficult projects successfully. But having this certification alone is not adequate. The candidate needs to stay ready for the interview and pass it as well. To help you out, we have posted the Top 50 PRINCE2 Interview Questions, which assist you to get an impression of the kind of questions proposed in interviews and will assist you to clear them with flying interests. So, let’s get started!

1. What do you understand by the term Prince2?

Ans. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a project management system and practitioner credential program. It emphasizes sharing projects into easy and controllable frames.

2. Tell us some key features of prince2.

Ans. Some of the key features are:

  • Widely organized structure
  • Can be applied to any project
  • Based on the management by exception
  • It is a invaluable diagnostic tool
  • Consistency and re-usability in the project work.
3. Name the 7 themes of PRINCE2.

Ans. The 7 themes are:

  1. Business Case
  2. Organization
  3. Quality
  4. Risk
  5. Planning
  6. Change
  7. Progress
4. Tell us the levels incorporated in a plan.

Ans. There are 4 levels in a plan.

  1. Project plan
  2. Stage plan
  3. Team plan
  4. Exception plan
5. Explain directing a project (DP).

Ans. It performs the following:

  • Support project
  • Accept Results
  • Provides Management Approval
6. Give a suitable definition of a project.

Ans. Any task carried out independently or collaboratively and probably involving analysis or design, that is exactly planned (usually by a project team) to produce a precise aim is called a project.

7. What are the types of documentation utilized in the PRINCE2® methods for storing and reporting the project-related data?

Ans. We have listed many types of documentation that are practiced in the PRINCE2® methodology:

  • Business Case: It has a detailed description of why the project is required and its benefits to the users and business.
  • Risk Register: It is the list of the probability and potential effects of the risks and possibilities.
  • Quality Register: It has a running log of many quality checks which guarantee deliverables are satisfying the customer expectations.
  • Issues Register: It contains the list of problems and concerns of the project team members.
  • Lessons Log: It includes the notes of the lessons gained which can be practiced to the next work stage or future projects.
  • Daily Log: It is a type of daily diary that is drafted by the project manager to report many activities and progress.
8. Which method enables non-Prince2 practices to be combined into a Prince2 project environment when making products?

Ans. Managing Product Delivery concedes non-Prince2 practices to be combined into a Prince2 project position when formulating products.

9. What do you think is the role and duties of the project manager?

Ans. Some duties and responsibilities are:

  • Communicating with key stakeholders
  • Time management and approval
  • Interacting with team members
  • Issue classification and resolution
  • Team-building
  • Activity and resource planning
  • Budgeting
  • Monitoring growth
  • Maintaining reports and important documentation
  • Securing customer satisfaction
  • Analyzing and maintaining the project risk
 10. What are the 2 types of progress controls that Prince2 offer?

The 2 types of progress controls implemented by Prince2 are:

  • Time-driven
  • Event-driven
11. What leadership abilities do a project manager require to have to be an excellent leader?
  • Lead with the examples
  • No politics 
  • Fulfilling talent
  • Keep an open-door policy
  • Consistent performance standards
  • Be responsible and hold others accountable.
  • Share their vision
12. What is the process while which the request to approve the next stage plan is made?

Ans. Managing the stage boundary is the manner during which the application to support the upcoming stage plan is made.

13. What are the major structure and elements of PRINCE2?

Ans. The central element of PRINCE2 has all aspect that gives the map to a project which involves 3 diverse leveled structures.

  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • Next, PRINCE2 Themes
  • PRINCE2 Processes
14. Which role is responsible for drafting the outline Business case?

Ans. Executive is the one who is liable for drafting the outline Business case.

15. Which document comprises the planned and exact dates for output approval and hand-over?

Ans. Product Checklist includes the planned and exact dates for output approval and hand-over.

16. What do you understand by managing a Stage Boundary?

Ans. Managing a Stage Boundary includes:

  1. Plan of the next management stage
  2. Update of the project plan and business case
  3. Reporting the management stage end
  4. Production of an exception plan

17. Which document describes the acceptance standards and roles for the design?

Ans. Project Product Description paper represents the acceptance rules and tasks for the project. This is built in the Starting up a Project process and utilized during the Closing a Project method to assist verify that the project has presented to expectations.

18. Who is accountable for communicating with the stakeholders?

Ans. Project Board is answerable for interacting with stakeholders.

19. What is the aim of configuration management?

Ans. Configuration management serves to trace the products.

20. Define Procurement Management.

Ans. It suggests to obtaining the best goods and assistance at the possible beneficial amount to relinquish all the important demands such as dimensions, quality, quantity, and site. 

21. Explain the persistence of the Managing Product Delivery process?

Ans. The determination of the Managing Product Delivery method is to check the link among the Project Manager and the Team manager(s).

22. Who are the main stakeholders of PRINCE2?

Ans. 3 primary stakeholders play an outstanding role in the PRINCE2 project, and those are

  • Suppliers
  • Users 
  • Business sponsors
23. During which means is the Work Package status reviewed?

During Controlling a Stage method the Work Package status is examined.

23. Tell us about the risk register.

Ans. A risk register is a record that includes the listing of risks that can endanger the goals of the project.

24. Define Quality Assurance.

Ans. Quality assurance builds a structure of organizational measures and procedures that guides to extremely planned projects.

25. What do you understand by Exception Plan?

Ans. Exception Plans determines how the project stage will improve in case there is a violation of project or stage limits.

26. Differentiate among avoiding a threat and reducing a threat.
Avoiding a ThreatReducing a Threat
This is essentially a simple process where the project is modified in order to limit the risk from happening.This is primarily the attempt to decrease the risk possibility and its impact. Avoiding risk can be costly, thus, most project administrators explore measures to reduce them.
27. Define Quality Control.

Ans. Quality control is the method that guarantees project quality measures and methods that the project administrator and their team support.

28. What are the risk strategies executed in PRINCE2 projects?
  • Risk tolerance
  • Seeking
  • Neutral
  • Risk appetite
  • Avoiding
  • Ongoing activity
29. Explain about the business case.

Ans. The business case-

  • Revalidates the project
  • Kick start the project
  • Owned by the business
30. What is the risk register?

Ans. A risk register is a record that includes a list of risks that can frighten the purposes of the project.

31. What is the purpose of the Directing a Project process?

The aims are –

  • To make sure that there is authority to start, deliver and close the project
  •  To ensure the management direction and control are given during the project and that the project stays viable
  •  Plans for realizing post project advantages are maintained and reviewed
32. What is the Team Forming method for Team?

Ans. Team Forming method for Team is:

  • Forming (concentrates on relationship-building amongst the team)
  • Storming (focuses on learning the ideas among the team)
  • Norming (Get transparency on the time to move to the next stage)
  • Performing (built confidence in the team to do well in given tasks)
  • Adjourning (end method to rescue team member’s performance)
33. Jot down the several types of projects?

Below are the kinds of projects:

  • Not for profit
  • Compulsory
  • Multi organization project
  •  Evolving Requirements
  •  External Project

34. What are the activities involved in the CP process?

Ans. The activities that are involved in the CP process are:

  • Preparing the planned closure
  • Premature closure
  • Evaluate projects
  • Handover products
  • Suggested project closure
35. Explain the 3 steps of the quality review technique?

Ans. Below are the 3 steps required in the quality review technique:

  • Preparation: This is performed prior to the review conference to address the things which are apparently wrong and are obligated to be renewed in the project.
  • Review Meeting: In this connection, various issues are raised and addressed to pinpoint the error or the difficulty areas. Then an action program is curated in line to fix those mistakes.
  • Follow Up: This is performed to assure that all the errors or the problem areas have been taken care of and the final product is ready to be handed over to the customer.
36. List down the planning approaches.

Ans. The planning propositions are:

  • Work based Planning
  • Deliverable / Product planning
37. Explain business case.

Ans. A business case is associated with revalidation of the project and kick-starting the scheme that is dominated by organizations.

38. State the practice of the Prince2 method?

Ans. The Prince2 system assert the project management through 4 main combined elements of the project environment, principle methods, and themes.

39. Which PRINCE2 theme approaches the ongoing viability of the several project plans?

Ans. The ultimate theme of the PRINCE2 methodology i.e Progress is effective for directing the ongoing viability of the various project plans.

40. What are the steps in SU process?

Ans. The activities are:

  • Appointing the executive and project manager
  • Preparing the business case plan
  • Selecting project method
  • Planning Initiation stage

Well, we think that we have pretty much incorporated the whole of Prince2 interview questions in this article. This was a design that stated the top questions included in prince2 project management.  Further, Prince2 is very restorative for startups. Surely, with these questions, the candidate can get a great knowledge of the possible questions that are about to come. Best of luck with your interview!