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Check out the most common PfMP FAQ to gain a deeper understanding of the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) certification exam.


1. Where can I register for the exam?

The official website has a link, click on it to apply for the exam or visit the Pearson VUE desk to register for the exam.

2. How should I schedule an exam?

Candidates won’t be able to schedule the exam before their payment is processed and delivered. After they successfully pay for the exam, candidates can schedule their exam on Pearson VUE.

3. What is the rescheduling policy of the exam?
  • Candidates can reschedule/cancel their exam 30 days before their exam and also 2 days before their exam, although if they cancel/reschedule the exam within 30 days or also before 2 days, they will be charged $70 (USD).
  • If they do the same within 2 days and not before it, they will be eliminated and would have to purchase the exam again.
4. How much time does it take for the institute to review my application?

Approximately 10 days

5. If I fail to match the criteria for recertifying, will anything go wrong?

After 3 years, if candidates don’t follow the procedures to recertify, they will face a 1-year suspension.

6. What is the Re-examination policy?

Candidates have one year to repeat the tests, and they can do so three times in that year. Members who want to retake the exam will have to pay $600, while non-members would have to pay $800.

7. What is the Refund policy?

Candidates are requested to demand the refund within 30 days of their purchase.

8. What is the exam fees?

For the Members, it is $800 (USD) and for the Non-member it is $1,000 (USD).

9. What is the exam duration?

The duration is 240 mins

10. How many questions will be asked in the exam?

A total of 150 questions will be posed, with 20 of them being unscored ones. A total of 170 questions will be asked as a result.

11. How will I get my exam results?
  • The candidates can access their exam results within 10 business days after their exam.
  • If they still don’t receive it during that period of time, they will be sent an email from where they can download the result.
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