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PRINCE2® Foundation Interview Questions

In today’s business, landing quality work is quite a challenging responsibility, particularly if the candidate is at the intermediate level of the career. In such circumstances, having a professional credential such as PRINCE2® surely comes in helpful and will provide you an advantage over the non-certification owners. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification acts as evidence of the skills, knowledge, and confidence to accomplish any difficult projects, fortunately. But having the credential alone is not adequate.

The candidate needs to stay preserved for the interview and remove it as well. To help the candidate out, we have prepared the Top 50 PRINCE2® Interview Questions which assist the candidate in getting an idea of the type of questions asked in interviews and will definitely help you clear it with hovering colors. Let’s begin:

1. Explain the key characteristics of prince2.

Ans:  The key points are –

  • Generally organized and understood
  • Can be implemented in any project
  • Based on the management by exception
  • Priceless diagnostic tool
  • Flexibility and re-usability in the project work.
2. What are the seven themes included in the Prince2?

Ans:  The 7 themes included in the Prince2 are

  • Organizations
  • Progress
  • Business case
  • Plans
  • Risks
  • Quality
  • Changes
3. Tell us the different steps included in directing a project?

Ans:  The Directing Project includes many activities such as:

  • Maintaining a project
  • Acquiring the results or final consequences
  • Granting approval from the management
4. What are the four combined factors of the PRINCE2?

Ans:  PRINCE2 is constituted of four integrated components: principles, themes, processes, and tailoring.

5. Explain the factors in starting up a Project?

Ans:  The starting up of a project method involves different factors and actions. 

  • Appointing project director and executive
  • Capturing the earlier lessons
  • Appointing and designing the project management unit
  • Precise preparation of the outline business fact
  • Selecting and approaching the project approach and brief
  • Planning the initiation stage
6. Define the risk register.

Ans. A risk register is a record that includes the listing of risks that can endanger the purposes of the project.

7. What do you think is PRINCE2 a methodology or framework?

Ans:  PRINCE2 is a methodology to handle projects and produce them in on time, within the budget, and with a quality deliverable. Whether we use PRINCE2 or an agile framework to administer the project, the aims are the same.

8. What do you undertand by maintaining a Stage Boundary?

Ans, Managing a stage boundary includes;

  • Preparation of the subsequent management stage
  • Updatatation of the project plan and business litigation
  • Reporting management platform end
  • Creation of an exception plan
9. What is the least number of stages needed in a PRINCE2 project?

Ans:  There are a least 2 management platforms in a project: the Initiation Stage and 1 moreover Management Stage. The Closing a Project method is then the end part of the 2nd Stage in a two-stage project. A PRINCE2 project is designed, monitored, and measured on a stage-by-stage basis.

10. What are the 2 kinds of progress controls given by Prince2?

Ans:  The 2 kinds of progress controls implemented by Prince2 are:

  • Time-driven
  • Event-driven
11. What do you think is triggers a PRINCE2 project?

Ans:  The Trigger to begin the project is the project mandate, which is produced by a high-level character within the organization or a Programme (Corp / Programme Environment). Through this process, the project mandate will be extended into the Project Brief.

12. What is one of the principal determinations of a business case in a PRINCE2 project?

Ans:  Joined with the Continued Business Justification system, the goal of the Business Case is “to give a construction to decide whether the Business Case is acceptable, viable, available and worth the sustained investment that is created during the project”.

13. What is the method during which the request to santion the next stage plan is created?

Ans:  Managing the stage boundary is the means by which the request to support the upcoming stage plan is composed.

14. Which department(s) is liable for implementing the project tolerance in the PRINCE2® methodology?

Ans:  Several departments which are liable for the PRINCE2® methodology are:

  • Project Support
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support
  • Project Board
15. What is the position that etablishes the stage and product progress against agreed tolerances?

Ans:  Project Assurance is the position that establishes the stage and project progress against agreed tolerances.

16. What is the key differentiation between starting up a project and initiating a project?

Ans:  ‘Starting Up a Project’ is basically a filtration method. Only projects with a powerful possibility of victory are initiated. At this point, the ‘Initiating a Project’ phase starts. It may be accommodating in this stage to estimate a project in construction phases.

17. Do you know which document includes the planned and dates for product approval and hand-over?

Ans:  Product Checklist document includes the projected and exact dates for product approval and hand-over.

18. By whom is the project initiation authorized?

Ans. The project initiation is approved by the Project Board.

19. What are the classes of risk?

Ans:  The Risk Categories are:

  • Technology Risk.
  • Budget Risk.
  • Schedule Risk.
  • Operational Risk.
  • Programmatic Risk.
  • Business Risk.
  • Technical Environment Risk.
  • Information Security Risk, etc.
20. Explain the prime goal of the Quality Review Technique.

Ans:  The prime purpose of the Quality Review Technique is to include key interested people in promoting universal acceptance of the product.

21. What is a PID business case?

Ans:  The (PID) Project Initiation Documentation is one of the important artifacts in project management, which gives the foundation for the business project. A Project Initiation Document often includes the Scope. Project Goals. Project Organization.

22. What is regarded a risk in the project management?

Ans:  Risk is any unforeseen event that can transform the project — for more helpful or for worse. Risk can change anything: people, technology, processes, and resources.

23. How do one prepare for the project initiation?

Ans:  Simple Steps are:

  • Providing the Context.
  • Defining The Project Parameters.
  • Edging the Specifics.
  • Project Breakdown Structure and Resourcing Plan.
  • Determining Who’s Who.
  • Identifying the Risks, Issues, Assumptions, and Dependencies.
  • Share the Project Initiation Document.
24. What is the goal of the Directing a project process?

Ans:  The determination of the Directing a Project method is to allow the project committee to be responsible for the project’s success by addressing key decisions and practicing overall control while committing day-to-day administration of the project to the project manager.

25. Explain the purposes of tailoring the PRINCE2.

Ans:  Tailoring is not about dropping whole pieces of it out, it is about accommodating the approach to outside factors and the project factors to contemplate. The purpose is to implement a level of a project administration, that does not overburden the design but gives a suitable level of authority provided to the external project factors.

26. Describe the Controlling a stage PRINCE2.

Ans:  The objective of the Controlling a Stage method is to allocate work to be done, observe such work, trade with issues, report improvement to the project board, and take remedial procedures to guarantee that the stage stays within tolerance.

27. What are the PRINCE2 deliverables?

Ans:  The deliverables are:

  • Business case
  • Project planning
  • End of the stage report
  • Issue Log
  • Risk management plan
  • Work package
28. How does the managing product delivery accomplish its mission?

Ans:  The objective of the Managing Product Delivery method is to check the link within the project manager and the team manager(s), by grouping conditions on accepting, accomplishing, and delivering the project work.

29. Do you have any sort of certification to increase your possibilities?

Ans: Normally, interviewers see candidates who are thinking about changing their career opportunities by providing the use of further mechanisms like certifications. Credentials are conclusive evidence that the candidate has put in all efforts to acquire new abilities, understand them, and put them into practice at the most notable of their ability.

30. Do you have any experience operating in an identical industry like ours?

Ans: Here comes an abrupt question. It tries to assess if the candidate has the industry-specific skills that are needed for the simultaneous role. Even if you do not accommodate all of the abilities and experience, make sure to completely explain how you can however make utilization of the talents and knowledge you’ve achieved in the past to help the company.

If you find this report ‘’PRINCE2® Foundation Interview Questions’’ helpful and appropriate, you can connect and learn about the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification with our latest online tutorials, articles, online courses and practice test! All the best!